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Real Names Revealed: Find Out The Given Names Of Your Favorite VH1 Stars

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You may know them as O’S**t, Amina Buddafly, and Waka Flocka Flame, but long before fame those weren’t necessarily the names that their mommas gave them.

Many of our VH1 stars have changed or altered the names that appeared on their birth certificates to be known by a catchier moniker, or associated with a more clever pseudonym.

We’re putting the full government names of nearly 50 stars who you know better by their stage name. Find out the on-screen identities of the stars better known to their loved ones as Jasiel Robinson, Darryl Richardson, and Jakeita Days now.

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‘Love And Hip Hop’ Sneak Peek: Chrissy Is Ready To Handle Erica’s Mouth

Erica Mena has proven season after season when she get angry, most won’t be able to handle her or her “motherf*cking mouth.”

However, newcomer Chrissy Monroe is cut from a different cloth and when it comes to Erica (who says used work for her escort service) Chrissy seems like she was born ready.

See what happens when Monroe and Mena say hi to each for the first in long time, and catch the new season of Love & Hip Hop when it airs December 15th at 8/7c.

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Supertrailer: This Season On Marrying The Game Tiffney + The Game Are As Single As A Dollar Bill

On this season of Marrying The Game both Tiffney and The Game face the harsh reality of their situation – they’re much better off apart. With a called off engagement, numerous attempts to work it out, followed by an explosive ending in Cabo on the Season 2 finale episode, it’s safe to say the former lovers have had enough.

“You can’t build a house on volcano…Only thing we haven’t tried in the last nine years is not being together, so now I’m a single man,” The Game says with a smile.

See what life is like as these two embrace their new found singleness while still try to make sure their kids make the proper adjustments. Will either of them live to regret the decision?

The all-new season of Marrying The Game premieres Wednesday, May 7th at 10:30/9:30c.

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He Said, She Said: Ceaser + Dutchess Talk Relationship Status And Black Ink Crew Finale

ceaserdutchlead Our jaws were on the floor after watching the Black Ink Crew finale. We found out about O’Sh*t‘s secret fourth baby mama, we couldn’t believe Dutchess actually went through with the procedure and threw some C’s on it, Walter had his baby and admitted he had absolutely no interest in the mother, and by the end of the season everyone on the cast surprisingly seemed to let bygones be bygones.

However, no matter how shocking the finale got, the biggest question mark of all remained, would Cease and Dutch get back together? We chatted with the self proclaimed King and Queen about their current relationship status, the finale, and their thoughts about Season 2. Read more…

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10 Things We Still Don’t Get After Watching The Basketball Wives LA Reunion

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The reunion special for Basketball Wives LA was bonkers! If you missed it, you missed a whole lot of tears and tempers from the ladies of sunny Los Angeles.

Many things were discussed like Lorenzo allegedly cheating on Brittish, just how much Sundy knows about Draya‘s (aka Miami) murky past, and we think we were finally able to figure out whose side Jackie is on the Draya, Orlando, Chantel love triangle.

Among the zillion issues that were debated and even fought over at the reunion, there were still a few questions that remained unanswered and left us still scratching our heads. Click through the gallery to find out the top 10 moments that still have us bewildered…

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Basketball Wives LA Reunion Quiz: What Do You Think Is Going To Happen?

bbwlareunionAfter another tumultuous season we finally get see how it will all end on tonight’s reunion special of Basketball Wives LA. All the ladies return to recap the regrets, rumors, and ratchetness that aired on Season 3 of the show.

All six women, now divided with no sense of unity have some very interesting revelations, many choice words to say each other, and a group situation so explosive you might want to set your DVR’s.

While we can’t give anything away, see how well you know the cast and the show. Take our Season 3 Reunion Quiz, and see if you can to predict how it’ll all go down tonight. Read more…

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Black Ink Crew Turn Up: Ceaser + Sky Plan A Major Mixxy Party

As Season 2 of Black Ink Crew comes to a close, the crew decides to go out with a bang and throw Sky, the self-proclaimed “Queen of The Mixxys” a birthday bash.

On this sneak peek watch Ceaser, Sky, and the the other employees at Black Ink crew plan what may be biggest mixxy party of all time. Turn up!

Watch the full season finale of Black Ink Crew Monday at 9:30 PM ET/PT on VH1.

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Who Won Black Ink Crew ‘s Baby Mama Battle Royale?

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A lot of ridiculous moments went down on the last episode of Black Ink Crew, Dutchess decided she wanted to get “BMW” breast implants, Sky admitted to having sex with a vampire, and Ceaser and Dutchess tried to work through that awkward moment when you’re still working with the person you just broke up with. However, it was O’Sh*t that left us SMDH’ing the most.

We know O’Sh*t isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box, but we thought he had enough common sense to know trying to get all three of his baby mamas in the same room for a koombayah moment wasn’t the best idea. Read more…

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Meme Mania: The 50 Best Mimi Sex Tape Memes Ever!

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Thanks to this week’s sex tape trailer, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Mimi and Nikko are involved in a situation that may be pretty hard to “swing” out of.

Although, Mimi has attempted to hush her critics with a post earlier this week that alluded to the fact she’s not concerned with the public’s opinions, the ‘net has been on fiyah discussing the shock and shame of Mimi, Nikko, and the infamous sex tape prop – the #ShowerRod.

Read more…

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A Newly Single Dutchess Wants A Boob Job On The Next Black Ink Crew

After breaking up with boyfriend Ceaser on last week’s episode of Black Ink Crew, an independent Dutchess is ready to make some changes – at least two of them.

Tired of being part of the itty-bitty-titty committee, Dutchess takes a visit to a plastic surgeon for her first consultation for breast augmentation at a pricey doctor’s office. Read more…