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Verizon Drops Akon . . . Like a Call

Akon_2 After Akon’s shocking performance simulating sex with a minor on stage under the guise of a dance contest, Verizon has dropped all tour sponsorship of the African chart topper. In a statement to Fox News, a spokersperson said, "This week the partnership ended. We have music services on our cellphone service and we were promoting him as one of the artists. The other part of the sponsorship was the Gwen Stefani tour, of which he was an opening act. We are no longer sponsoring the tour." The tour, which just kicked off in Vegas on April 21, has dates booked through October. 

Do you think Verizon should stop supporting Akon?


Monday: Lohan’s Coke Binge; Eve’s DUI

[Photo: News of the World]

Lohan: From Rehab to Cocaine Binge
New pics reveal a recently-rehabbed Linds binging on cocaine in bathroom stall at a club. She allegedly snorted 20 lines, and bragged: "I’ll XXXX Jude Law tomorrow." [News of the World]

Justin-Cameron Share Hugs-N-Kisses
The ex-lovebirds overshadowed a very large ogre as they reunited at the world premiere of Shrek. [Yahoo!]

Kid Rock Battles K-Fed at Derby
From the DJ booth at a post-Kentucky Derby party, Rock ponied up unwanted fatherly advice to Kevin Federline. [People]

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Borat Might Rock You


Rumors of an upcoming Queen biopic began percolating late last year. This morning our inside sources are saying that Sacha Baron Cohen has been tapped to play the band’s sadly deceased frontman, Freddie Mercury. Said someone close to the film, "Sacha loves the idea he can get away with playing Freddie after modeling Borat’s look on him." That would mean that Borat beat out Johnny Depp to play the charismatic rock god who died of AIDS-related complications in 1991. Of course, it behooves us to note that this news comes from U.K. tabloid The Daily Mirror, a publication so salacious it makes TMZ look like The New Yorker. As yet there’s no word on whether or not Queen guitarist Brian May will be played by Ken Davitian, aka Aazmat, Borat’s naked wrestling partner. Dream on, you little dreamers.


Sanj On Stage: Idols Tour Dates

You thought that Gina Glocksen could have rocked if she’d only made it to the Bon Jovi episode? Maybe she’ll grab "Bed of Roses" or something when all the American Idol cast members spend the summer touring their asses off. That’s right, the whole crew, including Sanjaya, will romp around the United States for three months beginning in July.

In other Idol news, recently ousted dudes Chris and Phil have been talking about spats with Simon and armed forces commitments respectively. Got a feel for which singer is going to be dumped on Tuesday?


Friday: Tommy Buys “Greece” For Pam

Tommy Buys "Greece" for Pam

The Motley Crue drummer is paying between $15 and $45 million for the luxury island representing Greece in the Dubai project known as The World. Tommy, money can’t buy you love! [Hollywood Rag]

50 Cent Sells Mansion
The 48,000-plus-square-foot house, once owned by Mike Tyson, is decorated with stripper poles and has a helicopter pad. If only walls could talk. [Yahoo!]

Linds Catches Brit Lip-Synching
No love from Spears‘ family at last night’s show, but La Lohan came to cheer on her pal. BFF’s! [TMZ]

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Ice-T Will Keep Using the N-Word

070503_icet While rap’s young guns are appeasing critics and vowing to keep it clean, one of hip-hop’s elder statesmen isn’t about to let Al, Oprah or anyone else tell him what he can and can’t say.

In an interview with SOHH, Ice-T said that he’s going to continue to use the N-word when he’s got the mic in his hand, claiming that the word’s OK when used by someone from the ‘hood.

"I’m (going to) say ‘n***a’ til the wheels fall off," said the Original Gangster. "My daddy used to say it. I believe that, if it doesn’t apply to you, don’t say it. If you ain’t from the hood, don’t say n***a. That’s where it lies."

Ice-T then went off on sellouts, saying that he thinks "a lot of black people are too overly concerned with what white people think about them."

What’s your take on Ice’s stance? Is the N-word always offensive, or can it be used by those with cred?


Report: Hova Is the Papa

070502_jayz Problem No. 100
Report: Despite denials, Jay-Z is father of Shenelle Scott’s four-year-old son (BallerStatus)

Ballet Ya!
Outkast‘s Big Boi to work with Atlanta Ballet (RapBasement)

‘Rise Up’
Listen to R. Kelly‘s tribute to victims of the Virginia Tech shooting (R-Kelly)

A Tribe Called Quit
Phife Dog on A Tribe Called Quest‘s breakup: ‘We should have kept going’ (XXL)

Buy Curtis’ Crib
50 Cent is putting his Connecticut mansion up for sale (AllHipHop)

Fightin’ Words
Ed Lover says Tru Life slugged Cam’ron, but Cam’s camp denies it (SOHH)

Alter Ego-Trippin’
T.I./T.I.P. talks about working with/arguing with Eminem/Slim Shady (HipHopDX)


Kanye’s Mom: My Son Loves Porn

070501_kanye Kanye West has already come clean about his obsession with porn. Now it’s his mom’s turn to talk about the rap superstar’s fleshy fixation.

In her memoir about her son, "Raising Kanye," Donda West talks about a young Kanye’s obsession with porn growing up. According to his mom, Kanye would take adult magazines with him to grade school, then graduated to smuggling pornographic videos into the house by the time he was in high school. The habit became such a problem that Donda, a college professor, eventually made him write a full-blown research paper entitled, "The Impact of Watching X-rated Movies on a Teen-age Boy."

The famed MC ‘fessed up to being hooked on porn about a year ago. "My only drug is porn," he admitted.

Maybe it’s time for a new thesis, K.W. … "The Impact of Porn on a College Dropout," anyone?

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Christians ‘Cross’ With 50 Cent

070430_50cent As if getting attacked by Cam’ron and The Game wasn’t enough, 50 Cent now has a new partner in beef: Christians.

The Resistance, a radical Christian organization that gained recognition after saying Jessica Simpson was "whoring herself out," is now attacking 50 Cent for wearing the cross as a fashion statement.

"50 Cent is no Christian, and if you listen to his lyrics it becomes clear that he is more of a Satanist than anything," said Resistance founder Mark Dice. Dice went on to say that 50 is defaming the cross by wearing it while rapping about "killing people for no reason," and said that it would be more appropriate for Curtis Jackson to wear a "large, diamond-studded platinum satanic pentagram."

What do you think: Should 50 cut the cross from his neck, or should he be allowed to wear what he wants?


Bring the T-Pain

Tpain_hat_loProving that R&B can be just as hazardous as other dangerous occupations — lobster fishing, say, or big game hunting — is T-Pain, whose concert in Miami last Saturday ended in a mess of cops. When the venue cut his performance short, the singer’s manager allegedly tried to storm the DJ booth, but was brought down by police. According to, “Several police officers reportedly scrambled backstage trying to cut the sound to T-Pain’s performance and they finally succeeded while the singer was in the midst of his popular song, ‘Buy You a Drank.’” Yikes.

In other police-blotter items, an after-party for Young Buck turned violent on Saturday night. Apparently the rapper invited the crowd at his show back to his hotel for a little late-night soiree. But when a fight broke out in the parking lot between Young Buck’s entourage and some other rappers, guns were fired, hotel guests were terrified and nine people were arrested. On the plus side, Akon hasn’t humped anyone lately, at least not that we’ve heard of.