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Anna Nicole: Not Dead Enough


Everyone knows that a little thing like death couldn’t keep Anna Nicole Smith out of the news. Minute details of her death, the paternity case of her daughter Dannielynn and her net worth are like fried chicken to the media’s already clogged arteries. Still, a few recent stories have surfaced that are undeniably finger lickin’ good:

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Angelina: Saint and Sinner


If Angelina Jolie‘s endless barrage of philanthropic endeavors makes you feel like your contribution to society is inadequate, don’t fret. While Ange does plenty of good, she isn’t perfect — this roundup of recent news stories shows that she can run the gamut from saint to sinner:

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Jesse Metcalfe to Rehab: Yes


Desperate Housewives boy toy Jesse Metcalfe checked into rehab this week "to deal with alcohol issues," according to his rep. This follows an incident last week of reportedly strange behavior at Los Angeles’ Mondrian hotel…just like Britney Spears before she checked into rehab! Making matters weirder, Jesse was spotted Tuesday rocking blonde locks at a gym, which means his hair underwent  a drastic change…again, just like Britney Spears before she checked into rehab! There’s no word yet on whether Jesse plans on drinking 24 cokes a day, buying out a wing of his undisclosed rehab center or pining for K-Fed during his treatment. [New York Post]


Best of Blogville – Sarah Jessica’s Duds

Sjp_links- Sarah Jessica Parker unveils a clothing line that manages to be duller than her line reading. Amazing! [MollyGood]

- It looks like Kevin Federline won’t be getting anything near the $20 million divorce settlement that was reported yesterday. All together now: ha haaaa! [Dlisted]

- Sobriety does a body good, or so Lindsay Lohan‘s spread in GQ would indicate. [Egotastic!]

- Bruce Willis and Demi Moore‘s daughter Rumer is doing what with a condom? [!! omg blog !!]

- Diddy‘s a deadbeat dad? Aw, but he seems like such a nice guy! [Sandra Rose]

- Sending love to T.I. and Tiny for their loss. [SOHH Atlanta]


Carmen and Joan: Just Friends


Carmen Electra‘s publicist has shot down months-old reports that she and butch rocker Joan Jett are an item. It’s too bad, they look cute together in that heteronormative, you-know-damn-well-who-wears-the-leather-pants kinda way. Sucks!

Anyway, with that cleared up, after the jump is a list of a few more people that Carmen Electra isn’t dating. Just in case you’re (sexually) confused. []

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Best of Blogville: Nicole’s Problem, Dannielynn’s Daddy

Nicoler_links- Nicole Richie‘s on-set fainting has been linked to hypoglycemia. Is that Spanish for "not eating?" [Dlisted]

- Dannielynn is set to undergo DNA testing. This case is so up in the air that for all we know, Anna Nicole could be the father. [A Socialite’s Life]

- If Sanjaya Malakar is mimicking Phil Spector‘s looks, maybe it’s only a matter of time before he starts mimicking Phil Spector’s behavior. Way to intimidate America into voting for you, San! [CityRag]

- Avril Lavigne says she is "100 percent against drugs." So she wasn’t high when she decided she should do that to her hair? [Just Jared]

- If David Hasslehoff is made of cardboard, clearly Dave Navarro is made of plastic. [Best Week Ever]


Britney Returns To Society (Coke in Hand?)


Britney Spears is now back where she belongs; or at least, she’s closer to the viewfinders of the papparazzi (really: same thing). She checked out of Promises Malibu Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Facility on Tuesday after staying 27 days, which falls short of the facility’s typical treatment time (30 to 45 days). But considering Brit’s recent yo-yo rehabbing regimen, let’s be happy that she’s made it this far. Besides, if she really was drinking 24 cans of Coke a day, that amounted to 648 Cokes during her stay and 90,720 calories. So really, it was time to stop the madness.

The early-ish check-out actually was predicted weeks ago — word was that Brit would be out of Promises in time to attend today’s Hollywood birthday party for her ex, Kevin Federline. That won’t be happening, though — the party’s been canceled because of a reported lack of interest (imagine!). So Brit has one more night to rest before she starts painting the town pink again. [AP/Yahoo!]


Best of Blogville: Keanu’s Collision, Kim’s Crush

Keanu_links- Keanu Reeves accidentally sideswipes a paparazzo with his Porsche. We control these machines; they don’t control us, eh, Neo? [Dlisted]

- Kim Kardashian seems to be moving from one b-list R&B singer (Ray J) to another (Marques Houston). Pretty Rickey, you’re on deck! [Crunk & Disorderly]

- Pop culture has seemed so dry without Lindsay Lohan‘s exposed lady bits. Thank god they’re back! [Egotastic!]

- Justin Timberlake curses a lot in a Details cover story. This is because he’s a thug. [Just Jared]

- Speaking of thugs, we now know where Fergie stands on the Bloods-Crips divide. Finally! [A Socialite’s Life]