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Marcia Confesses: I Was A Druggie

Remember when you were a kid and you were totally hooked on Brady Bunch re-runs, and especially loved it when Marcia, played by Celebrity Fit Clubber Maureen McCormick, would grab her face and scream out, “Oh my nose!” Well it turns out she was clutching her nose not because a football “broke” it, but because it was disintegrating from serious cocaine snort-age. Maureen’s career crumbled after her Brady stint, and she reveals in a new tell-all book that it’s all due to her serious coke n’ Quaaludes addiction. She even once traded sex for drugs, news that would probably make Jan Brady feel better about herself.

Maureen hit up The Today Show today to really get into the nitty-gritty – like her family’s bizarre bout with syphillis, the paranoia that led her to hide in her closet from her agent, and the reason Eve Plumb (Jan) hates her. Eek. Clip above.


Usher Rehires Mom, Hides From Wife

Usher has gone crawling back to his mama like the baby that he is. The singer, who was last heard cooing about banging us in a club, has booted celeb manager Benny Medina and rehired his mother Jonnetta Patton, who helped her son sell 1.1 million copies of his album Confessions in its first week. Full story at

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Tila Snags Yahoo! Heir Courtenay Semel

Courtney Semel isn’t a household name (not even after appearing on Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive on E!), but she should be. She’s rumored to have gotten it on with Lindsay Lohan, and up until recently was dating Johnson & Johnson heir Casey Johnson. Semel’s an heir of sorts herself – her dad Terry was the CEO of Yahoo! But it looks like her most recent relationship has ended after a fling this week with Tila Tequila – and we’ve got the pic to prove it! Seems like they pair were caught getting a little flirty, huh!?

A source tells the VH1 Blog that Semel is a notorious playgirl – she even supposedly stole an LA guy’s girlfriend away from him a few years ago. Yahoo! [NYPost]

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Wino Hospitalized For Mixing Pills

Amy Winehouse headed back to her home away from home last night – the hospital. The singer was packed up in an ambulance and whisked off as her dad looked on and friend Remi Nicole freaked out. The doctors released Amy this morning, and her dad summed up the drama, saying, “She’s fine, she just mixed up her medication.’

Translation: she’s high on crack. [DailyMail]


Brangelina Likes Bono Better Than You

Sorry, regular peeps. There is absolutely no chance you’ll be considered for the role of god-father to the new golden gods, Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. Super famous kids need super famous godparents, and Bono‘s getting the job, soley for the reason that it’s pretty f*cking cool to get money on your birthday every year from the dude who sings “With Or Without You.” Also, Brad and Angie are star f*ckers. Need examples?

1. A source says: “They have been friends for years. Brad is a massive U2 fan and told Bono how much he admired him when they were introduced at a party a few years back.”

2. The same source reveals: “Angelina is inspired by Bono’s humanitarian work and gets on with his wife Ali Hewson. Ali’s given Angelina some clothes from her ethical clothing range Edun.”


Diddy To Say “I Do” With Cassie?

Yup, it’s these two again, and now the rumors about Diddy and his 21-year old protégé Cassie have moved beyond just dating. Apparently they’re like, totally engaged! Did we mention Mr. Combs is almost 39 years old? The mogul/J. Lo ex supposedly told friends and family at his son Justin’s eighth grade graduation last month. “He told everyone to keep it extremely quiet because he didn’t want it to get out, but you could tell he was excited,” says a source who enjoys gossiping anonymously. “Diddy said they hadn’t set a date yet, but he wanted his family to hear the news first.”

Awesome! So this means they’ll be divorced by the time Cassie is 23, right? [Star]


Christian Bale’s Mom Wants Money

Ohhhhhhh – so this is why Christian Bale screamed at his mom and sister and physically pushed his mother out of his hotel suite. Apparently Bale, though he appears all soft spoken and sensitive, has a terrible temper and has blown up on numerous film sets. Combine this with the fact that the actor is estranged from his mother and sister due to his parents’ divorce, and it becomes clear why things got a little heated last weekend. Apparently Bale’s mom and sis showed up to ask their famous kin for some cash to help support a business venture, and Mr. Short Fuse freaked out. Then, because England is awesome, he got arrested and now his mom is peddling the story to – what else – earn a few bucks. Nice plan, Mama Bale! [Sun Times]


Anne Hathaway’s Diary Secrets – Revealed!

The NYPD is doing some serious investigative work on Anne Hathaway‘s ex Raffaello Follieri, and they’ve seized her diary in hopes that she dishes all about their first kiss, that really bad fight that one time, and why her Italian idiot bounced a $215,000 check. Good luck NYPD. We have a feeling all you’re going to find are illegible rants about Kate Hudson’s perfect hair and how hard Anne cried when the strap on her Chanel purse broke while out at the Beatrice Inn.

Anne’s also getting a lot of credit for turning Follieri into the feds. A friend close to the con says, “He was in Europe, working on a deal. He didn’t have to come back to New York. He knew he was being investigated. But she kept calling him, saying they needed to resolve their future. A few days after his return, he was arrested.” [NYDN]


Amy Winehouse Looks Better Made of Plastic

Madame Tussauds wax museum unveiled yet another celebrity statue, and this time the plastic looks way better than the person. The artist, of course, is Amy Winehouse, who has mastered the zombie look better than the extras in Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” video. But when made of plastic, she looks like the picture of health! Firm, glowing skin! Rosy cheeks! Clean hair! If only it could sing (and dump Blake).