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‘Walk Of Shame Shuttle’ Sneak Peek: A Literal Trapped In The Closet Tale

Walk Of Shame Shuttle has delivered some cray stories but this might just take the cake.

In a sneak peek for an all new episode, Jordan learns that one of his passengers was, literally, trapped in the closet when a dalliance told him, mid hookup, that he better hide in her home because her man was outside! This story is absolutely bonkers.

Tune into an all new Walk Of Shame Shuttle to see how it all went down, Wednesday at 9:30 ET/PT.


Spit + Camera Kicks: Jhonni Blaze’s Video Recap Of Her First ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Reunion

It’s a wrap!

Although Love & Hip Hop season 5 is over, the cast still has so much to say — especially rookie Jhonnie Blaze who stayed turnt up and ready for whatever or whoever the entire reunion.

Listen to Jhonni recap how she thought she did for her first reunion, what if anything she regrets, and if she and Diamond Strawberry will ever be able to make it to a more civil place. Read more…


‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Wait, Is Peter Expecting Baby Number 9?

Peter was no saint this season, and after going to Barbados with his ex, while his next was days away from giving birth, Peter should be bit concerned about hitting the Love & Hip Hop reunion stage right?

Nope, not Peter. The two-woman man admits that as long as no one pulls out pregnancy test during the reunion he has nothing to worry about –but that’s when we hit him with the surprising “news” backstage. Read more…


‘Love And Hip Hop’ Reunion Bonus: Cyn Santana’s Full Chipotle Order Revealed

If you know Cyn Santana you know she loves her Chipotle. Cyn’s crazy obsession with the Mexican food chain, has made her the brunt of countless jokes and social media fanfare.

We put Cyn’s new man, Ray, to the test backstage at the #LHHReunion to find out he knew the specific details of the one thing she might love more than him. Read more…


What’s Amina Going To Pull Out Of Her Bra On Part Two Of The Reunion?

It seems like every so often, Amina Buddafly stashes something huge in her bra and shocks the world with it: An ID to prove she’s Mrs. Pankey, a pregnancy test to announce to the world that she’s carrying Peter’s baby. So it makes sense that she might pull something out of her bra during this season’s reunion. What could it be?? Find out when part two of the Love & Hip Hop reunion airs this Monday at 8PM ET/PT.


Big Ang Underwent Successful Surgery To Remove Throat Tumor

Last week, fans of Big Ang got a scare when we learned that the Mob Wives star was diagnosed with a throat tumor. Ang herself confirmed the news, saying “I want to clarify the rumors that I am hospitalized. I went in for a test due to the nodule in my throat. I had a nerve wracking couple of days, as would anyone when you hear testing etc… However, I am home peaceful and relaxing. This coming week I will be taking proper precautions and having it removed.”

Last night, Ang’s sister, Janine Detore, posted the following statement to Instagram, revealing that Ang successfully underwent a lengthy surgery to remove the tumor and she’s now in recovery. You can see her full statement below.
Read more…


‘Walk Of Shame Shuttle’ Sneak Peek: Jordan Finds A Playboy Who Seeks Menopausal Ladies

What kind of woman is best in bed? In a sneak peek for an all new Walk Of Shame Shuttle, Jordan finds out, from a passenger, that he gets much more play from older women on Tinder. When Jordan asks who’s better in bed, the answer may shock you! The fella, sitting shotgun, shares that women in their late sixties are quite skilled at what they do. Yeah, girl power!

Find out this and more naughty tidbits on an all new Walk Of Shame Shuttle, Wednesday at 9:30 ET/PT.


Do You Think Erica Mena Went Too Hard At The Reunion Or Nah?

Erica Mena main
Erica Mena didn’t show for the Love & Hip Hop reunion but she still had plenty to say about her cast mates in her one-on-one with Mona Scott-Young. Erica ruffled some feathers last night by calling out the rest of the cast for being “filth,” going particularly hard on Chrissy Monroe, Diamond Strawberry, and her ex Cyn Santana. Fans were surprised and angry on social media, quick to leave comments on Mena’s Instagram, lambasting her behavior but Erica had no problem brushing it off. Read more…


Dat Face Is Beat: Before And After Hair And Makeup At The ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Reunion

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The ladies looked stunning at the Love & Hip Hop reunion but, as much as they’d like you to think so, they don’t just wake up like that. These gals sat in the makeup chair for a hot minute to perfect their hair and faces and they looked beautiful. We’ve gathered up some before shots of the ladies mid-glam paired with their sizzling after photos just to make you feel bettah. We love these looks! Who’s your fave?


Fashion, Fasho! Peep The Best Style From The ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Season 5 Reunion

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A f–k lot happened on part one of the Love & Hip Hop season five reunion! From Jhonni and Rich‘s on-again, off-again thing to all that trash Erica Mena was talking, it was, just a lot. While we try and process all that, we gotta recognize how hot the cast looked.

The ladies turned it out with hair, brows, makeup, nails, and accessories on fleek. Jhonni, Diamond, Precious, and Chrissy sure did show up to play for their first reunion. That sure doesn’t mean that Tara, Erica, Cyn, Amina and Yandy were going to let them have all the fun. Read more…