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The Triumphant Return of Slim Shady

Em_whiteyThe Shady One is back in the studio. After establishing himself in the pantheon of the singly-named pop stars and selling millions of records, Eminem all but disappeared for two years, popping up only to re-marry (and divorce) his ex-wife and guest on Akon‘s record. But all that’s over now, as Em pal 50 Cent told Blender that Slim is back in the studio, working on new material. "He’s got a new album coming. He’s not gonna tell people that, but he’s making new music. I’ve heard a few songs, and it’s hot. He won’t tell nobody he’s working on a new album, but I’ll tell you: he’s working on new music."


Tour Survival Guide: Arctic Monkeys


Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers about life on the road. Here’s Arctic Monkeys‘ Nick O’Malley and Matt Helders on Gary Coleman and the perils of Chinese food.

Judging Books by Covers Since 2006
Matt Helders: When we first started, we used to ask for a novel. We didn’t get any good ones. We never read them, but they just looked crap.

Gary Coleman’s a Fan
Nick O’Malley: [On the rider] we used to ask for a cardboard cutout of a different person. We wanted Gary Coleman. They [actually] made one in England — they just got a cardboard cutout of Yoda, and stuck [Gary Coleman]‘s face on. We asked for Steve Irwin, but he’s dead now, so it’s not funny.

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That Ohno Dude Can Dance!!


We knew he could skate – Apolo Anton Ohno earned himself an Olympic gold medal, donchaknow (take that, you Blades of Glory bastards). But we didn’t know he would be a more graceful and energetic mover than a guy from ‘NSync or Norm from Cheers. Last night on Dancing With the Stars, Ohno became the top dawg, leaving Joey Fatone and all the others in the dust.

Is he the contestant you thought would win? What do you think of the victory?


Wednesday: Paris Flashes Nipples and the Bible


[Image credit: The Superficial]

Pre-Jail Paris: Bible Studies?
A bra-less Hilton picked up the Holy Bible from a Hollywood book shop. What? Did the Hilton Hotels run out of their bibles? [The Superficial]

Is Jay-Z Stealing From His Waiters?
Employees at his NYC club claim the rapper is keeping a cut of their tips and refusing to pay them overtime. Is he writing The Blueprint for how to be sued? [New York Post]

TomKat May Spawn Another Kitten
Rumor has it that Katie Holmes may be getting ready to produce another baby Scientologist. [MSNBC]

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Who Knew? Meg White Has Charisma

Celebrating the Canadian-colored rock duo’s appearance on the cover of their music issue, Nylon posted this rather cute and definitely entertaining workday distraction featuring the White Stripes on their website. Things to know before you watch: 1. Stay with it until the end or risk confusion; 2. the White Stripes and the Raconteurs were both recording in Nashville earlier this year; 3. the White Stripes do not, as a general rule, use bass. In other exciting White Stripes news, check here for stills from the as-yet-unreleased video for the first single off their new record, "Icky Thump."


First Look: The Joker

This photo of Aussie superstar Heath Ledger all dressed up in makeup started circulating the Internet yesterday. It makes us feel funny . . . and also terrified. Ledger’s playing The Joker in The Dark Knight, the sequel to Christopher Nolan’s wildly successful reinvention of the Batman franchise. Though the film won’t open until July 18th of next year, the viral marketing campaign has already begun. We’re beginning to suspect that Warner Bros. might be angling for a piece of 2008′s other big marketing op — the presidential election. If that campaign’s anything like this one, hell yes we’ll blog about it.


Idol: The Final Two’s “Great Vocal Voices”

Tuesidol_2 Considering that this season of Idol was packed with headline-making scandal and controversy (Antonella Barba’s nude pics, Sanjaya’s hairdoos, Paula’s questionable sobriety, and Melinda’s premature elimination), people were expecting a doozy of a finale. But really, the show fell short of expectations. Last night’s action didn’t have that feel of an event, as it had with previous seasons. Finalists Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks are competent performers, but they didn’t quite come across as the superstars plucked from obscurity, as the show’s premise would have us believe. And it didn’t help matters that the proposed first single of whomever wins, "This Is My Now," is utterly snoozy.

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Authority vs Novelty: Who’s the Winner?

Do you like to go to parties? Or do you like to go to concerts? The winner of American Idol will depend on which way voters answer that question. Tonight Blake Lewis took on Jordin Sparks for this year’s title, and those two sets of criteria came up several times. The dude’s somewhat silly turntable and jeep-beat noises are giddy and fun, but otherwise he’s reaching. The lady’s emotional power and athletic vocals are convincing and impressive, but she could stand to bust a dance move or two. Maybe snarling Simon said it best: he gave the performance of the night to Blake’s romp through Bon Jovi, but closed the show by declaring that Jordin "wiped the floor" with him on the cheesefest that was "This Is My Now."

What’s going to happen Wednesday night?

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Sharp Dressed Men Who Love Tush

Everyone’s got their favorite ZZ Top songs (ours is "I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide"). The question at hand is whether the trio is going to play that favorite at Thursday night’s premiere of VH1′s Rock Honors show. If you’ve got love for "La Grange," "Tush," or "Gimme All Your Lovin’," Billy, Dusty, and Frank are going to put you in a good mood. All three tunes are part of the show. And the VSPOT-only performance is "Cheap Sunglasses." Not enough? Prepare the show right now by watching Nickelback tear through "Sharp Dressed Man."


Road Tales: Lemmy Don’t Do Spit & Snot

Our ramp-up to Rock Honors (this Thursday night at 9/8c) always includes revealing chats with the music’s stars. Road Tales focuses on some the antics that go down when artists are on tour.

No, Motorhead isn’t the most graceful of rock bands. The British trio with the patented thud and kerranging guitars is a muck ‘n mire bunch. But that doesn’t mean they want razor blades and firebombs thrown at ‘em while they’re playing. And it certainly doesn’t mean they want people gobbing greenies at them from three feet away.

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