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Tour Survival Guide: The Bravery


Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers on the road. Here’s The Bravery singer Sam Endicott on the power of Red Bull, Tokyo bathroom etiquette, and disappointing methods of birth control.

Semper Fi, Guys
We asked for extra-large condoms [on our tour rider]. Like the largest condoms possible. I was hoping we’d get XXL condoms or something, but I guess they don’t really make those. The biggest you can get are Trojans. They max out at Trojan Magnums. That’s as exciting as it gets.

No Caramel Macchiato For You!
I basically live off Red Bull. I wake up in the morning and drink a Red Bull. I need as much caffeine as possible, and I can’t drink coffee, because coffee is just disgusting to me. I hate the taste of it. Like whenever I walk into a Starbucks I want to vomit. So I drink Red Bull all day. We actually have a Red Bull sponsorship. We call and they’ll send cases of Red Bull anywhere we want.

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Road Tales: Nasty Army Girls

Our ramp-up to Rock Honors (Thursday, May 24) always includes revealing chats with the music’s stars. Road Tales focuses on some the silliness (and sex) that goes down when artists are on tour.

Luther Campbell is no stranger to sexual hijinks. But even the boss of the infamous 2 Live Crew had to shake his head when a swarm of ladies in uniform jumped on stage and started rocking the wild thing at a club gig. Let him explain it to you…


Fiddy Waxes Eloquent On Censorship


I don’t blame you if 50 Cent isn’t exactly your point person for intuition and eloquence. This is, after all, a man who thinks nothing of combining childhood imagery (candy shops, amusement parks) with raunch, a man who will "whip your head, boy," a man who thinks he’s doing you a favor when he says, "I’ll let you lick my d***."

It was, then, a great surprise when, during a press conference Wednesday, Fiddy stepped up his insight after being grilled about the initiative to remove those three infamous words from hip-hop. The rapper won’t be censoring himself any time soon, and here’s his explanation why:

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Blog Best-Of: Nicole’s Nastiness

Nicolerichie_links- Nicole Richie reportedly was a cranky diva on the set of The Simple Life. Looks like someone’s back on their diet! [A Socialite’s Life]

- Dita Von Teese teases a vag-slip out. It’s not dirty, it’s burlesque. [Dlisted]

- T.I. goes gets sweaty with his alter-ego in his video for "Big Things Poppin’." He’s doing shirtless push-ups with himself, so does that make this homoerotic or masturbatory? [Crunk & Disorderly]

- Tyra Banks says, "I’m very interested in adoption, even before it was hot." So, just so you know: Tyra Banks’ bleeding heart is cooler than yours. [Bossip]

- Raunchy Christina Aguilera gets OK to perform in conservative China. Or, as she calls it, Va-China. [Hollywood Rag]


The Celebreality Interview – Courtney


While booting Courtney on Sunday’s episode of Charm School, Mo’Nique told the budding comedian, "Let the ladies who really need it, get it." Truer words have rarely been spoken on the show. Courtney is poised, witty and down-to-earth. In other words, she has charm to spare.

After the jump, Courtney talks about her elimination ("That was some bulls***!"), her upcoming time on the road with Mo’Nique and why wet panties make the world a better place.

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Help Madonna Save Earth

Madonna “Hey You” is a new Madonna song, which sounds distinctly Christmas-y — surprising, since it was produced by Pharrell. But whatever, and we’ll save lap dance puns for the next time Madonna winds up at a strip club for research. It’s available online now to download for free, legally, as part of the promotion for Al Gore’s Live Earth bonanza, the seven-continent-concert that’s going to go down July 7th. Madge will perform “Hey You” as part of Live Earth, but don’t download the track just to memorize the lyrics. Get it now because for each of the first million downloads, MSN will donate 25 cents to the Alliance for Climate Protection. Nice work, Madonna.


Finally, Some Good News for Paris

Paris_goodnewsIn a crushing blow to all who believe in justice and light, it has been announced that Paris Hilton may end up serving just 23 days in jail — roughly half of her 45-day sentence. Nooooooo! Whyyyyy?

Well, actually, there’s a rational explanation: "Under Los Angeles county regulations she will receive good behavior credits at the start of her sentence. Provided she behaves well, she could be released after 23 days," reports a mouthpiece for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Still, I ask: Nooooooo! Whyyyyy?

While the reduced-sentence is still up in the air, what is for sure is that Paris will be kept in a "special-needs housing unit," away from the general population of the prison. And so, it turns out that Paris has every right to act entitled because, clearly, she is entitled.

All together now: Nooooooo! Whyyyyy? [AFP/Yahoo! / Image credit: Getty]

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Blog Best-Of: Elijah’s Raw Power

Elijah_links- Elijah Wood is set to play Iggy Pop in a biopic. Naughty little Frodo! [Dlisted]

- Here’s something amazing: John Travolta actually makes for an uglier woman than Divine ever did. In Hollywood, anything is possible! [Crunk + Disorderly]

- T.I. shoots a video for "You Know What It Is." In this case, "it" apparently means "butt" and what it is is huge. [CONCRETELOOP]

- The freak is brought out of Jessica Alba thanks to Terry Richardson‘s photography. Finally, she is as trashy as she wants to be. [CityRag]

- Pam Anderson‘s nipple slips out of her dress. Isn’t it more shocking when Pam Anderson’s nipple slips into her dress? [Egotastic!]

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