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Vida: The Game Es Loca!

070411_vida_game caught up with Vida Guerra about her ongoing beef with The Game. The Queen of the Laddie Mags goes into extreme detail about how Game didn’t get anywhere with her at his infamous pool party, and how she’d take a lie detector to prove it. She also talks about becoming the next Fergie, why the Game has none, and why she’s still single, but my favorite part of the interview is where she talks about playing pool with rapper Too $hort. I love that the Oaktown legend is still hittin’ the scene at 40. (Random, but here’s a prom photo of Mr. $hort. High school doesn’t get much more hyphy than that, people.)

Meanwhile, MTV News caught up with the Game and asked him about Guerra’s rapping. "She can’t rap worth s**t," Game said about Guerra’s attempt at a diss track. "It’s more comedy than anything." Agreed, Game. Kinda like a bigtime MC picking a mic fight with a swimsuit model.


Blizzades of Glory

070410_ice_dancing Maybe they were moved by Blades of Glory‘s Humps. Or maybe they see the crossover potential of Ice Cube, Ice-T or Vanilla Ice. Whatever the case, one of the world’s top figure-skating pairs wants to cold kick it by bringing beats and rhymes to the rink.

After getting a positive response to a routine that included some Justin Timberlake, U.S. ice dance champions Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto announced that they’d like to take it one step further and use hip-hop in their routines. "We’re trying to push hip-hop and it’s never been accepted in the current international community,” said Belbin. "Hopefully someday we’ll be able to spice up the competitions." "Hip-Hop is a huge part of (American) culture," added Agosto. "We’d love to tap into it."

Tap away, guys. And bring home some Olympic bling while you’re at it.


Dirt Off Their Shoulders

Did two of hip-hop’s biggest names impregnate women they worked with? Diddy and Jay-Z both say no, yet both thought enough of the rumors to address them in the press.


Diddy has been dogged by reports that Danity Kane singer Aubrey was pregnant with his child. Diddy recently talked to Hot 97 about the rumors.

"Check this out, she’s not pregnant, I’ve never dealt with that girl, I never even looked at her for more than ten minutes," said Diddy. "I just called to let you know you can move onto somebody else’s stuff."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Jay-Z recently denied rumors that Jay-Z paid model Shenelle Scott $1 million to keep Jay’s name off of Scott’s baby’s birth certificate. "There is no truth to these ridiculous rumors," the spokesperson told Scott and Jay-Z met on the set of his video for "Big Pimpin’."

Jay-Z is also reportedly down with Usher … to collaborate on a new track on the R&B star’s upcoming album. Hova’s spokesperson has yet to squash these rumors.

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Who’s More Foolish – Brit or Bush?


Radar points to an interesting – if also confusing – Fox News segment about the Eighth Annual Most Foolish American poll, which this year was won by Britney Spears in a landslide. (The winner of the previous four polls? Michael Jackson.) In the Fox segment, however, something’s gone wrong: Britney’s listed at capturing 33% of the vote, while President Bush held onto 40%. Clearly something’s up here, and it’s not just foreign policy or an aversion to underpants. We want to know what you think: Does Bush beat Britney for brainlessness? And will someone at that Fox affiliate been asked to go “hunting” with Dick Cheney?


Friday: Hef Cashes In; Scarlett and JT?

Hef2Hefner Cashes In On Anna Nicole
His bunny empire will offer three tributes for the late model, including a 10-page pictoral in the Playboy’s May issue. Disturbing? [MSN]

Johansson Won’t Talk Timberlake
Did the 22-year-old actress show her "SexyBackside" to JT? Mums the word. [CBS News]

Britney Spears Hates Her Manager
The troubled pop tart has been talking smack about her manager — and she’s stuck with him for the next five years. Maybe she’s too coked out to think straight? [Fox News]

‘Girls Gone Wild’ Czar Mocks Judge; Won’t Surrender
Joe Francis defied a federal judge, calling him a "judge gone wild" and refused to give himself up to U.S. marshals on a contempt citation. [Yahoo!]

Lauren Conrad: There’s No Sex Tape!
"The Hills" star wants to set the record straight, there is NO visual evidence of sexual activities with her ex, jailbound boy toy Jason Wahler. [Us Magazine]


Thursday: Who’s Prettier? Sanjaya or His Sis?

Sanjaya2Sanjaya’s Sister is Hot
If you think American Idol’s "horrible singer" is a hottie, check out his look-alike sister in the buff! [TMZ]

Jake and Reese Together?
Five months after her seven-year marriage to Ryan Phillippe ended, the actress is moving on with her co-star. [Us Magazine]

La Lohan Lands Modeling Contract
The face that launched a thousand tabloid covers will be the face of Jill Stuart’s new couture line, debuting in the fall. [New York Post]

Another Rehab Romance For Britney?
It looks like the troubled singer sparked up another rehab flame, this time with musician Howie Day. [TMZ]

Phil Spector Trial Takes Another Twist
New claims allege the producer said ‘all women deserve to die’. [NME]


Idol: Gina’s Gone


As stupid (and sexist) as Simon’s, "You’ve got nice legs" comment to Haley Scarnato was, it probably saved her from elimination last night. Because, let’s face, Haley (who shared the bottom three with Gina Glocksen and Phil Stacey) does have nice legs, and while Gina may have nicer vocal cords, one of the most important lessons we’ve learned on this season of American Idol is that people aren’t moving on in this competition according to singing talent. So it was Gina’s time to go.

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Best of Blogville: Halle’s Honor

Halle_links- Halle Berry gets a Hollywood star. Upon accepting she said, "This concrete block is so much bigger than me!" [Popbytes]

- Michael Jackson celebrates his daughter’s birthday by taking her out. Really, it’s not that hard: all he has to do is step outside and a circus breaks out. [Dlisted]

- America Ferrera goes from Ugly Betty to straight-up Betty. [Just Jared]

- Tori Spelling poses with her child on the cover of Us. She just wants to provide for him what she never had: an inheritance. [Sandra Rose]

Tony Bennett reportedly is too sick to appear on tonight’s Idol. It’s probably Sanjitis. [Best Week Ever]


Wednesday: Brangelina: Baby No. 5?

Jolie2Brangelina: Baby No. 5 From Africa?
Rumors have it that the parents of four are looking to adopt a one-year-old girl from Africa. The Crayon Box Family grows!   [Us Magazine]

Rose McGowan Supports Sanjaya
The "Grindhouse" babe reveals her ‘American Idol’ pick: The "funny Indian kid," because "he’s horrible." [TMZ]

Heather Mills: ‘I’m Not a Gold Digger’
Fighting back tears on Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show, the one-legged bandit spat: "If I was a gold digger, I would be a very wealthy woman now … and I’m not." Well, not yet anyway. [TMZ]

Pax’s Birth Mother Speaks Out
Pham Thu Dung, who gave up her baby son when he was just two days old, believes her son is in a good place. [News of the World]

J-Lo: I Have a ‘Real Relationship’
The singer, actress and serial wife/girlfriend is standing by her man, Marc Anthony. Congrats J-Lo, don’t blow it.