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Check Yourself: Joseline Says She Cries To Get What She Wants From Stevie

“I know how to make that n*gga work,” Joseline says during this week’s Check Yourself. “Drop a tear or two, play my little mind games with Stevie.” Read more…


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 10 – ‘Karlie Redd, Champagne And Weave’


Now that Karlie and K.Michelle made up then threw drinks on each other then made up again Karlie wanted to go gossip with her old pal Mimi. As usual, Karlie is here for one reason only: To relay information that’s not her business. According to Karlie, who recently saw Nikko at the club, he’s basically trying to holler at her. His words, “She’s back on the Stevie bus.” Nikko even hit up Karlie’s ex asking for her number and she has the text message to prove it. “What is going on?” Karlie asks Mimi. Mimi tells her what happened at the party. When Karlie asks Mimi if she ever loved him, Mimi says, “This just a few months in. I didn’t even get a chance to get comfortable.” Mimi says she’s going to talk to Nikko, but she already has her mind made up.


“Mimi’s a hard nut to crack, but Joseline on the other hand, she’s like putty in my hands.” Stevie wants to make things right with Joseline. “You miss me?” he asks. Joseline shakes her head yes. Of course she missed her Big Daddy. “We gotta go the independent route,” he says about Joseline’s lost record deal. “I love you all the time,” she says after Stevie said she only loves him when she wants to. “I can’t stand you a lot of times and I curse your a– out, but I love you all the time.” “There’s nothing more that I want right now than to see you win,” he says. Bonnie and Clyde are back on again.



Who Is Wrong In The Shay VS. Erica Fight? [POLL]

It’s been a long time coming. Erica and Shay talking woman-to-woman about the love triangle with Scrappy smack dab in the middle was bound to go down, but not quite like this. Read more…


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Sneak Peek: Mimi And Nikko Might Not Make It

The last time Nikko and Mimi saw each other there was the case of the baby daddy showing up with a BMW along with some “damaged” and “deranged” name calling. And now she’s heard Nikko may have been trying to holler at Karlie Redd. Read more…


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 9 In Three Minutes

If you tune in to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta every Monday for the drama like we do, Monday’s night episode served a hefty platter of soap opera drama just for your liking. Read more…


What Else Did The Psychic Priestess Tell Mimi About Nikko?

Remember when Mimi and Erica went to see the priestess who told her to let her relationship with Nikko die like a plant with no water? That wasn’t all the priestess had to say about Mimi’s new man. Read more…


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: Mimi Has Some Words For Nikko

Nikko was fronting about adding the BMW Stevie J gifted Mimi to “the collection in the garage.” As expected, he has no collection of cars–coming from his woman herself. Read more…