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Get The Look: The Teknique Agency Shares Tips On Achieving Love And Hip Hop 3 Reunion Looks


Hours on top of hours are put into making the women of Love and Hip Hop glamorous for the reunion show cameras. Any celebrity will tell you they bow down to their makeup artists, stylists and hair stylists who make magic. Daily. The Teknique Agency who is responsible for all of the fabulous looks you saw during the Love and Hip Hop reunion has shared their tips on how they achieved all of the fabulous styles you saw at the reunion. Get in to this glamour, honey! Read more…


Joseline Says They’re ALL Her “B*tches”: Best Tweets From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta


“Hey maid” was the highlight of the night. Sorry Mimi. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta returned, disappointing absolutely no one. On social media the cast was making their own trends with their added commentary and quotes from the night.

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