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Confessions of a Teen Idol – Episode 6 Recap – And Then There Were Six

So Eric is gone. In his absence, Jeremy contemplates going off his cleansing fast. The guys retire Eric’s portrait from the wall and pay tribute to him by building a shrine.

The fax announcing their next challenge comes in. They will be pitching themselves to a panel of Hollywood “gatekeepers” who will then critique them behind two-way glass. The last time the guys gathered behind two-way glass it wasn’t good. Maybe this time will be different.
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Confessions of a Teen Idol – Episode 5 Recap – The Price of Dignity

Jamie’s had a lot of opportunity to write and practice music since he’s been in the Teen Idol house, which he loves.

Jeremy stumbles into the kitchen where Eric is whipping up green morning drinks. He’s set up a whole spread of supplements. Jeremy’s going on a seven day “anabolic detox,” a raw diet full of horse food like oats, alfalfa sprouts, and grass.

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Confessions of a Teen Idol – Episode 4 Recap – The Kids are Alright

This week, our faded idols confronted the paparazzi, and put on a show that reminded them what being a performer is truly about.

Chris wasn’t here for this episode, he took off to his sister’s wedding. “Lucky!” says David.

Eric continued to enlighten (and gross out) his housemates. Proving that he’s totally out there, he reveals the secret ingredient to having shiny, touchable hair.

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Confessions of a Teen Idol: Episode 3 – Opportunity Rocks

This week our former teen idols take a tour of their past lives, and find out that embracing fame is crucial if they hope to revive their Hollywood careers.

Adrian probably speaks for all the guys when he says he says being in the house feels like a dream.

Jeremy is the first to snatch up the call sheet from the fax machine again. Must be his youthful enthusiasm. The guys have to be at the main gate in a half hour. Read more…


Confessions of a Teen Idol – Episode 2 Recap – Don’t Make Me Over

This week our former Teen Idols learn that the truth definitely hurts, but it can also help you get back on the road to fame.

For Bill, the first week in the house has been a disorienting experience. There’s been a lot happening, and fast. The call sheet comes in; they’re to attend a mandatory focus group at a professional facility that day.

Bill orchestrated and ran focus groups as his day job for 15 years. Jamie, on the other hand, has no clue what a focus group is. Eric thinks they’ll sit on a stage, where an audience will ask questions, then “determine if we’re crazy.” If only. Read more…


Confessions of a Teen Idol – Episode 1 Recap: Theater of Pain

This week’s episode of Teen Idol kicks off with a red carpet event that turns out to be way more of a test than any cast member bargained for.

Jeremy Jackson arrives first at the house.

The former Baywatch star talks about his glory days as a child actor and growing up in every parent’s nightmare scenario — partying with adults, surrounded by sex and drugs. Years later he was arrested for manufacturing meth amphetamine and tells us that was the “turning point” of his life. He reached a point where he didn’t care anymore and “slammed the doors” of opportunity in his own face. He would be overjoyed to be famous again – that’s his motivation for being on the show.

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