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QUESTION: What is the VH1 Blog?
ANSWER: The VH1 Blog covers pop culture, celebrity gossip and anything related to music. Expect plenty of exclusive scoops and interviews, especially related to VH1 shows and personalities.

QUESTION: How do I comment on a post?
ANSWER: You must be a registered VH1.com member to post a comment. Once you have registered and signed in, you may click the “comment” icon located beneath every post.

QUESTION: How do I become a VH1.com member?
ANSWER: Click here to register with VH1.com. If you are already a member, click here to sign in.

QUESTION: Why must I register to post a comment?
ANSWER: We have noticed registered users post less inappropriate content than anonymous users. Our registration system helps us keep the blog clean.

QUESTION: I have a topic that the VH1 Blog should cover. How do I send the bloggers a tip?
ANSWER: Please e-mail all tips to vh1blog@vh1.com.