Tiffany Pollard Tells The Doctors Of ‘Botched’ To “Treat Me Like A Princess”

by (@damianbellino)

VH1 star Tiffany “New York” Pollard has been very open about her plastic surgery and now she’s getting some of that work fixed on E!’s Botched. Check out the latest sneak peek for the all new season of the plastic surgery “renovation show” and check Tiffany’s transformation in our gallery.

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Botched returns for an all new season in April on E!

Who Are You Calling “Ratchet”? Try The ‘Hot GRITS’ Name Generator

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Fans of VH1′s new series Hot GRITS may have noticed by now that a lot of the folks on the show have a name with some Southern flair. In case you’re wondering what your gritty name might be, test out our Hot GRITS Name Generator now!

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Sneak Peek: Peter Makes One Last Effort To Win Amina Over

by (@damianbellino)

Peter and Amina‘s relationship has been swinging between staying together and crumbling apart all season. In a sneak peek for the next Love & Hip Hop, Gunz is back it, trying to win Amina back but his wife doesn’t seem convinced this time. At. All.

Peter takes Amina away to focus on their daughter and their future but Amina says she’s ready to focus on her passion, her music. Is Amina’s former flame/manager getting in her ear about her future? Is this really the end for the Pankeys? Find out on an all new Love & Hip Hop, Monday at 8/7c.

‘Black Ink Crew’ Sneak Peek: Quani Loses All Respect For Ceaser

by (@damianbellino)

Puma and Ceaser have been experiencing their fair share of drama on this season of Black Ink Crew. In a sneak peek for an all new episode, Quani is now involved. Puma’s wife takes issue with Joe and Ceaser taking the trek to her apartment and ringing her buzzer, trying to bring conflict to her home.

“You should not know where I live. Puma doesn’t deal with you, so you coming to my home is a big problem.”

What do you think of Quani’s reaction? Will Puma and Ceas be able to work things out? Find out on an all new Black Ink Crew, Monday at 9/8c.

I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: ‘Hot GRITS’ Star Emily Gets Tricked Into Eating Raccoon Meat

by (@KMeena720)

From the classic Southern Belles to the outdoorsy/don’t-mind-getting-dirty type of girls, the series premiere of Hot GRITS served up a prime example of Southern Hospitality. When we first meet Emily, she has no hesitation in claiming that Valdosta is too small of a town for her and that she is ready for a more glamorous life in Jacksonville. When talking to Ratchet at the lake, she makes it pretty clear that she is above the simple lifestyle that Valdosta has to offer and that she is disgusted at the thought of trying raccoon meat.

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The Ladies Of ‘Barely Famous’ Don’t Make The VIP Guest List

by (@damianbellino)

Sara and Erin Foster are desperate to be famous but even their family connections and über confidence can’t get them on the guest list. Check out this VH1 exclusive of the duo trying to get into a VIP event, only to be embarrassed when they are not recognized at the door…at all. Don’t miss Sara and Erin and all their ridiculous antics on new episodes of Barely Famous, Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c

Erin Introduces Civilians To ‘Barely Famous’ Person, Sara Foster, But No One Cares

by (@damianbellino)

Erin Foster knows what it’s like to be mere inches from stardom so she takes the streets of Los Angeles to introduce regular people to a famous VIP like her sister Sara Foster. The mere mortals don’t seem to recognize the Barely Famous pretty lady and the results are hilarious. Would you recognize Sara if you bumped into her on the street? Keep up with Erin and Sara on all new episodes of Barely Famous, Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c.

The Creep Squad Reunites In This Week’s ‘LHH’ Bonus Clip

by (@lizburrito)

Mendeecees, Cisco, Chink, Rich Dollaz, and Peter Gunz collectively form the Creep Squad, which is too bad for Mendeecees and Chink, because if you ask us, they’re not nearly the creeps that the other three are. (Sorry, guys.) In this week’s bonus clip, the five men gather together to discuss their relationship woes, each tale more harrowing than the next. Couples questions: Is Cisco delusional when he says that Cyn is into him?? And is Peter becoming a nice guy? Watch and decide for yourself.