Juelz Santana Is Down Wit OPP


Above, one of Dipset’s finest talks about Naughty by Nature, the group he’ll take the stage to salute at this year’s Hip Hop Honors (airing Monday, October 6 at 10/9c). He also lets us in on why one of NBN’s most loved anthems is particularly near and dear to his heart…among things.

Below, check some shots of downtime during Naughty by Nature’s rehearsal.

Phife Dawg Salutes our HHH Heroes


Last year at Hip Hop Honors we saluted the inventiveness of A Tribe Called Quest. On the cusp of this year’s show Phife Dawg himself sent a shout out to the royalty being celebrated, Cypress HIll, De La Soul, Naughty By Nature, and Slick Rick, Too $hort. Check the very end. Dude does a decent Slick Rick impression.

Watch awesome moments from last year’s Hip Hop Honors.

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Watch Hip Hop Honors 2008 on VH1 on Monday, October 6, 10 pm ET.

Hip Hop Honors: Cypress Hill Goes Up In Smoke


The gang’s all here this beautiful Wednesday morning as the second day of rehearsals for Hip Hop Honors kick off. Some say hip-hop runs on its own time, but Fat Joe, Jim Jones and the Gym Class Heroes are all here, right on time, to honor Cypress Hill. To have such a collection of talent under one roof is amazing, and that’s not lost on the honorees themselves. While walking around surveying the set, B-Real happens to whip out the same digital camera your loyal bloggers have to record the moment, as a decidedly less portly Fat Joe walks over to pay his respects.

It’s obvious Fat Joe’s been doing his homework, as he tears through a flawless rendition of “The Phuncky Feel One.” Jim Jones has a little work to do before the show, as he seems more interested in watching the dancers than the words to “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That.”

Appropriately, plumes of smoke wreath Cypress Hill as they run through “(Rock) Superstar.” Moments later, Cypress Hill, Jim Jones, Mack 10, Gym Class Heroes are up on the mezzanine, answering our questions about Cypress Hill and a particular herbal remedy the group are fond of (coming soon…). Mos Def swings by and tells us which honoree he’s most excited to see, which we’ll have for you later today.

Check back for tons of updates from hip-hop’s front lines, and be sure to tune in Monday, October 6th at 10 p.m.

Behind The Scenes Of Hip Hop Honors: Treach Goes A Capella


There’s about 60 or so hours until the 2008 Hip Hop Honors show kicks off, but you’d think it was this afternoon by the looks of the stage at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom. Lit up like an arcade, it’s a truly worthy temple of hip-hop.

But the stage is icing – a nicely wrapped present compared to the action going down on it. After a brief interlude, Naughty By Nature emerge from their 7th floor rehearsals to check out their upcoming performance spot. Sitting on the steps, posing for pictures in what will be their honorary thrones for the evening, Vin Rock and Treach look genuinely excited. As the group sits out on the balcony while some middle-aged production dude awkwardly dances and lip-syncs on stage during a run-through of the group’s hit “O.P.P.”, you gotta wonder what’s going through their heads.

After a brief technical difficulty (Treach: “This sh*t has to be hot so I can do the intro!”) the guys launch into “Uptown Anthem,” the forever celebratory “Hip Hop Hooray,” and then a sick version of an acapella, which we happen to have a little footage of above. We’ll be posting on the action from the show site all day Wednesday and Thursday. Come back for more news and video.

Check Naughty by Nature’s story, and watch their videos.

Watch Hip Hop Honors on VH1 on Monday, October 6 at 10 pm.

Tales From the Road: De La Silliness


When we get with our Hip Hop Honorees before the big show, we ask ‘em to spill some of the wild stuff that goes on when they’re touring. Sex antics is a typical response, but a lot of times it’s old fashioned silliness they go on about. Maybe you could predict that from De La Soul, one of the music’s most whimsical crews. They like to have fun with everything they do. Read their story here. Listen to their music here. And find out what they do with powder and pillows by clicking the clip above.

Tune in to our 2008 Hip Hop Honors show next Monday night at 10 pm ET. Check the entire site now for videos, photos and favorites lists.

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I Want To Work For Diddy‘s Episode 9 Cliffhanger


If you missed last night’s I Want To Work for Diddy, you missed Poprah getting fired…maybe? We won’t know for sure till next week. What do you think: is Diddy really letting her go, or can she talk her way out of this and back into the good graces of the man they call Mr. Combs? Diddy, really?

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Fatal Accident Derails Rock of Love Bus


A crew member from the 51 Minds Entertainment production of the upcoming Rock Of Love Bus series on VH1 was involved in an auto accident on Interstate 57 in southern Illinois on Friday afternoon. The crew member, who is not an associate of Bret Michaels or part of his tour staff, was traveling alone to the next location stop for the series. The accident resulted in two fatalities in one car and injuries to two passengers in another vehicle. The crew member survived and has been released from the hospital. Local authorities continue to investigate.

Bret Michaels has requested that his participation in the production of the series be temporarily suspended in deepest sympathy as he attempts to reach out to the families of the victims. Traveling separately, Mr. Michaels had left Illinois early Friday morning and was not near the scene of the accident.

Michaels, 51 Minds Entertainment and VH1 extend their deepest sympathies to everyone involved in this terrible accident.

“As a father of two, I cannot even imagine what the families must be going through at this time. I will make every attempt to reach out to them to let them know that my heart and prayers are with them during their time of grief,” said Michaels in a statement.

Honors 2008: Real Stories from Real Royalty


Too $hort recalls his first rhyme session, and explains how he came up with characters like “Jiggle Jenny.” Naughty By Nature jumps back, telling us how Reaganomics stripped their East Orange home and made kids develop with their own kind of entertainment – rap. Slick Rick tells the world that he wasn’t down with battling; he was always into stories – and (ahem) name-brand fashion – from the jump. De La Soul talks about how the skits on their records were generated by squandering rehearsal time. The guys Cypress Hill explain how they considered their style as “Public Enemy inside out.” Whew, that’s a lot of info, right?

Fans are going to learn quite a bit from the interviews we did with our Hip Hop Honors royalty.

Check our entire “With Honors” clip fest to grab some insights about the way the old school rolled.

Check back here on Wednesday for news items and photos of the rehearsal sessions for the big show, which airs on VH1 on Monday, October 6.