Notorious: Check the Biggie Biopic Trailer!


It would be nice if they didn’t get it wrong. Mr. Christopher Wallace is a guy whose story is so important, it would be really nice if all the nuance was in place when it hits the silver screen. Notorious is coming soon, and we’ll see they do right by Big Papa. Angela Bassett, Anthony Mackie, and Jamal Woolard as Biggie himself are all working on it now.

Check Biggie interviews and videos in our Box Set.

You’re a hip hop fiend? Here’s our Hip Hop Honors 2008 site.

Presidential Debates Tonight, Hip Hop Honors Oct. 6


The banks are crumbling, the economy’s stumbling, and McCain‘s swooping into DC, squawking about rectifying everything. Can you say bluster? Reports have it that the guy with 10 houses didn’t help much. And now, after waffling about going toe to toe with the next president of the United States in tonight’s Ole Miss debate, he’s finally heading south, getting his make-up done, and taking the stage. We’ll see what happens…

Politics define the autumn of 2008. So we came up with some relevant and humorous ads for our own candidates, which this year include Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Naughty By Nature, Slick Rick, and Too $hort. VH1′s Hip Hop Honors airs Monday, October 6 at 10 ET.

Hope you enjoy the ads. Three more are available after the jump.

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The Celebreality Interview – Kendra


Below, this week’s other contestant eliminated from I Want To Work for Diddy hits back at Boris’ allegations (she’s no murderer!), discusses the nature of her gossiped-about relationship with Mike and talks about her intense clashes with a number of her competitors. In what could be a television first, Kendra smacked Boris with a breakfast burrito. Truly a benchmark.

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Hip Hop Honors: 21 Awesome Moments


You’re going to learn a few things when you roll through our HHH: Awesome Moments playlist.

1. Ice T is no slouch when it comes to freestyling.

2. Ciara‘s a good choice when it comes to whispering the refrain to LL Cool J‘s “they’re jiggling, baby.”

3. Entourage guest T.I. loves Big Daddy Kane because the Brookyn godfather is “smooth and edgy.”

4. If you see Tracy Morgan on the street, he’s got one simple request: “holla atcha boy!”

5. Not everyone can do a convincing impression of Snoop Dogg – but Bow Wow is crackalacking good.

Our annual show airs on Monday, October 6 at 10 pm ET. We’ll be adding new stuff to our Hip Hop Honors 2008 site every day until then. Swing by and check it out.

Megan Hauserman, Award Winner


Remember how when Megan was booted from Rock of Love 2, she just stood there and stood there and stood there and Heather looked at her like, “Why are you just standing there?” And then she stood some more? Yeah. Well, that scene (relive the magic here) scored her a trophy at last night’s Fox Reality Channel Really Awards for Favorite Awkward Moment. The awards won’t broadcast till Oct. 11, but Megan gave us the inside scoop on what to expect:

“I don’t know if anyone else won. I know Whiteboy lost. Brandi C., and Mary Carey came up to accept with me. It was the first award of the night, I said, “It didn’t happen like that, it was editing, but f*** it, thanks for the first award.” Then Brandi said thanks to Mark [Cronin] and Cris [Abrego] and VH1. They opened the show with me so that gave me pride. Then we all celebrated with several cocktails.”

And clearly, they weren’t the only ones. Check out shots of VH1 staples like Heather, Chance, Real, Danny Bonaduce, Daisy De La Hoya, Hottie, Smiley, Saaphyri, Buckwild, Chyna, Poprah and others in the gallery below:

VH1′s 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs Ever


The arguments go on forever. Is old school better than new school? What’s the hardest gangsta joint around? Which MC has the hippest flow? And, of course: what’s the drop-dead deep-ass dopest rap track ever made? Well, we can all chill on that last question for awhile. Our 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs countdown has the answer. It’s part of a ramp-up to this year’s rather incredible Hip Hop Honors show.

All summer long fans have been voting on the list. VH1 combined their opinions with those of hip-hop culture vultures and next week, for five nights, the show runs down the ranking, offering interviews with artists and pundits, breaking out classic footage, and dropping some superstar science on all the tracks involved. It airs Monday, September 29 – Friday, October 3 at 10 pm ET.

Now, the big question, which one made the top of the list? Was Public Enemy (check the video above) number 10 or number 1? Make the jump and find out.

Watch a video playlist with LOTS of the 100 Greatest entries.

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Mystery’s Back For Another Round Of The Pickup Artist


Hot off the press! New season debuts Sunday, Oct. 12 at 10/9c on VH1!

Based on the tremendous viewer response to the series The Pickup Artist, VH1 has once again teamed up with world renowned pickup guru Mystery to help guide nine new “socially awkward” students overcome their biggest fears – meeting women. As we saw last season, Mystery has developed a foolproof formula for these men to follow, whether they’re in a bar, club or coffee shop. Through his various teachings and in-the-field tests, Mystery will prepare these men with the skills they need to overcome their shyness and confidence issues in the real world. The Pickup Artist 2 premieres on VH1 on Sunday, October 12 at 10:00 PM.

The Pickup Artist 2 brings a new twist to the show, as Mystery and Season 1 wing-man and fellow pickup artist Matador are joined by new wing-girl Tara. Viewers may remember Tara as Season 1’s kissing coach. In this second season she will expand her role by adding a female perspective. Tara will serve as full time wing-girl to Mystery and act as a confidant for the contestants.

This season, The Pickup Artist 2 moves to Phoenix, AZ, as the guys sample the local night life in hopes of perfecting their skills and winning the title of “Master Pickup Artist.” In each episode, one contestant will be declared the winner of a challenge and granted immunity from elimination, while the loser will be sent packing. The challenges this season are even more intense — and personal. The dating neophytes will be tested in a local supermarket, a charity auction and various area nightclubs outfitted with hidden cameras that capture women’s real responses to the contestants’ come-ons.

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