Diddy‘s Rob: Out and Blogging


Here’s something you probably didn’t catch from watching last night’s premiere of I Want To Work for Diddy: Rob Smith is an out gay man who isn’t shy about knocking down the doors of what he calls in a post on AfterElton the “somewhat homophobic hip-hop world.” He continues: “Visibility matters, and for both myself and my transgender competitor Laverne Cox, I know that it was very important that we represented who we were openly from the very beginning.”

Rob is writing recaps of the show for AfterElton, and despite his use of the screencaps from this blog’s first-episode recap without giving credit (a-hem, screencaps don’t take themselves), we’ll be checking in on his stuff each week, if only to gain insidery nuggets like this: “Over on the Uptown Team, there were actually even more altercations with Kim ["Poprah"] that didn’t get shown, including a screaming match between her and Brianna that happened during elimination. Oh, and there was no editing trickery going on with the challenge. We were actually up for 24 hours and, yes, we did smell at the end of it! Mike is exactly as nice as he seems, and Kim is exactly as…Kim as she seems.” Heh. [Rob’s I Want To Work for Diddy Episode 1 Recap]

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Flavor of Love 3‘s Ice Reflects


This week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly concerns all things reality, and includes a section of interviews with past reality-TV contestants. The only VH1personality to pop up is Flavor of Love 3‘s Ice, who reflects on the opportunism that she was never less than upfront about (to the point that it led to her elimination):

“Who the hell could fall in love with Flavor Flav? He went to kiss me, and I was very hesitant. I did not want that to happen at all. But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. I wouldn’t have had sex with him, but I would have probably made out with him. We lived the good life out there. That’s why I cried at the end. Everyone’s like, ‘You didn’t even like him!’ I’m like, ‘I’m leaving a pretty mansion in California! I’m not going to be pampered anymore!’ That’s why I was crying, man.”

Well, at least she got something out of it. [Entertainment Weekly]

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New York: I’m Nice!


A recent interview with New York finds VH1′s HBIC going through the usual promo motions for New York Goes to Hollywood. But it also contains a bit of information that we haven’t heard from her before: New York says she’s nice! Check it:

“I am actually a really nice person. A lot of times when I meet people for the first time, I think they are taken back by how warm my energy actually is. Because they watch the shows and they just figure me to be this nasty, angry, negative person. But what it was, is that I had a lot of things coming at me. I had girls to compete with and then I had guys in my house who were there for the wrong reasons. You have to know I got that way because my buttons were pushed. If I’m not on the battlefield fighting any battles, I’m going to put my swords away, so I’m good.”

We can attest to the fact that Tiff-Tiff has never been less than a dream to work with (but then, maybe we know what buttons not to push). Still, after watching the fur (and fake hair) fly on the season premiere of New York Goes to Hollywood, are you buying this? Has the Hollywood machine so taking over your girl that she’s acting even in interviews? [BostonHerald.com]

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Frenchie: Naked, Once Again


What’s Rock of Love 2‘s Angelique been up to? Getting ready to appear in a horror film, preparing a comic book based on herself and, of course, taking her clothes off for the entertainment of others! Check out some new shots Frenchie took for Playet Magazine. Don’t worry, they’re PG-13, although they do contain exposed ass cheeks. And really, who doesn’t want to look at ass cheeks? Fun for the whole family, that’s what we say!

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Luke’s Parental Advisory Premiere Party!


Above, check out some footage from the premiere party for Luke’s Parental Advisory, which was held last night in Miami. Keep an eye out for a cameo from I Love New York 2‘s Mr. Wise. Also getting down was Luke’s sense of humor: when the interviewer asks him if he thinks the show will reignite his stardom, he comes back with, “Oh yeah, I think this is gonna resurrect the dead.” Oh, Luke, such a card!

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100 Greatest Celebrity Scandals Of All Time


Celebrity scandals not only make for great reading, but say a lot about human nature. This is why we’ve launched Scandalist.com, our sister blog, with the 100 Greatest Celebrity Scandals Of All Time. From Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape to Amy Winehouse‘s drug drama to Rick James straight-up torturing people, these scandals provide an in-depth study of the events that have shaken popular culture to the core. Browse all 100 now or skip ahead to the Top 10. — From Scandalist

The Celebreality Interview – Luke Campbell (Part 2)


In the second part of our interview with former 2 Live Crew leader/porn-peddler/family man/Luke’s Parental Advisory star (premiering tonight at 10:30/9:30c on VH1) Luke Campbell, we focus on the family aspect of his life and reality show. (Read Part 1, which focuses on his career and reputation here.) Below, Luke talks about the somewhat shocking contrast between his personal and professional lives, how he felt under the scrutiny of reality TV’s cameras, his love of Top Chef and why this show may provide the poetic justice that his opponents have been waiting for all these years.

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