Heather Steps Out


Heather was eliminated on this week’s episode of I Love Money, but don’t cry for her — she’s still having plenty of fun, as the video above shows. It chronicles a recent trip to New York to host a party at the Town Tavern, where Heather got the crowd hyped, squeezed boobs and poured shots down people’s throats. All in a day’s work! A lot of the Celebreality stars do exactly this when they aren’t, you know, filming spin-offs or whatever.

If that represents Heather’s present, the two videos below touch on her past and possible future. In the first, Heather gives us a rundown of her time on reality TV (“If I was sitting here being boring and watching Seinfeld like I usually do, who’s gonna watch that?”) and in the second, she shares her thoughts on what a spin-off starring her might look like. I heart Heather, indeed.

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I Love Money Blog Party – Episode 9


Live Off Into the Heather Posted at 9:57PM EST

And so, the Entertainer breaks his alliance with Heather to give her the boot. Was this fair? Did Heather’s “betrayal” of the Entertainer deserve such a response? The Entertainer claimed he booted Heather because he didn’t know what to expect from her. Was he telling the truth, or did his decision have to do with endearing himself to the powerful players who are still around?

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Live Bottom 3 Posted at 9:50PM EST

Last chance: who’s going home?

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Lohan Is Presenting Awards At the VMAs


Yep, LaLohan has signed up for a fun evening at the MTV VMAs show in L.A. on Sept 7. Can’t say if her honey-bunny constant companion Samantha Ronson will be tagged along, but ‘cmon, when aren’t these two together? If you’re a sports freak rather than a gossip hound, perhaps you’re more impressed by the fact that Michael Phelps (kingpin Olympian, beer pong genius, and Saturday Night Live host), is scheduled to present awards, too. And if you’re 14-year-old girl, you’ll be giddy to know that Ms Miley will participate.

You can read all about the latest updates to the VMAs presenters’ slate right here.

Watch videos of all the nominees, now. Watch the show on MTV, Sept 7 at 9 pm ET.

The Cho Show Commentary – Episode 2


Above, check out what Margaret Cho, her parents, Selene and the Glam Squad have to say about this week’s episode of The Cho Show. There’s some nice discourse on beauty standards but, as usual, Margaret’s mom steals the (after-) show by saying she thought the drag queens in the pageant were “little chubby ladies, you know?” Not really, but it sounds cute!

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G’s To Gents Judge Is a Fashion Plate


A couple of years ago we were interviewing Fonzworth Bentley – currently serving as the judge on G’s To Gents, and then known as the dude who dresses Diddy. We asked him if he had a favorite piece of clothing and he explained himself well.

“Probably this double faced scarf. I had this made in Italy at a shop, a shop called J. Cross. I picked out the fabric and you know this side of this maize, not yellow, with, I call this color tobacco, colored polka dots. But it’s double faced so it’s silk on one side and then 200 percent cashmere on the other side. So this is like my favorite scarf. It cost $300. I wear it often.”

Nice to see someone passionate about his chosen profession. Bentley’s known for keeping it dapper, so we put together a gallery of his 15 sharpest looks. Which one do you think he looks best in?