Cypress Hill Tells Tales From The Road


It’s no surprise that this year’s Hip Hop Honors honorees Cypress Hill have had some hectic moments on the road — after all, they’re the same guys who’ve spoken frankly about gang-banging and their love of ganja. But back in the day, on one particular stop in St. Louis, the guys thought their days were numbered. Check out the above clip to find out how Cypress Hill got out of a sticky situation with the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Be sure to tune in on October 6th at 10 p.m., and until then, check out the Hip Hop Honors site for all your hip-hop needs.

The Celebreality Interview – Pumkin


Pumkin’s famous for stuff flying out of her mouth, and after speaking with her, I can attest that she more than lives up to her reputation. The woman does not mince words, which made for a fantastically candid interview. Below, Pumkin talks about the veracity of her eating-disorder claim, hooking up with the Entertainer and Mr. Boston, how Mexican food got her down and why Hoopz’s betrayal stung so badly.

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Naughty By Nature To Drop New Album, Perform At Hip Hop Honors


On the heels of the news that Naughty By Nature will be honored by VH1 at this year’s Hip Hop Honors, the Jersey trio who specialize in getting asses out of seats have just announced they’re back in the studio to record another album, their first in six years. According to, Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee say the tentatively titled Anthem, Inc. (fitting, right?) has no set release date, but the group assures us we’ll be hearing tunes shortly. “There’s no set date, but before this New Year comes in, you’re definitely gonna be hearing some exclusives, some appetizers to let them know we coming,” said Treach.

No need to wait until New Year’s — tune in on October 6th at 10 p.m. to watch Naughty perform.

Watch our Naughty by Nature Box Set, which contains loads of interviews and videos.

The Celebreality Interview – Toasteee


Below, the brunette in the blonde alliance talks fighting with food and twisted ankles, her outstanding beef with Megan (“I wanted to rip the ugly right off her face,” she says of their altercation), shaking the porn stigma and why girls calling other girls fat on TV is socially irresponsible. In what could be a Celebreality first, someone displays proof of a conscience! ZOMG!

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What Angelique Wants, Angelique Gets: An Office Worker’s Brush With Reality TV Fame


Yesterday, Rock of Love 2 resident and upcoming Charm School contestant Angelique (a.k.a. Frenchy) stopped by our office. On a press jaunt that included telling Howard Stern that she hadn’t had sex in eight months, the French-bred, Vegas-based stripper decided to remedy that when she came to our offices.

You see, our offices, in addition to being located at the crossroads of the world, contain some eye candy, in the form of resident ladies man Shawn Mahoney. Upon laying eyes on Mahoney, Angelique — in quick succession — asked for his number, told him she wanted to “f*ck” him, and promptly started sending him sexy texts. After sending 13 text messages in two hours, the buxom blonde switched to email. We’ve included the texts after the jump as well as hot photos of Angelique and a voicemail she left.

Submitted for your pleasure, please read the unedited raciness of a woman who wants to get laid.

11:46 a.m.
Angelique: What s up? It’s Frennchy. U r so hot & sexy u need to come and see me in vegas :)

11:51 a.m.
Shawn: For sure. Would love to, but I’m busy. But let’s see what’s up. How bout I text you tonight and you call me back and well talk about it;) talk to ya then :)

11:57 a.m.

Angelique: I live in vegas hot stuff, I would love to f*ck you!! Ur sssso hot..grrrr

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Poprah Keeps It Real – Episode 8


Once again, we present the always-outspoken Poprah’s take on the latest episode of I Want To Work for Diddy. Below, Poprah talks her triumphant turn in this week’s hustling challenge (that makes two successful challenges in a row for her!), Mike’s betrayal of Kendra and the steps Stefanie took to ensure she’d be around for at least another week.

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Can You Say Winner? Kimberly’s Checking Out the New Kids This Weekend


We were looking for an ultimate fan in our our ongoing New Kids on the Block contest, and we found the first of a few choices we’ll be making this autumn. Kimberly Medina of Florida will be seeing the guys in concert this weekend in Boston. Here’s the text (and the picture) she sent in to earn herself, and four friends, the tickets.

“My friend and I had a column in the school paper, “New Kids Korner.” We were Seniors and knew that was NOT cool. So we had pen names. I was Ashley Rashleigh. (Rashleigh is Jonathan’s middle name) She was Megan McCloud (Puff McCloud, Danny’s nickname. We were too clueless to realize he probably got the name because of all of the weed he smoked.) If anything, we should win just because of the torture we endured when word got out on the last day of Senior year. :)”

Nice, right? Lots of dedication there. Diehard fans need to know three things about the New Kids.

1. Their Behind the Music Special airs this Sunday night, September 28, at 8 pm ET.

2. During the show, the band will cut into the action from their concert stage in Boston, performing a few tunes live.

3. The Ultimate Fan contest continues. Send us your stories and photos for a chance to win a shot at seeing the guys onstage this fall.

Watch New Kids videos and interviews right here.

Watch them explain their favorite videos right here.

See pictures and read more crazy fan stories here.