Rihanna, T.I, and Paramore Added to VMAs


The list of artists slated to get onstage at this year’s VMAs show stretches from Lil Wayne to the Jonas Bros. Kid Rock, whose “All Summer Long” has been dominating the charts this season (watch his video in our Summer Songlist) is going to be there as well.

But with a week and a half left until the show, new names are bubbling in…and they’re big. Rihanna, T.I., Pink, and Paramore are all down to participate on September 7. There’s even talk of Michael Jackson moonwalking through the moonmen to give his scandalous sister an award. We’ll keep you up to date on all the changes and additions that come along.

And you recall that wildman Russell Brand is the host for the evening, yes? Here’s a list of 20 Things you should know about the guy before the big show.

Watch videos by all the artists nominated for awards this year.

Watch the VMAs on MTV – Sunday, September 7 at 9 pm ET

Spit Shall Fly Next I Love Money


It wouldn’t be a VH1 celebreality show without someone spitting and sure enough the next episode of I Love Money features a salivary competition. Check out this sneak peek of Sunday’s new episode.

I Love Money: A Conspiracy Theory Debunked


Earlier this week, messageboards (like this one and this one) started buzzing over what seemed to be a fatal, credibility-destroying stray shot in this week’s I Love Money Aftershow. In it, you can clearly see that the check that host Craig Jackson stamps void doesn’t in fact belong to this week’s eliminated contestant, 12 Pack.

And, since 12 Pack never landed in the Bottom 2 before, this footage could come from no other episode. And that means that the voided check belonged to the guy on the chopping block with 12 Pack, Whiteboy. Because this didn’t make it to air, people assumed that this meant that the show was fixed, that Toasteee had eliminated Whiteboy and Craig had stamped his check and it was all redone per the orders of disapproving powers that be. “If that isn’t the sign of some sort of major manipulation on the part of the producers, I don’t know what is,” wrote TWOP’s dreamofcaramel. In response to speculation that Craig had made an error, MustBeThursday said, “I don’t think Craig voided the wrong check on accident. They would’ve just admitted that or laughed about it. This clearly seems like a manipulation.”

Well, we’re here to tell you that that’s exactly what happened. Craig stamped the wrong check, the shot had to be retaken and a continuity error in the editing of the Aftershow is how the eagle-eyed extras viewers got the fodder for their conspiracy theory. But don’t take our word for it: we asked 51 Minds, the company that produces I Love Money, to cough up the raw footage of Craig’s mistake. And so they did. And so we have it for you to watch:

Below, C.J. gives us a little insight on the show’s shooting process and how he could make such a mistake in the first place:

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Top 10 Opening Moments of MTV’s VMAs


Everyone’s getting psyched for next week’s 2008 Video Music Awards, so it’s time to recall a few of the previous highlights. It’s always important to make a good first impression, right? The show’s kick-off is crucial. From Jay-Z rocking the mic on top of Rockefeller Center to Bruce Springsteen blasting through “The Rising” in a rainy Central Park, there have been some memorable opening sequences. Here’s a list of the cool stuff to reboot your memory a bit.

Watch videos by all the artists nominated for this year’s awards.

Make sure to tune into this year’s event on MTV – Sunday, September 7 at 9pm ET.

Chance Vs. New York…Or Something


Gone-but-not-forgotten I Love Money bootee Chance recently spoke to King magazine about his kinda-sorta former flame New York, and what he has to say is…confusing. Describing sex with New York, Chance says:

“It was like having sex with a stuffed animal—with those fake eyes and fake hair. A stuffed animal with a real set of you-know-what. It feels like having sex with an oversize Cabbage Patch. You got silicone parts that are made for toys.”

It’s all well and good, since expecting sensitivity from Chance is like…well, expecting sensitivity from New York. Although she didn’t have those “silicone parts” until after the first season I Love New York finished taping. But whatever, it gets more confusing when Chance gives his parting advice for the HBIC:

“Stop kissing so many damn guys, man. Relax. Take it slow. Don’t put no more plastic parts on you, because you ain’t a toy. Unless you want to be my toy again. That’s aight, then. Come on down. You know where to find me. But New York, be safe out there. You’re a good person. Stallionaires love you.”

So, having sex with New York was like having sex with a stuffed animal, but Chance isn’t opposed to doing it again. Is this his way of telling us that he’s a plushie?

Regardless, remember the good times, when Chance’s attraction for New York seemed infinitely more straightforward via the gallery below:

[King via ONTD]

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The Celebreality Interview – 12 Pack


“Hang on one second, I’m moving a piano real quick,” said 12 Pack during the course of our conversation. And though I admire his unabashed Jersey muscley-ness, that’s not even my favorite thing he said (“I got more chicks around me than gay dudes do,” earns that distinction). Below, 12 Pack talks strategy, his house hook-up Heather and returning to reality after being consumed by reality TV.

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