Web Exclusive Video: Sister Patterson Goes Berzerk


Poor Lizza. Check out this extra scene from last night’s episode of New York Goes To Hollywood. Sister Patterson unleashes the bitchassness on Lizza. She just plain goes berzerk grabbing phones, almost causing an accident, threatening violence.

It’s pure celebransanity* at its finest.

Watch out the rest of last night’s extra scenes and outtakes.

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* I think I coined this.

Win A Trip To See The New Kids On the Block In Concert And Have A Meet & Greet!


Jon, Jordan, Donnie, Joey and Danny are back, and it’s pretty obvious that their audience couldn’t be more excited. That’s why we’re offering the most zealous New Kids on the Block fans a chance to prove themselves. If you make the cut we will fly you and a friend — four friends if you win the Boston trip — to not only see the guys in concert, but meet them as well.

We want to hear the most unique, craziest, die-hard fan story ever. The New Kids “Ultimate Fan” Contest is a show & tell deal, we are asking you to send in pictures that explain the depth of your NKOTB love. They could be shots from the group’s initial heyday (see the above example). They could be shots from last week. Along with the pictures, we need to hear your story that proves you are the Ultimate NKOTB fan! A panel of VH1.com employees will choose the winners based on the most unique and ultimate fan story received.


Here are our four winners, Torrie and Kimberly, Amber, and Blair.

Watch New Kids on the Block videos.

Get all the New Kids on the Block tour dates.

The steps to enter are after the jump:

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The Celebreality Interview – Margaret Cho (Part 3)


In the third, final and funniest entry in our Margaret Cho interview series. the comedian-turned-reality-star talks about her husband, the backlash she’s received from the Korean American community and the journey to self-acceptance. She also tells an awesome story about meeting Sharon Stone in the ’90s that includes the observation, “What an ugly bitch!” That’s Cho for ya: always talking mad s***.

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