The Top 10 Moments of the I Love New York 2 Reunion



I Love New York 2 couldn’t have gone out with a bigger bang if…well, if it had included things not suitable for TV. You know, like actual banging (although Sister Patterson came close!). I can think of no better way to end the series than with 90 theatrical minutes of Jerry Springer-esque insanity. To help make sense of it all, I’ve assembled my10 favorite things that happened during the course of the reunion. Let’s jump right into it and start, funnily enough, at the begging.

10. Those Amazing Intros

For some guys, the half-second that they’re shown on screen as their name is announced is the extent of their appearance on the show. By now, they know to make it count.

For example, It’s way of saying hello was classic It.


This is, like, It’s default expression at this point. It’s his child’s pose, his first position, his buffalo stance.

20 Pack made sure to permanently erase our memories of his insane body that earned him his nickname in the first place with the most minor of changes.


Abs? What abs? All I remember is a blonde streak. He should change his name to 20 Volume after the peroxide he used.

But the best thing about this?

The most enterprising chance to make a first impression was undoubtedly taken by Yours.


He looks so happy with that rubber-band bound stack of money that I think it’s a travesty that La La didn’t call him and his cash to the stage and ask how they met. But then, you know, the cash would probably have produced a gift box with its divorce papers inside, thereby stealing New York’s final-act thunder and we could not have that, now could we?

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