Red’s Exit Interview


Watch Red’s emotional exit interview that immediately followed his elimination from this week’s I Want To Work for Diddy. Considering how even-tempered he usually was on the show, it’s sort of amazing how raw he gets here.

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How Much Would You Pay For Some Heat?


As those who’ve been burned by the energy crisis know, you can’t get heat for free. And now, you can’t get Heat for free, either. At a recent Playboy Mansion soiree, the I Love New York/Money alum auctioned a date with himself off to raise money for the United Breast Cancer Foundation. He ended up going for $2,700. That’s enough to buy at least 28 barrels of oil, which is nothing to shake a stick at. Especially if said stick is a match.

Anyway, peep some shots of Heat from the bash below:

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Lifehouse: Behind the Scenes of “Broken”


It’s always fun to see how a big L.A. video gets made, and since Lifehouse‘s “Broken” is getting its on-air Top 20 premiere this Saturday, September 20, we thought it was only right to share this behind the scenes clip with fans. There’s star factor involved: Kiefer Sutherland directed the video, and he’s part of this clip. Watch singer Jason Wade explain the vid concept and the inspiration for his new song.

Check out the latest Top 20 videos.

Check out Lifehouse playing acoustic at the VH1 studios.

Last year we gave the Lifehouse guys a “blindfold test.” We spun them a song and asked them to guess the artist without showing them who it was. Did they know Rob Thomas, Radiohead, the Police? Read the feature.

Real And Chance Get A Show


There’s more than just catty girls from VH1′s past on the slate this fall. There are also catty new girls! And they’ll compete for the affection of both Real and Chance from I Love New York and, most recently, I Love Money. Real Chance of Love debuts (update!) October 20 on VH1. Details follow:

America’s two favorite brothers Real and Chance tried to steal New York’s heart in the VH1′s hit series I Love New York but were both left broken-hearted. Now the Stallionaires are back and ready to find love in their own new 11-episode series. Real and Chance will get their much deserved, and much anticipated chance to find real love as 15 young ladies move into their Stallionaire ranch house and try to capture their hearts. In the final episode, Chance and Real will make the most difficult decision of their lives. With two women vying for each of their hearts, they must decide who they would like to take a real chance of love with, and who’s going home alone.

Details on the rest of VH1′s upcoming fall series (including the new installment of Celebrity Rehab) follow:

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Antonio Sabato To Look For Love On VH1


Come 2009, Bret Michaels won’t be the only bachelor looking for his other half on VH1. The model turned Janet Jackson video star turned actor is turning to reality TV to feed his love jones. Full press release below:

Antonio Sabato Jr. has melted countless hearts on and off the screen with his famous good looks, but true love has always proved elusive. Hoping to find the woman of his dreams, he is partnering with VH1 and Ish Entertainment in a currently untitled dramatic reality series to search for his perfect woman: someone with the class, beauty, intelligence and thirst for adventure to match his jet-setting lifestyle. The series is expected to begin shooting in late 2008.

Bypassing the established reality show model, the project will match the look and feel of a steamy soap opera, unfolding with a season-long story arc through Antonio’s narration. Viewers will see glamorous views of Antonio’s exotic beach paradise and dramatic close-ups of teary-eyed contestants — with plenty of daring and comical challenges thrown in (like recreating a love scene with Antonio or skydiving in a couture gown).

“I’ve been with some of the most amazing women in the world,” says Sabato, “and at the age of 36, I’m finally ready to settle down. I really hope to meet that special someone. For me this is not a game. This is real. This is my life.”

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Charm School Clip: Elimination Looms


Our final preview clip of the Rock of Love Charm School premiere, which hits VH1 Oct. 12, occurs much later in the episode, after much has gone down. Dallas, apparently, has thrown an apple at Lacey’s head, while Courtney sleeps oblivious to the looming elimination. Is that, like, her shtick?

And, check out the last of the pre-show promo shots:

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