Pete Wentz: Tri-Polar at Iron Man Premiere



Has the stress of Ashlee’s pregnancy [rumors] caused Petey Wentz to crack? Here he is at last night’s Iron Man premiere displaying an array of emotion — from happy to pouty to giving the paparazzi a fingers-up-the-nose F-you. This bizarre behavior has us wondering if the Fall Out Boy is falling apart.

Diddy, Robert Downey, Jr., Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Christine Taylor & Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Leslie Bibb were also on the red carpet. See pics below:

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Bee-Ex Chats Up YouTube


Get ready for Bee-Ex‘s further adventures in the “entertainment circa.” The eliminated Flavor of Love 3 contestant has launched a new YouTube talk show called Up Next With Bee-Ex. It includes a sparkly intro and a panel of experts (including the “Gangster of Comedy” Capone), which means its production value is probably a bit higher than you’d expect. The first episode weighs the pros and cons between bachelors and lover boys (or, as Bee-Ex calls them, “Ronnie Romance”). Wonder which category Flav falls into? Watch the first segment above and the rest here.

In other FOL3 alum news, Peechee, who was booted on the first episode, is offering an autographed picture to the person who donates the most toward her fund raising in this year’s Revlon Run/Walk for Women. Get to giving here.

The Battle Between Jason & The Davids


American Idol‘s Neil Diamond week was a brutal trial for the young hopefuls, a chance to show just how poorly they could perform songs with which they had only the most passing of acquaintance. (“Sweet Caroline” notwithstanding, Diamond’s tunes are hardly American classics; mentorship on Idol has never seemed so much a PR opportunity as it did this week – dude’s got a new disc coming next week.)

There was no Paula craziness, and though no contestants performed perfectly, three were poorer than the rest:

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All Hail the Return of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Legs (and Shoes!)



Gwyneth Paltrow, who took a couple of years off to raise her two children with Coldplay singer Chris Martin, is back in Hollywood — and the media is eating her up! The maelstrom, however, isn’t about her role as the secretary of Tony Stark (aka Iron Man). It’s about her legs, her hair, her face, her toned body, and mostly her new collection of really sexy, high-heel shoes. Maybe movie critics will focus on the Oscar-winner’s acting skills once Iron Man has its U.S. premiere this Friday (she’s supposed to be amazing!). Until then, sign up to live like Tony Stark for a weekend and join the Gwyneth Paltrow love fest by clicking on the thumbnails below. — Matt Muro

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Gossip Break: Lil Kim Needs a Ride


lilim.jpgKatie Holmes was forced to attend Scientology Boot Camp. [DListed]

Ashley Olsen smiles for the first time since starring on Full House. Pearly whites? You got it dude! [PopSugar]

There is a show called Farmer Wants a Wife debuting tonight. TV has officially jumped the shark. [Seriously? OMG!]

Charlie Sheen still loves hookers. Surely his fiancee is not surprised. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Jessica Simpson needs attention, talks about boyfriend. Snooze. [JustJared]

The repo man came and took Lil Kim‘s Bentley. How royally embarrassing. [Crunk+Disorderly]

Tila Tequila Courted With Striptease Acts, Farts (Episode 2 Recap)



“All my stripper friends. All my ex-boyfriends. We all want the same thang.”

Tila, your lyrics for the theme song to A Shot at Love 2 don’t make sense. You should be singing, “All my stripper whores. All my farm animals. We all want the same thing.” Only you don’t want the same thing. We believe that you’re looking for love, whereas others on your show have baser motives. Not only did the contestant named Fame use the camera as if she were auditioning for American Idol, Chad had the gall to say: “I’m more excited about moving into Tila than I am about moving into the house.” Tila, Chad has probably “moved into” sheep and horses have probably “moved into” him. Sorry to be crass. But do not touch Chad. Not even a hug.

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5 Singers, 10 Songs, One Crazy-Ass Judge



Welcome to Neil Diamond week (can you tell he’s got a new disc coming out soon?). With Carly gone and only a handful of hopefuls to humiliate, our producers doubled the degradation by having the kids perform two tunes. The evening was frenzied, and its effect on the judges palpable. Simon complained that things felt strange. Paula flubbed her way into the future. Randy stayed chill, but you know, that’s how he rolls. Check it:

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Benji Madden Steals Paris from Friends


parisbenji.jpgI was just sitting here minding my business, when I noticed this little tidbit coming across the web about Paris Hilton and her twin boy toy Benji Madden. The Good Charlotte guitarist has written his lover of two months her own song, titled, “Shine Your Light.” Paris says, “It’s this really beautiful love song about me. It was the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me….He’s my best friend.”

BEST FRIEND? I thought that was the position I’d be competing for on her reality show! W.T.F. Just to show my devotion to the heiress, I’ve written her an even better song. It’s called “Dump Your Boyfriend and Let’s Hang and Do Shots.” Here’s a sample lyric:

Seriously Paris, forget that dude
He’ll never appreciate your attitude
Let’s share clothes, here’s my dress from 1993
aren’t you glad you’re BFF with me!

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Rev. Wright: Shut Up and Play Our Game



The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is speaking out to protect his reputation after being distanced by Barack Obama for making incendiary remarks on the pulpit. The pastor’s most “out there” statement is probably that the U.S. government manufactured the AIDS virus to commit genocide on people of color. If he truly cares about African-Americans, then he should get off of his soap box and give Barack Obama a shot at becoming the first black president of the United States. We invite Jeremiah to play Pos or Not, a new game designed to provide information about how to prevent the spread of AIDS and confront stereotypes about who is affected. We could all use some education.