You Name It: Get Yr Frock On


Lots of photos simply beg for a narrative. Whether it’s nasty or silly is up to you — we want you to feel free to read the minds of the celebs and weirdos in our images. Write your caption for the below photo in our comments section. Extra points for creativity! This time: Zandra Rhodes shows off a new line, or Phyllis Diller attends Elton John‘s Oscars party. What have you got to say about it?


Flavor of Love World: Hot Diversion 6


MySpace has nothing on! The site allows fans to rant about cast members, predict who’ll be eliminated next — and, um, upload their hottest pics and vids. Maybe we’re showing off, but VH1 has the sexiest users on the Internet and we’re proving it by highlighting Flavor of Love World users every day. Prepare to blush.


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DVD Debut: Hirsch Heads to Alaska


New DVDs are released every Tuesday, which leads us to the eternal question: What should you buy? Our critic Charles Bottomley weighs in on every week’s must-haves and please-forgets.


Into the Wild
Sean Penn adapts Jon Krakauer‘s best-selling true tale about a Harvard-bound kid who goes off the grid and vanishes in the Alaskan wasteland. Penn never makes his mind up whether Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) is a genuine free spirit or a self-absorbed twit, but his American odyssey is a sincere tribute to purple mountains’ majesty and all that stuff. Great Eddie Vedder songs, too.
Extras: The two making-of featurettes include interviews with the major players and good stories about the on-location shoot, but are not quite substantial enough to merit the “two-disc” treatment.
Rating: Buy!

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Flavor of Love 3 Blog Party (Episode 4)


‘Vonne GonePosted at 9:57PM EST
Grayvee gets the boot for her unrelenting promotion of pigs’ feet. Was this fair? Should Flav have given in and taken a bite?
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Bee-Ex on the TeeVee?Posted at 9:43PM EST


After being accused by the twins of making rounds in the “entertainment circa,” Bee-Ex finally admits that she appeared on Fear Factor. What’s up with that? Does this prove that she isn’t here for Flav, but for her career?

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Rock To the Rescue: The Station Fire Show



Sometimes it’s all about helping others. When the call went out regarding participation in “Phoenix Rising,” a benefit concert to assist the Station Family Fund, plenty of artists came running. What’s the SFF? It’s the group that generates and dispenses monies needed to ease the medical bills of those who survived Rhode Island’s infamous Station nightclub fire, a blaze that killed 100 rock fans and injured another 200 on Feb 20, 2003.

Last Monday, at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, the SFF hosted a multi-artist bash that illustrated the effectiveness of uniting for a cause. Co-organized by the group Tesla, who lost an associate in the tragedy, it was a night full of fun and memories, 5000 fans and 20-plus artists rocking the place silly. VH1 was there, too. An edited version of the four-hour concert will be shown on the channel and VH1 Classic on March 23. It’s entitled Aftermath: The Station Fire Five Years Later.


Twisted Sister, Tesla, Staind’s Aaron Lewis, Winger and several other acts represented the rock side of things. John Rich, Gretchen Wilson, and Dierks Bentley flew up from Nashville for the evening to put on an acoustic show that stressed their high-flying country slant.

“Wear your tee-shirts proud,” bellowed Sister’s Dee Snider, who acted as the program’s MC. “Let people know you were here. I learned a lot about bravery, courage and heart tonight. I recognized the strength of the people who survived. There will be sad moments, but this is a party, and people want to rock. So let’s rock!”

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Gossip Break: Drew Donates Big Money


drewbarrymore.jpgDrew Barrymore forked over $1 million to the World Food Programme to help feed children in Africa. Love – and Oprah – makes people so generous! [Us]

Kate Hudson dissed rom-com rival Katherine Heigl. What’ll she do when they’re cast in some trashy flick together? [DListed]

Oprah’s Big Give debuted last night, did you watch? [Jezebel]

Winona Ryder‘s engaged to whichever rocker she’s dating. Congrats. [PerezHilton]

Win a date with Scarlett Johansson! Impress your friends and family! [People]

Domenico Touches Boobs to Find Love


domenico.jpgRemember good ol’ Domenico who got the boot from tiny Tila Tequila on A Shot at Love? His new show, That’s Amore! debuted last night on MTV, and we couldn’t be happier about it! Who doesn’t want to watch an Italian dude get hammered and touch the breasts of fifteen hotties in bikinis? We’re totally game! Domenico tells Ok! that, “It’s really sad being a man looking for love,” which surely he hopes to change with his venture into reality TV. He also described his stint on Tila’s show as “a really deep experience,” but concedes that it’s “always sad when someone rejects you.”

Domenico is going to be rejecting the ladies every week, so he should probably try to get over his sadness. Maybe a new love will help! When asked if he found “the one” on his show, all the guy could say was, “I went through a lot of things. And I am a blessed guy.” Translation? He made out with A LOT of chicks (er, and smelled some armpits on the show’s debut). Isn’t he lucky?

Give the first ep of That’s Amore! a watch and tell us what you think. Which of the ladies will be Domenico’s final bambina – and who’s gonna go down as the show’s biggest b*tch?

Exclusive: Erykah’s Panty-Free Anthem


Could she be talking about Britney? Paris? Lindsay? In a funktastic SoulStage performance, Erykah Badu gets down with her band on “Annie.” The song is a cutaway from “Honey,” the first single off the neo-soul star’s brand new New Amerykah: Part One (4th World War), and it’s all about a girl who “don’t wear no panties.” Sounds like someone we know. Check the clip. Here’s Rhapsody looking into the Badu’s musical influences.

Wentz’s Hair House, Lil Jon’s Grape Goblet



Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz is quite the entrepreneur. After starting his label Fueled by Ramen, he opened his bar Angels and Kings late last year in New York’s East Village. Now, he’s opening a salon in his native Chicago, slated for April, to give the skinny-panted, eye-lined kids there all the asymetrical haircuts they can handle.

Though Lil Jon‘s rap career may have fallen off slightly (It’s been a long time since we heard a “Yeeeeeeaaaaaah” around here, and that’s the way we like it) it would seem he’s still making good use of that pimp cup. Apparently, the rapper (real name Jonathan Smith) is forsaking crunk juice for wine by starting the Little Jonathan Winery. According to LJ’s site, he’ll be offering Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot.