Amy Arrested: Finally with her Man!


winehouse-1218.jpgWell, it was bound to happen. Unless Britney joins the army and goes to Iraq or runs for president, Amy has officially become the biggest celebrity mess of the year, with only thirteen days left in 2007. News is still breaking, but apparently the singer was arrested a couple hours ago in London for “perverting the course of justice.” This is the same charge brought up against her husband Blake, after he allegedly tried to bribe the witness in an assault case being brought against him with $400,000. Seeing as he’s like, a production assistant or something, it seems like Amy may be connected to that money somehow. Well, at least she can be close to her true love. She apparently is all ready to kill herself to if she can’t be with the guy, so I guess it all works out in the end. What a happy – albeit f*cked up – ending!

Oprah Winfrey Lusting for Obama


oprahobama.jpgRemember when you were little and you made the horrible discovery that your parents had crushes on famous people? Surely my mom’s not the only one who bizarrely lusted after Neil Young, right? Well this is just as bad – America’s matriarch, Oprah Winfrey, is having relationship problems with her long term man Stedman. And the reason is her latest favorite thing: Barack Obama. The mono-monikered Stedman is jealous (um, so are we!) of O’s Obama-adoration, and the pair are allegedly seeking couple’s counseling with “a clergyman who has decades of experience dealing with deeply troubled long-term relationships.”

The source – who we think is Oprah’s sassy lil dog Sophie – alleged that “Oprah and Stedman’s relationship had been on very shaky ground for a long time,” and said that during a session, Oprah revealed that she no longer loved him. Maybe it’s time to call Dr. Phil? [MSNBC]

Lil Wayne & Zac Efron Kiss and Make Music


waynezac.jpgWell this is…weird. High School Musical‘s angel-eyed star Zac Efron is supposedly working with Lil Wayne on a remixed song for the new High School Musical 2: Non-Stop Dance Party album, and the unlikely duo are like totally, platonically in love! Weezy’s reason for the pairing? He says, “I’m trying to reach those suburban white kids like Kanye did.”

So he’s now boys with the token suburban white kid Zac, who originally met Lil Wayne in the bathroom of a comic book convention after party. Seriously. Wayne describes their introduction: “To get away from these girls that was chasing him, he ducked into the bathroom and I followed him in there. I was like, ‘What’s crackin’, my brother from another mother?’” So now they’re making music together at Wayne’s home, and on the day one reporter caught the two working, Efron allegedly greeted Weezy with a “What’s up, my nigga?” and a kiss on the lips. Yes, SERIOUSLY. After playing a few songs, Wanye was asked if he ever feels overwhelmed by all his projects, to which he replied, “Hell, no! This is how I live! I get up in the morning, get my dick sucked four times, drink a Molson’s, and then hang out with Zac.”

Zac supported the above with a well placed, “Word.” Yeah, we agree. Word. Also, holy sh*t, is this for real? [OCWeekly via DListed]

Behind The Shot: Episode 7 Recap



Were you stoked for Sunday’s episode of The Shot? In the last installment, the contestants were surprised with a celebrity photo shoot on an arid desert runway. The celebrity? Joss Stone. The photographs? Complicated, pensive and cluttered. Will they ever learn? And therein lies the core of the show, which pits 10 up-and-coming fashion photographers against each other for the chance to win $100,000, a spread in Marie Claire, and a Victoria’s Secret campaign — all the while being judged by a he-Tyra with an Australian accent, Russell James. Catch up on what you missed. Check the recap below.

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