VMAs 2008: Sex, Drugs, and Russell Brand


Always best to get someone a little outrageous to host a party as unpredictable as MTV’s annual VMAs show. Russell Brand is a little outrageous. In fact, he’s a lot outrageous. The British actor-comedian likes to indulge his impulsive side; the last several years have found him earning a rep as a carousing stud, a crazed drug abuser, and a rabid football fan. No wonder the Brit tabs flock to him. Happily, only the outrageous side remains these days (though the stud thing may linger a bit). Without question, that’s the part we’re likely to see when he hosts this year’s VMAs show on MTV (September 7).

If you want to know more about the guy, like why one paper called him “Shagger Of the Year” and why he did battle with Sir Bob Geldof, take a stroll through our 20 Things You Should Know About Russell Brand feature.

The Celebreality Interview – Rodeo


The tears. The diabolical laughter. The rage. Rodeo ran the emotional gamut as her time ran out on I Love Money. Below, she sorts out what went down: what you didn’t see on TV (she gave people vitamins, damn it!), how she feels about being accused of playing both sides of the game and her longstanding resentment against Megan (“She a waste of the air I breathe!”). Rodeo also talks about her recent trip to the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C., to visit wounded troops. It turns out that some things are even more important than reality TV. Can you imagine?

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The Cho Show Premiere Party Pics


This week, VH1 teamed with The Advocate magazine for a party at Los Angeles’ Here Lounge to celebrate the premiere of Margaret Cho‘s The Cho Show (which bows tonight at 11/10c on VH1). All the principal personalities on the show turned out with the exception of Margaret’s awesome parents. It was probably past their bedtime. Shots from the party are below:

And, in other Cho news, click here to listen to KCRW’s interview Margaret, in which she goes into detail about five songs that she finds inspirational. But not, like, Contemporary Christian inspirational.

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