Wino Hospitalized For Mixing Pills


Amy Winehouse headed back to her home away from home last night – the hospital. The singer was packed up in an ambulance and whisked off as her dad looked on and friend Remi Nicole freaked out. The doctors released Amy this morning, and her dad summed up the drama, saying, “She’s fine, she just mixed up her medication.’

Translation: she’s high on crack. [DailyMail]

The 10 Most Controversial CDs Ever


Let’s face it: a little controversy never hurt record sales. Nas knew that when he announced that a certain racial epithet would be the title of his ninth record, polarizing the hip-hop community and igniting a firestorm of commentary on the appropriateness of the name. After pressure from his record label, he relented, changing the title to simply Nas. It is now the number one album in the country (listen to it on Rhapsody).

He, of course, isn’t the first artist to push people’s buttons with an album or a song. Check our list of other performers who have clashed with the masses in the name of art.

Here are 10 of the most controversial albums ever.

New York Goes to the Internet


The first episode of New York Goes to Hollywood is online (see the first act above and watch the rest here), and it’s a doozy. Watch New York angrily search for assistants, lazily hit the gym and desperately audition to a crowd of less-than-enthusiastic Hollywood big-wigs. It would seem that in Hollywood, New York is completely out of her element. Considering her name, maybe that’s not so surprising, after all.

Remember, New York Goes to Hollywood premieres Monday, Aug. 4 at 10/9c on VH1.

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The Celebreality Interview – Luke Campbell (Part 1)


You may know Luke Campbell as Uncle Luke, leader of the 2 Live Crew. You may know him as the man who created the parental-advisory label for explicit content on CDs. You may know him as the man who fought an obscenity charge all the way up to the Supreme Court…and won. Hell, you may just know him as the man who coined the phrase, “Pop that p****.”

But you probably don’t know him as a businessman and you definitely don’t know him as a father. All that will change next week when his reality show, Luke’s Parental Advisory debuts Aug. 4 at 10:30/9:30c on VH1. The show finds him juggling an adult-entertainment empire, a fiancĂ©e and two teenagers. We’ll have more on the show itself next week, but for the first part of our interview with Luke, we look back on his career with him. He and the 2 Live Crew have been accused of misogyny and homophobia throughout the years. Below, Luke answers those claims and explains the greater purpose of the art that made him a household name.

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Brangelina Likes Bono Better Than You


Sorry, regular peeps. There is absolutely no chance you’ll be considered for the role of god-father to the new golden gods, Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. Super famous kids need super famous godparents, and Bono‘s getting the job, soley for the reason that it’s pretty f*cking cool to get money on your birthday every year from the dude who sings “With Or Without You.” Also, Brad and Angie are star f*ckers. Need examples?

1. A source says: “They have been friends for years. Brad is a massive U2 fan and told Bono how much he admired him when they were introduced at a party a few years back.”

2. The same source reveals: “Angelina is inspired by Bono’s humanitarian work and gets on with his wife Ali Hewson. Ali’s given Angelina some clothes from her ethical clothing range Edun.”

Is Kim Kardashian As Fat As a Donkey?


Kim Kardashian and Shanna Moakler
Stay away from swank L.A. barbecues where Shanna Moakler might be one side of the room chomping a burger and Kim Kardashian on the other side wolfing brisket – there may be some fists flying. The two petty princesses recently wound up in the same air space, and viciousness was everywhere. Evidently the bad actress threw a drink at the cheesy reality show star, later calling Kardashian “fat” and “a donkey.” This feud is about allegedly erotic texts Kim sent to Moakler mate Travis Barker. If all goes well, Kim will think of a way to retaliate. But she might want to bring a sister or two for muscle – Shanna’s known for punching and pushing.

Diddy and Cassie: They Don’t


People, don’t get your Diddies in a bunch. The rumor of an engagement between Sean Combs and Bad Boy girl Cassie is simply untrue, says his rep. “This was a complete fabrication,” says the flak. Awww, and here we were all excited for their inevitable divorce! []

Update: Cassie has weighed in on this issue via her MySpace blog:

Another Day… Another Rumor

HEY! This blog is simply to clear up a rumor. The newest one is that I am engaged. That rumor is completely false and I have no clue how it came to be or why it got so big, but it’s not true, real talk. I am not engaged. Whether or not you’ve heard about it, thank you for your time :) Stay Blessed!


[via ONTD]