The Celebreality Interview – Margaret Cho (Part 1)


Margaret Cho recently stopped by the VH1 Digital office and sat down to talk with us about her new adventure in reality TV, The Cho Show, which premieres Thursday at 11/10c on VH1. In the clip above, Margaret talks about being a fan of VH1 reality — like many of us, she cried when New York didn’t pick Chance! And, like many more of us, she loves I Love Money‘s Heather. Also discussed: Wendy Williams‘ improbable hair, racism on TV and why her show is more like a sitcom than an average reality show.

And there’s more where this came from — we’ll be rolling out clips of our Cho chat all week.

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Frenchie: Stripped, You: Shocked


Once again, the lovable, English-mangling Rock of Love 2 contestant Angelique (aka Frenchie) is taking it all off, but probably for the first time, it’s in the name of art. Frenchie has a cameo in Stripped, an upcoming documentary chronicling the making-of photographer Greg Friedler‘s new book, Naked Las Vegas. High art: ooh la la!

The film’s trailer can be viewed at the official Stripped site, but consider this your warning that it’s packed with full-frontal nudity and unconventional beauty that some may find…well, disturbing. Seriously, Frenchie is, like, the most normal person we see with her clothes off and you know that’s really saying something.

Below, you can check out a censored version of Friedler’s before-and-after shot of the reality cum porn star.

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New York Gets Her Comeuppance


A major motif of New York Goes to Hollywood is the New York’s eagerness to highlight the “B” in HBIC. OK, maybe that’s more the entire point of the show than a mere motif. Regardless, her mind-bogglingly good-natured assistant Lizza bears the brunt of New York’s nastiness, seemingly without resentment…until now! In the extra above, Lizza explains that New York’s embarrassing trips to the laundromat and the nail place on this week’s episode were of her design. “What better way to get back at her than to take her to a few places where maybe they’re not actually Japanese?” Ha! New York is but a pawn in Lizza’s game. At the end of the clip, New York’s so exasperated that she screams at someone (the camera guy? a producer?), “I do not like looking f***ing stupid! That’s real!” You can tell that she means it, too. Lizza: 1; New York: 0.

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Is Avril Lavigne Too Sexy For Malaysia?


Will Avril Lavigne get to sex up Malaysia? On Thursday concert organizers will meet with ministry officials, who decided the planned date for her performance (August 29th) was too close the country’s independence day. Earlier, politicians complained that Lavigne’s act was “too sexy,” what with all the bare armpits and hopping.

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Faris Becomes One of Hef’s “Girls Next Door”


Hugh Hefner lives by his own rules – case in point, his cohabitation with and subsequent ranking of his many Girlfriends. To become a Girlfriend, so the legend goes, the frisky octagenarian offers his favorite Playmates a special, not-available-in-stores bunny necklace. In her new film The House Bunny, Anna Faris portrays one of Hef’s ladies and snags a necklace, only to be kicked out of the mansion.

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Introducing: Glam God


Above, watch the trailer for Glam God, the uncommonly straightforward (at least for VH1) reality competition that finds 12 fashionistas vying for $100,000 and the satisfaction of being named the show’s top celebrity stylist. Below, get a better look at the dozen who’ll compete for the titular title.

Glam God premieres Thursday at 10/9c on VH1.

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