Win a Trip To Paris From Diddy



Diddy demands a lot from his personal assistants, so they’ve gotta be able to get the job done regardless of the location. Some of the cast members of I Want to Work for Diddy are headed to Paris to see if they can please their prospective boss on another continent. You could be headed to France, too, if you win our “I Want To Go To Paris” sweepstakes.

Your job is easy: submit a description of the most extreme thing you’ve ever been asked to do on the job. All entries must be true stories and have happened to the person submitting the story. Post your response below.

One random winner will be chosen on September 3rd to receive a trip to two to Paris, and eyewear from the Sean John collection GOOD LUCK!

Watch I Want To Work For Diddy Mondays at 9/8c.

  • Submissions must be 50 words or less.
  • You must be 21 or over to win.
  • Keep it clean! The entry cannot be lewd or defamatory to any individual or company.

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Madonna Turns 50!!!


Sure, it’s debatable whether Madonna still has that same provocative firepower she had back when she was in her prime. But let’s face it, there still lots of zingggg coming from the old girl. “If it’s against the law, arrest me/if you can handle it, undress me,” she coos while writhing and prancing in the recent video for Hard Candy‘s “Give It 2 Me.” Lots of people probably, you know, actually couldn’t handle it. So hats off, Madge. We love you for the scandals you generate, the great poetry you inspire, and the music you make. We even love you because you deny reality. Happy Birthday!

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Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” Anger Object is Joey From “Full House”


The object of Alanis Morissette‘s angst in her hit song “You Oughta Know” is none other than Joey from Full House. In an interview with the Calgary Herald, Dave Coulier admits he is the muse for the angry break-up song. The actor, best known for his role as the BFF of the father of Michelle Tanner (played by baby Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley) who comes to help raise her on the TV series, said he first heard the song while driving.

“I said, ‘Wow, this girl is angry.’”

For the full story, go to Scandalist.

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LisaRaye and Ex Hospitalized in “Bite Fight”


American actress LisaRaye and her husband, Turks and Caicos prime minister Michael Misick have been having some problems as of late. Misick was accused of raping a woman in April of this year and soon after their two year marriage was rumored to be on the rocks, after Misick was spotted with BET veejay Rosci, who supposedly entertained girlfriends at his (and LisaRaye’s) house. On Wednesday, the prime minister officially announced that he and LisaRaye were separated and he is pursuing a divorce. Fairly standard scandal fare, but it gets better!

For the full story, head to Scandalist.

Staind Plays Acoustic In Our Office!


If you’re looking for post-grunge melancholy at its most passionate, you need to get with Staind. Aaron Lewis and the guys are all about drilling down into the emotions at hand, and growling their way toward some kind of transcendence. You can hear it all over their new disc, The Illusion of Progress, which we’re streaming in its entirety this week.

And you can even hear it in the acoustic session the band recently did in our New York offices. Above, you can watch ‘em move through the classic “It’s Been Awhile,” as well as new tunes “Believe” and “Pardon Me.”

To hear Staind’s earlier music, head to Rhapsody.