Heidi Cried Over Crappy Video


heidicries.jpgPoor little Heidi from The Hills lost it when she discovered people on the internet were saying mean things about her budget music video for her song “Higher!” Has she just now discovered what the world wide web is all about? The wannabee singer claimed that she “started sobbing uncontrollably,” after discovering the disses, and cried herself to sleep. There is a very simple solution to all of this – don’t put garbage on the web. Stop posing for staged pictures on the beach in nothing but a string bikini. Don’t get “engaged” to your devil boyfriend on a reality TV show. Don’t make a PG-rated sex tape and stick it up on the internet. Easy!
Heidi claims the video was just a spur of the moment thing. “We did it in one take, maybe two, and it took us 20 minutes to film and cost us zero dollars,” she said. That right there is a sign to never show it to anyone, ever. Hopefully the plastic princess has learned her lesson and will find a way to make it big without big mistakes. After all, she’s “just a 21-year-old from a small town in Colorado trying to follow her dreams.” [Us]

American Idol Day 10: America, Meet Your Contestants



The American Idol train is racing towards the station, and now there’s no turning back. Hollywood has been the tantalizing almost-realization of a dream for some, but of course, only a fraction of those can make Idol’s opening 24, so for all but 12 lucky men and 12 lucky women, the road ends here.

The momentum Idol has built, from its voluminous transcontinental auditions and its pre-qualifying week of Hollywood hell, has got to come to a brief and entirely missable halt, while Simon, Randy, and Paula do the dirty work of weeding out the unfit, the off-key, and the lame. Last night’s was a housekeeping episode, only slightly enlivened by the cringe-inducing elevator camera taping hopefuls’ excruciating moments on their way to, and returning from, their moments of truth. The format was simple: three judges, an uncomfortable-looking chair, and enough pressure to crack even a seasoned mobster. As aspiring Idols were called before the tribunal, a seemingly endless parade of bodies flashed over the screen, some weeping with joy or dejection, some accepting their fates — whatever they may be — with rock-star cool.

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Rock of Love 2 Forecast: Who Should Be the Next to Go?


Rock of Love 2 is heating up! Last week the girls tested their aptitude with nuts and bolts in a custom motorcycle build off. Get caught up here and tell us which ladies are safe and who will be dismissed next episode.

Still rockin’

Aubry was kicked off last episode. Did you forecast her fall?

Fallen, but not forgotten

Watch Rock of Love 2 Sunday, 9PM EST.

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Brit’s Sis Already a Bad Girl


jamielynn.jpgNow that Britney’s baby sister Jamie-Lynn is knocked up, sources are coming out and flinging some serious mud in the teen’s direction. We’ve watched enough Gossip Girl to know how vicious kids can be, but this stuff is downright dirty, which makes it that much more interesting. If these sources are telling the truth, Jamie-Lynn is already following in her sister’s dangerous footsteps. She’s got the partying and the promiscuity down, now all she needs is a couple of vag-flashes! Soon enough.

Accusation #1: Jamie-Lynn gets around
A source accuses J-L of getting busy with a few boys (in addition to her baby-daddy Casey Aldridge), saying, “I know for a fact that Casey was not the first guy she slept with — or the last. There were at least two others. I know that 110 percent.”

Accusation #2: She’s using her pregnancy as birth control
A different source allegedly spotted Jamie-Lynn trying to get with a guy (not her boyfriend Casey) with this pick-up line: “It’s cool; I’m pregnant. I can’t get pregnant again!”

Accusation #3: She took to the bottle to forget Britney
Even though she’s only 16, J-L is supposedly way beyond experimenting with booze. She’s drinking to forget about her family drama! “Some people drink to have a good time,” revealed another underage spy. “But she drank to get wrecked. She drank to get messed up and forget about her mother, her sister and all of that.” [MSNBC]

Bai Ling Busted for Stealing Batteries


bailing.jpgBai, Bai, Bai. If you’re gonna steal something, how about some decent outfits? The actress was caught pocketing two magazines and some batteries at an airport gift shop yesterday in Los Angeles. An employee of the store placed Ling under citizen’s arrest (bad ass!) until the cops arrived. Seriously, do not f*ck with those airport shop clerks – you don’t even wanna know what they’ll do if you try to steal a neck pillow. Bai was then taken by airport police and booked for her crime. She was described as “cooperative but crying.” There’s no word on what she was wearing, but we’re going to guess it was minimal and atrocious. Perhaps the fashion police would be better equipped to handle her case?

Bai has even blogged pics of her time in the airport. There’s no mention of the arrest, just pics of her sitting around and this small post, “Life is a sad song sometime but still sings the beauty for their loved ones……”


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Thursday: Britney Talking to the Terminator


britneyarnold.jpgJuvenile Busted with Weed
Remember him? He once wanted you to back that thing up, but maybe he was singing about a bong and not a butt. [Billboard]

Brit Begging Schwarzenegger to Help her Legal Case
Seriously, Sam Lutfi is allegedly calling the Gov to help Brit’s “cause.” She’s trying to make Cheetos the official junk food of Cali. [NYDN]

Is Katie Knocked Up Again?
The starlet was buying baby blankets so now people think she’s pregnant. Ya think maybe she’s just trying to hook J. Lo’s tots up with a gift or two? [MSNBC]

Pete Doherty Plays B-Day Bash for $200
Apparently the birthday girl is a big fan of the f*ck up. Hopefully his strapped-for-cash show also served as alesson for the kids on why NOT to do drugs. [NYP]

Kellie Pickler Advises Idols
Her advice – “stay away from mean people.” Sooo…don’t go on the show? [People]

Gossip Break: Britney’s Ball and Chain


britney_married.jpg- Britney allegedly got married again in Mexico. Eh, who cares? On the Spears Crazy Scale, this is like a 3 out of 10. [Jezebel]

- Christina Aguilera loves her baby – and the money he’s making her. [DListed]

- LoLohan shoots another music video no one will watch. [x17]

- Beyonce disses Aretha Franklin. Diva-duel to come. [SeriouslyOMG]

- Justin Timberlake shows us what not to wear: man boots. [Just Jared]

- Kanye‘s probably obsessed with his own new video for “Flashing Lights,” featuring who else: Kanye. [SandraRose]