Brad Pitt Is An Inglorious Bastard!


Brad Pitt has signed on for Inglorious Bastards, Quentin Tarantino‘s long-planned World War II movie, with comedic actors Simon Pegg, David Krumholtz and B.J. Novak in talks to play other key roles. So where does this leave the chatter about Britney Spears‘ sapphic psychotic in Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!, the other Tarantino project everyone’s been talking about? With Inglorious finally on its way, is Faster on the sexy trash backburner along with Robert Rodriguez‘ much-awaited Sin City 2? This better be one hell of an epic, QT! [Variety] Get more gossip on Scandalist.

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Team Miley: The 15 Biggest Disney Stars


Some stars are born, some stars are made. Those in the latter category probably worked for Disney. No other entertainment conglomerate has an equal knack for nursing young talent until they ripen into mega-selling cash cows. With Miley Cyrus in mags, TV and radio these days, we thought it was time to catch up with the most prominent grads of Disney U. See who made the list, which stretches from Britney to The Jonas Brothers.

The 15 Biggest Disney Stars

Pink’s New Song: Pissed At Ex-Husband


The lead track from Pink‘s upcoming album proves one thing: never date a rock star. Pink crafted “So What,” which leaked online today, to show that she’s slowly getting over ex-husband and motocross biker Carey Hart. In the song, Pink (real name Alecia Moore) uses her beefy voice to taunt Carey (a.k.a., the “tool”) by spewing playground-sounding rhymes over anthem-rock instrumentals — and we’re guessing teenage girls will eat it up.

“I guess I just lost my husband. I don’t know where he went. So I’m going to drink my money. I’m not going to pay his rent. I got a brand new attitude and I’m going to wear it tonight. I’m going to get in trouble. I’m going to start a fight.”

Then, the chorus, “So what. I’m still a rock star.” Later in the song, she helps explain the reason the two divorced last February after two years of marriage by directly addressing him: “You weren’t there. You never were.”

Read the rest of the story and see photos of Pink making her video at Scandalist.

Tila Tequila Dumped From A Shot At Love?


According to a post on Oh No They Didn’t, MTV sent out a casting call for A Shot At Love 3. Tila fans won’t fail to notice that her name is conspicuously missing from the dispatch: “MTV is gearing up for another round of drama for season 3 of the scandalous groundbreaking smash hit series A Shot at Love. Wouldn’t it read A Shot At Love 3 With Tila Tequila if MTV’s sex kitten was set to return for another season of swapping spit and eating pig vaginas followed by inevitable rejection?

Read the rest of this story and see great Tila photos at Scandalist.

Usher Rehires Mom, Hides From Wife


Usher has gone crawling back to his mama like the baby that he is. The singer, who was last heard cooing about banging us in a club, has booted celeb manager Benny Medina and rehired his mother Jonnetta Patton, who helped her son sell 1.1 million copies of his album Confessions in its first week. Full story at

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New York: Fitter, Happier


New York was interviewed last week on Los Angeles’ KTLA, and true to what she told us in our recent interview with her, it’s clear that she’s dropped a few pounds since filming New York Goes to Hollywood (or, at least, since filming the first episode). She also seems to be restraining her boobs, which is new! Video below:

Upgrade, y/y? [via Bourgy]

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