Lost: They Changed The Rules On Us



LOST returned from hiatus last night with an all-killer/no-filler, story-based episode titled “The Shape of Things to Come”. If this type of intensity is the shape of things to, I might need some adult diapers. Ben showed us some of his ninja moves, Charles Widmore upped the ante, the Black Smoke Monster took the bullet train to Othersville, we say goodbye to an innocent pawn, we learned Claire is made of Teflon, Bernard gets to practice the Morse Code skills he learned in dental school, and Ben took in the sights in some beautiful parts of the world.

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Buddha Goes to Hollywood!


Ezra Masters, aka Buddha, has a baffling career. He introduced himself on the premiere of I Love New York 2 as a personal trainer, a real estate entrepreneur and a life coach, but forgot to mention that he’d been on BET’s Hell Date — prompting fans to suspect that he was more interested in acting than in winning New York’s heart. Judging from the YouTube clip above, the fans were probably right and it seems possible that his grand plan is panning out. The clip says that it’s from Deserved Better, an upcoming television show by Aaron Sorkin, who is the mastermind behind The West Wing and a script doctor on major Hollywood films like Schindler’s List. If true, Buddha may get way more than 15 minutes of fame. But the dialogue and Buddha’s acting in the clip feel like an after school special and there’s no mention of this supposed TV show anywhere on the Internet. Is this really the work of Aaron Sorkin? Also, what has Ezra been up to that would land him a role in a quality drama? Probably not hair commercials, military service, bikini modeling or being a football player, a fireman, a martial arts expert, a boxer, a great smiler or a tea-drinking business man. But, hey, you never know!

Mariah’s Lip Synching – From Obvious to Painfully Obvious


The clip above comes from Mariah Carey’s performance on today’s episode of Good Morning America, and it shows an Ashlee Simpson-level snafu. At the start of her “Touch My Body” performance, her backing track comes in too early. And then a second backing track, so that the song takes on a singing-in-the-round effect. Mariah plays it off without so much as a jig, and sings the rest mostly live. But then, after the bridge a particularly impassioned pre-recorded “Touch my body!” rings out, and Mariah coos to a backup singer, “Stop singing my parts, now baby!” Uh, isn’t singing your part exactly what backing tracks are supposed to do? [via ONTD]

Radiohead Coming To You From the Basement



Before Radiohead embark on their massive world tour in support of their fantastic, industry-revolutionizing In Rainbows, they’ve got a very special evening planned. On May 3rd, VH1 will be airing Radiohead_In Rainbows_From The Basement, an intimate live performance the boys filmed in the studio. In addition to songs from In Rainbows, they’ll also be playing some of your other favorites. Check back on Monday, when we’ll have a sneak peek of what you can expect.

Wesley Snipes Gets His Prison Stripes


wesleysnipes.jpgHoping for a fourth Blade movie? You’ll have to wait until 2011, when Wesley Snipes will finally be getting out of jail. The actor was sentenced to three years in prison for failing to file his tax returns for three years. He allegedly owes over $41 million in back taxes, of which he paid $5 million back at his last hearing.

Famous pals including Denzel Washington and Woody Harrelson wrote letters to the judge on Snipes’ behalf, but to no avail. The actor also attempted to defend himself in court, stating, “I’m very sorry for my mistakes and errors. I apologize to my family, the court and the community. I’ve asked the court to show me mercy and the opportunity to make things right.” Well, that didn’t really work all to well, as Snipes received the maximum sentence for the charges brought against him. [People]

Oprah & Tom Reunite for Couch Craziness


tomycruise.jpgWhy, Oprah, why? Our talk queen heroine has invited the king of crazy back on her show to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his flick Risky Business. Tommy will make not one, but TWO appearances on her show in May to coincide with the sweeps season, when all of America tunes in to see what the networks can cough up before the TV execs speed away to the Hamptons for the summer and leave us watching reruns of Home Improvement on cable.

Tom’s rep gushed that, “He is really looking forward to it.” Of course he is. The guy is excited about EVERYTHING. So get ready for the most intense two hours of television America – and when it’s over, pour a little bit of Cristal out for your girl Katie Holmes, who experiences that insanity on a daily basis. Poor thing.

Gossip Break: Sex and the Fergie


fergalicious.jpgFergie’s new song for the Sex and the City movie is crapalicious. Do you agree? [DListed]

Good Charlotte hates Paris Hilton and wants their boy Benji to dump her bony butt. Our new fave band: Good Charlotte. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

Has first daughter Jenna Bush gotten too skinny? W’s little girl marries in May. [Jezebel]

Denise Richards new reality TV show looks really depressing. [CelebSlam]

We’re not totally sold on Kanye‘s fashion sense, though he clearly is. [Concrete Loop]

Megan Fox: Hotter Than Our VH1 Starlets?



So FHM has named Megan Fox the Sexiest Woman in the World. So what? She may win when up against such pedestrian pretties as Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightly, but can she beat our bevy of VH1 hotties? Check her out against Deelishis, Daisy and Adrianne Curry above. In our not-so-humble opinion, she pales in comparison! So what if she dates the dude who was there when Scott Scott shot himself on 90210 and is, you know, sexy. Does she have tattoo sleeves? NO. Has she launched her own jean line for bootylicious ladies? NO. Did she bag a Brady and live to tell about it on TV? Hell NO! Check out our super-sized gallery below of our favorite VH1 hotties. Do you think Megan Fox deserves her Sexiest crown, or do the women of VH1 knock her off her pedastal?