Whoopi Goldberg Weeps Over Oscar Diss


We’re not really into seeing famous people cry, unless it’s Paris Hilton. We just expect them to maintain some sort of stone-faced, plastic composure because you know – they’re famous (and because part of them probably IS plastic). But we got a little misty-eyed after The View women rallied around their pal Whoopi Goldberg, who was inexplicably left out of a montage honoring every Oscar host at the Academy Awards on Sunday night. Also missing was Steve Martin, but that didn’t seem to appease the comedienne, who was the first woman AND first African-American to host the snooze-fest. Not to mention, she won a statue for her work in Ghost! Whoopi got choked up about the whole thing and the result is a touching hugfest that reeks of estrogen. Awww, girl power.

What do you think - did the Academy slight Whoopi on purpose or was it all a big mistake?

Is Lindsay Boozy or Just Clumsy?


Lindsay Lohan, rehabber extraordinaire, took a tumble while leaving new LA hot spot Villa the other night. Luckily some giant dude was there to grab her and shove her into her waiting SUV, so she could be shuttled off to her next exclusive affair. Now we’re willing to give LiLo the benefit of the doubt – she could have totally been in an 8-inch pair of Louboutin heels and possibly slipped on some ice air and toppled over. And hey, walking is really hard! But we’re kinda leaning toward the “someone poured a little too much bubbly into her Evian bottle” excuse. What do you think?

Flavor of Love World: Hot Diversion No. 3


MySpace has nothing on FlavorofLoveWorld.com! The site allows fans to rant about cast members, predict who’ll be eliminated next — and, um, upload their hotness in the form of naughty pics and vids. Maybe we’re showing off, but VH1 has the sexiest users on the Internet and we are proving it by highlighting three Flavor of Love World users every day. See hot diversions one and two. Prepare to blush.

Black Barbie:






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Janet Gets Nasty on the Real World


Janet Jackson is the Artist of the Week over at MTV, and in honor of her seven day reign at the network she’s made a bunch of hilarious videos parodying some of MTV’s classic shows. The legendary singer’s new album Discipline drops today, so if you’re hankering for a little piece of Ms. Jackson, check out her take on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequla and My Super Sweet Sixteen here. We’ve posted our fave above, in which Janet has a major meltdown, Real World style. Look out!

Tuesday: Brit Gives Motherhood a Second Chance


britney-0226.jpgJill Scott Skips Singing to Design Plus-Sized Bras
Finally, big boobs get a little love – and from one of the coolest ladies around. Wonder if the waifs are jealous? [Reuters]

Britney Gets Second Visit with Sons
Come on Britney, don’t screw this up now. We haven’t seen you at a Starbucks in ages and you’re actually getting to see your kids! Baby steps, girl! [People]

Amy’s Latest Self-Destruction
Multiple cuts on her arm have led the press to speculate that Amy might be cutting herself up. [DailyMail]

Jamie Lynn Spears Gets Her GED
First she got pregnant before Britney, and now she’s graduated high school before her too. Little sisters are always so perfect! [Us]

The Material Girl Does Jury Duty
Madge is back in the US to fulfill her civic duty on a jury. There’s no escaping to London this time! [Us]

DVD Debut: Surprise! Ang Is the Enemy


New DVDs are released every Tuesday, which leads us to the eternal question: What should you buy? Our critic Charles Bottomley weighs in on every week’s must-haves and please-forgets.


Hwaet! Polar Express director Robert Zemeckis gives the Anglo-Saxon epic the motion-capture treatment. For those who snoozed through English 101, Beowulf is a buff warrior defending a Norse kingdom from a psychotic troll (voiced by Back to the Future alum Crispin Glover). Adequate, bawdy and antiseptic blood ‘n’ guts, with a naked and nipple-less Angelina Jolie thrown in for good measure.
Extras: A series of featurettes chart the interesting trip Beowulf has taken from barbarian entertainment to big-screen blockbuster, although the deleted scenes’ animation is incomplete.
Rating: Cýpan in Old English, or “buy” in the current version.

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Exclusive Mariah Carey Video Sneak Peek


Drumroll please…not only does Mariah Carey have a beautiful voice and an incredible new album coming out (and we should know, we just listened to it), she’s also got a great sense of humor. In this sneak preview of Mimi’s video for her first single off of E=MC², “Touch My Body,” she invites the delightfully dorky Jack McBrayer (who you might know as Kenneth from 30 Rock) to, uh, touch her body, have a lingerie pillow-fight and play frisbee. And that’s just from the 45 seconds we’ve seen!

Come back on Tuesday at midnight when we’ll have the full premiere for “Touch My Body.”

Gossip Break: Brooke Hogan Tests Gravity


brookehogan-boobs.jpgParis Hilton is getting busy with Benji Madden, Joel’s twin brother. Is she desperate for a boyfriend or does she just want to be Nicole’s sister-in-law? [E! Online]

Beyonce goes blonde, but is it bootylicious? [ONTD]

Brooke Hogan shows off her boobs’ buoyancy in a bikini. [Egotastic]

Katie Holmes talks more crazy about Tom. If only the power of their amazing love would shut her up. [Just Jared]

Jennifer Aniston is allegedy freezing her eggs so she can have babies one day. Um, good luck with that? [DListed]

Mary-Kate Olsen skips the pretty-ugly look and goes for ugly-ugly. Work it! [Jezebel]

The Oscars left Brad Renfro out of their video tribute to stars who passed away this year due to editing restraints. Yup, the awards just got that much lamer. [Us]