New York: Geisha Girl?


The New York Goes to Hollywood pre-series web episodes are here! In them, cast members of I Love Money and other …of Love alumna give their thoughts on New York’s upcoming show (which hits VH1 August 4). Their thoughts are followed by clips of the series. The one above features Heat, Real, Midget Mac, Chance, Hoopz and, of course, New York…in a Japanese commercial. Acting. And chopping! And cursing at people. The only thing out of the ordinary is the Geisha-girl get-up.

Make sure to catch all the pre-series spots: each contain different clips of the show and one of them gives some clue to her status with Tailor Made.

And remember: keep your eyes open for more New York Goes to Hollywood pre-series treats!

Brooke Hogan’s Inner Pussycat Doll Exposed!


Above: four minutes of writhing in lingerie led by VH1′s own Brooke Hogan at a party Saturday to celebrate the premiere of Brooke Knows Best. Backed up by a gaggle of burlesque-esque performers dubbed the Knockouts, Brooke performs “Big Spender,” in a bustier and bottoms so small that calling them “booty shorts” would be an exaggeration. Brooke knows best, yes, but even better: Brooke knows spectacle.

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I Love To Party!


Last night, the Entertainer, 12 Pack, Heather and Toasteee hosted a viewing party for the second episode of I Love Money at the New York restaurant and bar, Mantra. Below are numerous pictures and some anecdotes of a night that began in front of a television and ended with public toe-sucking.

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Heidi Montag’s Role On The Hills In Jeopardy?


It’s True! The Hills’ star Heidi Montag popped up as an answer on Jeopardy last week. Heidi was a $1600 answer under the category TV Women.

Lauren must be pissed right now. Maybe she will round up Lo, Whitney, and whatever other Hills co-stars she is not feuding with and go on Celebrity Family Feud just to spite her.

Rock Honors: The After-Party You Won’t See


Our man on the scene, Steve Pavlopoulos, was delivering up-to-the-minute reports from Rock Honors: The Who (which taped this weekend) on what you’ll see this Thursday, July 17th at 9 pm on VH1. Check out his behind-the-scenes look at what went down on rock’s front lines. The above shot is from Saturday night’s festivities — check out more shots for a sneak peek at the show.

After a big night of some good-natured, post-work partying (Sunday morning, the hotel lobby was abuzz with talk of the “robe party” that rocked the 18th floor –- all I’m at liberty to say is leopards and zebras know how to bring the fun), I was back at work running around, carrying things, sitting in chairs, and taking care of business…
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Miss USA Falls On Her Ass – Again


God bless America – land of beauty pageant contestants who can’t walk for sh*t. Yes, it’s time to add falling on your ass to our long list of national traditions, alongside burgers, barbecues and baseball. In last night’s Miss Universe pageant in Vietnam, Miss USA Crystle Stewart of Texas secured a spot in the Top Ten and then blew it when she tumbled during some dress-y walk. Her recovery attempt of cheering for herself and then executing a crushing death stare at the judges did nothing for her chances, and she lost to some hot chick from Venezuela. This is the second time a Miss USA has taken a tumble in the Miss Universe competition – last year’s finalist made it to the Top 5, even after a spill in the evening gown competition. At least our American losers can forever bond over their sore asses.

Watch and laugh above.

LiLo’s Secret Sister’s Got Mad Acting Skills


Lindsay Lohan‘s not-so-secret half-sister has expressed thorrow that her thiblings do not know that she exisths, but now she can sleep easy – after her appearance on The Insider, the entire world will know exactly who she is! Is this tiny chick already more media savvy than her alleged big sister? Not to mention, it’s finally clear what kind of lady Michael Lohan likes: fame whores with country singer hair. Ashley, 13, and her mom snuggled together and wept tears of desperation for The Insider‘s cams, and the 30 second clip of tonight’s interview is better than I Know Who Killed Me in its entirety. Seriously, Ashley – whose father has yet to be confirmed via a paternity test – has got IT – you know, that moral-less void that leads redhead teens to crash cars high on coke and design $100 leggings.

Enjoy their attempt at garnering fame and hundreds of dollars above. [DListed]