Brooke Hogan Headed to Playboy?


Brooke Hogan isn’t any stranger to showing skin, and soon, she may be showing some more of it: The Daily News reports that Playboy has approached the Celebreality star and she didn’t say no! “No decision has been made at this time,” says Brooke’s rep, which means that she’s at least thinking about it. Posing nude for Playboy isn’t exactly something people need to mull over — you either want to go there or you don’t. If Brooke really is considering baring all, it’s pretty crazy, considering her (fading) good-girl image and how over-protective her father is. Things are about to get very interesting… [The Daily News via ONTD]

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The Celebreality Interview – Heat


“There’s a billion good-looking guys out there, but I’m one of those good-looking guys that’s being myself, being very proactive and I keep getting one opportunity after another,” says Heat in his post-I Love Money interview. Other topics on the menu include his affair with Destiney, his thoughts on the Entertainer’s usurping, his status with fellow Party Boy 12 Pack and the forthcoming Heat action figure, which may or may not be a sex toy. Fortunately for us, Heat lets it all hang out…

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Estelle Will Be Missed; Sophia Lives On


The spunkiest of the Golden Girls, Estelle Getty, passed away yesterday at the age of 84, after having suffered from advanced dementia. Estelle lived a jam-packed life. She was born in New York City in 1923, married New York businessman Arthur Gettleman and had two sons, Carl and Barry, and hit the big time when she landed the part of Sophia in 1985. After a few gigs on Broadway, Estelle landed the role of the sarcastic octogenarian who moved into the Miami home she shared with roommates Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose.

All the Golden Girls chimed in to react to Estelle’s passing. Bea Arthur told Us magazine, “Our mother-daughter relationship was one of the greatest comic duos ever, and I will miss her.” Golden Girl Betty White said, “The only comfort at this moment is that although Estelle has moved on, Sophia will always be with us.” Rue McLanahan’s Blanche often sparred with Estelle’s outspoken Sophia. Although Sophia threw zingers such as responding to Blanche saying, “My life is an open book,” with, “Your life is an open blouse!” still Rue had only wonderful things to say about her co-star. She told The Associated Press, “Don’t feel sad about her passing. She will always be with us in her crowning achievement, Sophia.”

Maybe somewhere the three of them are sitting around wiping back tears, telling funny Estelle stories, and saying, “Thank You For Being A Friend.” Take a minute to enjoy the Golden Girls theme song and opening credits below. Sophia lives on…

Madonna Gets Dissed By Bro, Again


Turns out Madonna‘s attention-grubbing brother Christopher Ciccone didn’t save all his smack-talking for his tell-all book Life With My Sister Madonna. Ciccone dished even more dirt to The New York Observer when they caught up with him the other day. Among the revelations the once-trusted member of Madge’s inner circle shared? “I wanted [the book] to be called The Queen and I,” he said, but was told it was too snarky. Most interestingly, when news of Ciccone’s memoir reached the Queen of Pop, Madonna emailed her little brother, simply saying “Call me.” Ciconne refused, saying, “Hello? I don’t respond to commands anymore.”

Ciccone also shared that there were several anecdotes he left out of the book, due to lawyers and publishers’ requests…so can we expect Madge’s bro to attempt to cash in on her again with a sequel?

Matthew Broderick Cheats On Sarah Jessica Parker


Let the Sex and the City puns begin — Star magazine is reporting that Matthew Broderick has been conducting his own little version, and its not with wife Sarah Jessica Parker. In this week’s issue, Broderick is reported to have cheated on his wife with a 25-year-old redhead described as “gorgeous,” who he met earlier this year. The adultery got under way after the two started text-messaging and meeting at a friend’s Manhattan townhouse. This could explain why SJP hit the George Michael show the other night sans hubby.

OK — Sarah Jessica Parker may have been voted the most unsexy woman alive by Maxim magazine (which we disagreed with), but seriously, come on ladies. The bloated Bueller is a tiny man-troll, and hardly worth being known as a homewrecking harlot.

Amy Winehouse Looks Better Made of Plastic


Madame Tussauds wax museum unveiled yet another celebrity statue, and this time the plastic looks way better than the person. The artist, of course, is Amy Winehouse, who has mastered the zombie look better than the extras in Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” video. But when made of plastic, she looks like the picture of health! Firm, glowing skin! Rosy cheeks! Clean hair! If only it could sing (and dump Blake).

Matthew McConaughey Loves Money – And His Kid


We’d never pegged Matthew McConaughey for one of those “I can make a cool million or two if I pimp my month old kid on a magazine cover. Suh-weeeeet!” types, but it turns out, Mr. Naked Bongos is all about they money! He probably figured out how many cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon he can buy with the cash he earned from shilling his kid, and started snapping pics with little Levi was half way out of the womb.

Even the birth was totally McConaughfied. “Contractions started kicking in,” Matt described. “I sat there with her, right between her legs. We got tribal on it, we danced to it! I was DJ-ing this Brazilian music.”

Oh crap. We had high hopes for this kid, but he’s probably already dancing naked in someone else’s crib. [OK!]

Pharrell To Be A BabyDaddy


Pharrell Williams is going to be a father. The Neptunes producer has a baby on the way with a “model type” woman who he met in Miami earlier this year. The New York Post reports that the unidentified woman “is very pregnant and travels with him. She hangs out with the backstage crew when he performs.” Supposedly the singer is very hush-hush about the pregnancy. But it’s too late for secrets now, the N.E.R.D. singer’s unborn fetus is already fodder for the New York Post’s ‘Page Six’ and the B.A.B.Y. hasn’t even finished incubating yet.

Jennifer Hudson Dating Punk From ILNY2?!


Wow – we never expected this one, but maybe there’s a love match to be found between two former reality stars! YBF is alleging that Idol reject – and more importantly, Oscar winner – Jennifer Hudson has dumped her longterm boyfriend to get with Punk, who you may recall as the beefy sweetheart with a brain from I Love New York 2! The blog even has a few pics of the two appearing in public together-ish, meaning J-Hud is getting snapped for the paps while Punk lurks mysteriously in the background. What do you think – weird coincidence, or true love?

Check out the pics here, and scope them out leaving Fantasia’s Chicago concert in the video below!

Miley Bares All (Again)


Miley Cyrus opened up her heart about opening up her shirt for her controversial Vanity Fair cover shoot. The pop star told “Good Morning America,” “I think I was just in a stage where I was just trying to get things done, and maybe look for an older audience. I was working with a big magazine just trying to go with what they were saying.”

Miley described the ensuing scandal as a “hard time,” and said she now “knows what it’s like to have people talk about you like you’re kind of iron.”

Other photos Miley failed to address were her neon green bra shots, camera phone shower shots and the “racy” photos she took with a girlfriend.

Miley is only 15, but she already has some new up-and-coming pop-tart Miley protégés. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have sometimes been called “the next Miley Cyruses,” but Miley said, “People are looking up to what I do. But, I don’t think there could be a next Miley. I think they should be the next Selena, Demi. Make their own way.” …and be careful with camera phones!