Shouldn’t Brit Look This Good Every Day?


Hey Britney,

Listen up. You look REALLY good in this video clip from your second stint on How I Met Your Mother. We’re talking pre-Federline good. Now that’s something! So could you please hire whoever is styling you on set and bring them home to your Beverly Hills lair and pay them loads of cash to help you look this good as you parade to the dance studio everyday? Trust us – this is the best advice you’ve gotten since your parents told you to get rid of Sam Lutfi, and your hair will look infinitely better than it does now.


Lohan’s New Song: Listen at Your Own Risk



We have no idea why LiLo continues to insist on having a singing career. It’s not like she’s actually very good at singing, nor does she have any fans. So basically the whole thing is glorified karaoke, done solely to massage Lindsay’s ego. Fine. But couldn’t she have at least picked a better song to drop from her new album? Listen to her new track “Bossy” and let us know if you’re down with the tune or think it’s rough on the ears. Ne-Yo wrote the track, and described it as “a song for Lindsay Lohan that people were gonna take seriously.”Seriously? We think not.

I Love Money Cast Reveal: Day Four – The Ladies of Rock of Love 1



I Love Money is a new reality show coming this summer that pits cast members of Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and I Love New York against each other in the pursuit of a $250,000 grand prize. We’re officially revealing the cast each day. Check out this week’s reveals here, here and here, and check below for today’s batch, the women of Rock of Love, Season 1 starting with:



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Gossip Break: Wino Wants to Go to Jail


wino.jpgWhoops, Wino did it again. That crack habit just keeps getting her in trouble with the police. [DListed]

Kelly Osbourne looks really hot when she’s plastered and unable to walk. [Seriously? OMG!]

Christina Milian says Nick Cannon‘s a big ol’ cheater. [I'mNotObsessed]

Madonna brought a female fan on-stage last night and kissed her, which is like the tamest thing she’s done in years. Not shocked! [CelebSlam]

Britney wore a dress from 2001 to Jamie-Lynn‘s baby shower. But at least she’s smiling! [ICYDK]

Barbara Walters and Star Jones are feuding; and no one under 80 cares. [Us]

Tila Tequila’s Team Gobbles Pig Vaginas



Here’s a list of the top five most awesomely bad moments of episode 3 of A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila 2.


For the second year in a row, Tila Tequila split her wooers by sex and made the two groups face off in a “bi-athalon.” Among the athletic challenges, contestants were forced to dip their heads into an inflatable pool and use their mouths to pick up balls with symbols corresponding to their sex. Chad should have had an advantage in this exercise of fetching, considering that he has the brain power and disposition of a dog. But he couldn’t find the correct ball and began to bite the side of the pool out of frustration. In the meantime, the girls ate away at the boys’ lead and then won the challenge. Chad claimed later that the “snot rockets” floating in the pool prevented him from completing the task. But we’re talking about a guy whose idea of fun is to raise his legs over his head in bed and pass gas. Chad could probably bath in snot without being phased. Could it be that he doesn’t know the difference between a male and female symbol?

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Mimi’s “Mrs. Cannon” Tattoo Scares Oprah


Oprah loves to talk, so today she’s blabbing all about Mariah and Nick‘s wedding on her show. O even snagged some wedding pics for us to peep and reveals that Mariah got a “Mrs. Cannon” tat on her back before they were married. Spontaneous indeed! It’s rumored that Mimi might show up on the show today to dish her own dirt, but until then here’s a clip of the chatter, featuring our fave gal pal Gayle King, as well as famous spouses Mark Consuelos (married to Kelly Ripa) and Alexandra Wentworth (who calls George Stephanopoulos her hubby).

Dina Lohan Wins “Screwing Up Kids” Award



Let’s start by saying congrats to Dina Lohan for winning the “Long Island Top Mom” award last night, and follow with a hearty WTF to the people that nominated her.

TOP MOM and Dina Lohan in the same sentence?

Words truly escape us. Dina seems to think she deserved the award (she showed up with her 82-year old mom in tow) and claimed to gawking photogs that she’s never partied with her mini-me Lindsay, ever. Note to Dina – getting hammered with your kid counts as partying! MamaLo also offered up this tidbit of advice that she often provides Lindsay – moms aspiring to destroy their tots with reality show work and rehab should pay attention! “Just to be honest and to stay morally correct,” she said. “And listen to your mother.” [Newsday]

The Celebreality Interview – Seezinz



“There’s no comparison. First of all, my head weighs about 8 lbs. Hers probably weighs a good 15 to 20,” says Seezinz. Hmmmm, who could she possibly be talking about? Below, Seezinz talks about the drama that may have led to her dismissal, her conscious effort to disprove stereotypes about black women, and her frequent use of the word “ghetto” (undoubtedly, to Flav’s chagrin).

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Idolville: Elvis Archuleta, Going All the Way?


Last night the fab four selected tunes from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 most influential songs. Given the breadth of music history from which to choose, the performances showcased the competitors’ talent while revealing their own musical preferences. NOT! It seems all but Archuleta were thrown by the freedom the open-ended theme provided, choosing classics that were either out of their league or wildly inappropriate. Charm and skill may have saved Cook and Mercado, but Castro is surely head back to nowheresville – hey guy, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. More after the jump.

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Mimi Wore White at Her Wedding



There she is, our beautiful, spontaneous bride. We must admit, we’re WAY more into her recent wedding outfit than the contraption she wore when she walked down the aisle in 1993 with Tommy Mottola. Peoples got the inside scoop on the nuptials, and Mimi told the mag that she and Nick “are soulmates. ” I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me,” she elaborated.

From the looks of things in that bottom pic at the beach, it looks like they are definitely “mates” of some kind. Congrats Mariah and Nick! Or should we call you Marick?