Blake Incarcerated, Like For Real


Amy Winehouse‘s loveboat of a junkie husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, has officially been sentence to 27 months in jail for hooking Wino on crack and bloody ballet slippers. Er, or beating up a manager of a pub and then trying to bribe the guy for his silence. They’re both like, equally as bad. Blakey’s been in jail for nine months already, and his wife has taken out her sadness on the crack pipe and her weave. Amy looks like crap and acts like a lunatic, which means we’re in for a fun 27 months. Let’s head to the pub to celebrate! See you in 2011, Blake! [Telegraph]

Frances Bean Cobain: Rolling Stone Intern


Rock progeny Frances Bean Cobain is spending the summer as an intern at Rolling Stone, The New York Post reports. As far as her duties, an insider told the newspaper, “She doesn’t get coffee for anyone…” A rep from the magazine said, “She’s a great girl, and we’re thrilled to have her.” This little rock spawn seems to have turned outOK so far, considering she lost her dad Kurt Cobain when she was just a toddler and has a mother who goes by the alter ego “Cherry Kookoo.” Writing is in her blood though; today mother Courtney Love posted this bizarre ramblingrant on her MySpace blog.

Pete Wentz Vs. Perez Hilton — It’s On!


In terms of internet spats, this is the battle royale of the questionably talented, eye makeup-loving superstars. A few weeks back, Photoshop-lovin’ gossip maven Perez Hilton posted a shot of Pete Wentz making his way through a sea of paparazzi with his pregnant wife trailing behind him. In the picture, Pete’s shown flashing a smile. Of course, Perez took this as an admission of Wentz loving the attention (a disgusting, gross quality — right, Perez?), saying “Pete is eating up the attention, like Asslee eats out his ass” before pleading for Brangelina to come back. Right.

In his defense, and to illustrate the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words (and some mediocre scribbling), Wentz took to his own blog and posted the following video to illustrate what went down right before and after. Wentz then refers to what Perez Hilton does as Internet reporting, which degrades both the act of “reporting,” and somehow makes us think less of the Internet too.

Score is 0-1, Mr. Wentz.

Britney’s New Songs Bash Her Fam


Poor BritBrit. Just when she started to mend all her mental issues and split ends, her family has forced her back to work on a new album. Those Spears just gotta to restock their Cheeto supply ya’ll, and they need money to do it! But just because Jamie and Lynne are forcing their cash cow to start pumping out the musical milk again, doesn’t mean she’s happy about it! Britney’s pissed off at her peeps, and she’s expressing her anger in some new songs, in which she sings all about her beef with mom and dad. She’s not being coy about her feelings, either. In one song titled “ATM” she sings, “Hey Mama, I know it’s my cash you seek,” and “You know they treat me like an ATM, but y’all know that I’m too good for ‘em.”

Keep telling yourself that Brit! Just remember who got you out of that stained cheesy dress and into that, uh, clean cheesy dress. [The Sunday Mirror]

Brit showed up at a fundraiser thrown by Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy this weekend, looking better than ever. She’s so clean it’s scary! Check out pics here.

The Celebreality Interview – Ambre, After the Love


After Wednesday’s announcement of a third Rock of Love season, we were curious about how Bret’s breakup with Ambre went down. So, we called her up to ask her about why things didn’t work out. Did they see each other enough? Is Bret afraid of commitment? Is it just that finding love on reality TV is impossible? Ambre shares some insight (and zero resentment!) below…

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Rock Honors: Watch the Entire Show!


Last night was our 2008 tribute to the Who, and it rocked. Oh…you didn’t watch it? Busy doing laundry or listening to Coldplay? Well save whatever lame excuses you have to offer, and start thanking us, because we’ve got every performance from last night’s show right here. Just click on the above video to watch Rainn Wilson‘s “special” “Pinball Wizard” tribute, performances from Tenacious D, Foo Fighters, Incubus and Pearl Jam, and of course, the rock icons themselves the Who. No need to thank us. Just watch.

K-Fed Gets The Kids, Brit Can Visit


It’s over – the divorce drama and custody battle between Britney Spears and her ex Kevin Federline that has dragged for about a year now has finally ended. The end result? Kevin gets FULL CUSTODY of their sons Sean and Jayden. Britney will maintain her current visitation rights of one overnight and two visits each week.

You may recall that the couple started with a 50-50 split, which quickly turned into Kevin having sole custody of the kids while Brit hung with shady dudes like Sam Lutfi and suffered from various melt downs and bad weaves. Though they’ve successfully kept their custody case out of court for the time being, but the judge can always change things up, which means more drama for years to come. [People]