Violet Affleck Is Gonna Be A Big Sister


With all the frequent obsession over those puny, perfect Jolie-Pitt kids, it’s easy to overlook the other tots tumbling around Hollywood in their crocs and thousand dollar strollers. And while we’ve been distracted by what’s coming out of Angie’s womb in France, Jennifer Garner has been walking around farmer’s markets in Hollywood knocked up! The fresh-faced Mrs. Affleck is five months along, news that was inexplicably confirmed by her former Alias costar Victor Garber. Ben and Jen have already proven their skill at popping out adorable spawn, as demonstrated by their adorable daughter Violet, who looks refreshingly like any other kid you’d see on the playground guzzling organic carrot juice. We welcome another precious Affleck tot to ogle at in just 4 months. Also, we hope this means those divorce rumors were bogus. Right? [Us]

Rock Honors: Performances From Tonight’s Show!


Not near a television? You should be, as Rock Honors: The Who is going down right now, featuring every rock stars’ rock star. Don’t worry though — we’ve got some highlights from the show below. Check it out and tell us which one is your favorite!

It’s not until you hear them play a Who song that you realize Pearl Jam take so much from the band– and on “Love Reign O’er Me,” they give it back. The track’s a frequent cover in the grunge godfathers’ set, and its obvious why: Vedder wails through the song, pleading, as the rest of the band shreds to keep up.

It wouldn’t be a party if Boy in the Bubble and Flaming Lips frontmanWayne Coyne didn’t roll around in the audience in his big inflatable ball for a while, getting the crowd appropriately amped as they play the beginnings of “See Me, Feel Me” (which Wayne told us before the show was a personal favorite) before launching into a searing medley from Tommythat includes “Pinball Wizard.” To find out what else the Oklahoma psych-rockers played, check the clip above.

For Tenacious D frontman Jack Black to call the Who “the greatest band of all time” is a pretty big deal, as that’s usually a title he saves for his own band. Watch the merry pranksters strum through a fun version of “Squeezebox” in the clip above.

Kelly Osbourne’s Charm School Makeover?




Is recently announced VH1 Rock of Love: Charm School tutor Sharon Osbourne already practicing transforming ladies into prim and proper rock goddesses by giving her very own daughter Kelly a makeover? The formerly frumpy rock spawn (“before” image) debuted a new sleek and slender look (“after” image) while walking through NYC. Will Sharon be able to work her magic on the bad girls from the first two seasons of Rock of Love? [Image: Splash News]

Ambre, Mr. Boston Rock Out At Rock Honors


Tonight’s Rock Honors: The Who show promises to be full of all types of stars — from rock to reality — and we happen to know a few of your favorites attended. Rock of Love 2‘s Ambre and I Love New York‘s Mr. Boston were on hand for the festivities. Check out who else was at the show, and of course, watch what went down when the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Incubus honored the Who.

See more pics from Rock Honors below.

Lindsay And Sam’s Romantic Double Date


Lindsay Lohan’s lesbotastic relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson is no summer fling.

“Their relationship is totally genuine. And they’re just so sweet together,” model Daisy Lowe, girlfriend of Sam’s brother Mark, told The Sun. The fabulous foursome even went on a double date together. “Sam is an amazing girl. The four of us had a brilliant time – a real laugh.”

Lucky for LiLo, she has already passed the family test. Sam’s brother loves her! “Mark totally approves. But we’re not going to double-date again – I mean, would you go on a date with your brother?” Earlier this year, Sam passed the test with Lindsay’s family with flying colors. “She’s great – and she’s the best spinner around,” Lindsay’s mother Dina Lohan said.

As far as future double dates, Daisy explains, “It’s just a bit weird and anyway they live in LA, so it’s kinda difficult. But I’d definitely love to see them again.”

Maybe difficult to double date with Daisy and Mark, but easy to get married! Gay marriage is now legal in California, girls! These two lovebirds have had quite the whirlwind romance, from canoodling on Diddy’s yacht in Cannes, hitting clubs together while Samantha deejays, and partying at Lindsay’s 22nd birthday party at Teddy’s at the Roosevelt Hotel, which was also attended by VH1 Rock of Love’s Daisy De la Hoya. These two are always by each other’s sides, and now that both families have given them the thumbs up – is marriage around the corner?

Funnyman Adam Sandler Teases The Who


The big show happens tonight at 9/8c, and we hope you’re ready. You’ll need some Union Jack flags to drape yourselves in, some guitars to smash and obviously, the ability to rock out. At Saturday night’s taping, Adam Sandler (he of Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore fame) was kind enough to introduce the Who, and who knew Adam had some chops himself? Watch the video above to see his humorous “Magic Bus” tribute to the band, and then watch as the Who, Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam tear up the stage. To see who else was there, check out our backstage and after-party shots.

Madge Tries To Get Brit Back With JT


Wow, this sounds like almost as good a plan as fake-boning Alex Rodriguez for a sh*tload of publicity! Brit‘s already shot an appearance in Madonna‘s upcoming video, and apparently the aging pop queen wants her to show up on stage in one of her shows. But that’s not all! Madge reportedly is trying to orchestrate an appearance by Justin Timberlake as well (they collaborated on her album Hard Candy). A source reveals that, “Madonna is always trying to raise the bar and Britney and Timberlake on the same stage would be perfect.”

Madonna’s not trying to raise the bar, she’s realized her career is faltering finally, at fifty, and she’s using other people’s drama to keep her star from dying out. Why not just put out a good album again?

Sienna Miller Steals A Married Man


Normally, reading about Sienna Miller makes us sleepy. She’s so bland and predictable – bohemian outfits, a boob flash or two, and a couple of sketchy romances with older dudes. This time the formula’s the same – but she’s naked and the older dude just happens to be married. Fine! We’ll pay attention!

Sienna and America actor Balthazar Getty have apparently shacked up together in the Italian Riviera, leaving his wife and four kids (the youngest just 10 months old) reeling. What’s sexier than that! The pair have been making out all over the place, and the paparazzi have got plenty of pics as proof. The best – or worst – part of the affair is that Sienna has apparently taken an oath of permanent nudity. She has yet to be seen with a shirt on – which makes the pics of the couple that much more scandalous. Check out her boobs – and their love here, here and here. They are obviously NotSafeForWork – or Getty’s wife.

Girls Next Door Blog Brawl


The Girls Next Door, who recently appeared on Celebrity Family Feud together, are taking to their MySpace blogs to address rumors that they are having a real life feud.

Hef’s #1 girl Holly Madison insisted that she is not fighting with Kendra Wilkinson, while throwing in a few backhanded compliments at the youngest of Hef’s trio of girlfriends: “Saying I am jealous of Kendra because she has an “empire” and I’m “just sitting around with Hef”? What “empire”? I guess because I have a real full-time job aside from The Girls Next Door (excuse me for having a brain and having something REAL going on in my life as opposed to following in the footsteps of the socialite-of-the-week) means I am “sitting around” doing nothing. I guess having people announce clothing lines and workout products that never come to fruition means you are doing something.”

Kendra responded and mentioned, among other things, “I get really sad when people and people i frickin live with believe rumors n gossip.”

And Bridget, who is apparently continuing her role playing Switzerland, had no new post on her blog.

Read Holly and Kendra’s full posts after the jump.

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Rock Honors: Pearl Jam Show Us “The Real Me”


The gentlemen from Pearl Jam had an excellent time worshiping at the alter of the Who on Saturday night when we taped this year’s Rock Honors, but don’t take our word for it. In the clip above, watch the grunge godfathers tear it up when they play “The Real Me” (and check out the typically scowling Eddie Vedder’s huge grin at the end).

Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s show? Check out live performances from the Who and the Foo Fighters on-stage, and read our behind-the-scenes coverage of the event. Want to hit next year’s in the flesh? Enter to win, and you just may end up there.