A-Rod’s Wife Runs Off With Lenny Kravitz



In what could possible be the greatest love triangle quadrangle of the year – Yankees star (and Madonna BFF) Alex Rodriquez has been dumped by his wife – for LENNY KRAVITZ. Cynthia Rodriguez has left the couple’s kids in Miami and jetted to Paris, where she is reportedly holed up with the rebel rocker. The strangest part of the story (if there is such a thing with this mess) is that Lenny and Madonna – who’s been linked to A-Rod this week – used to knock boots! The Yankee shortstop – who was linked to a sexy blond stripper last year – scored a home run in last night’s game against the Texas Rangers – do you think his wife did as well?

Lindsay’s Dad: Voicemail Insanity


Lindsay Lohan gets a bad rap for being a bit, er, troubled, but we really can’t blame her. The starlet has a notoriously screwed up family, and her dad epitomizes the drama – he’s a recovering addict, has spent time in jail, and loves loves LOVES the press. He also claims to love his daughter, but we don’t buy it. Apparently neither does Lindsay, who has been ignoring her dad’s phone calls. How do we know? A voicemail Michael apparently left for Lindsay has leaked, and let’s just say it sounds a little desperate. He begs her to call him back, and promises never to mention her to the press again. Rightttt. We’re sure daddy’s little LiLo, who turned 22 yesterday, is just loving the latest birthday gift from her old man – a secret sister.

Our fave part of Michael’s rambling message is below – listen to the whole thing here.

Look, I love you honey. Please, please don’t do this anymore. Pick up the phone and talk to me. Everything from now on is between you and me. And I promise you, I will not go back on it, I will not break my word…I promise you, I’ll keep questions out of the press, when it comes to you I promise. Just please, please, honey, call me or pick up the phone. You need to promise me.


Amy Winehouse is ‘Up All Night’ With Rolling Stone


In a new revealing interview in Rolling Stone, troubled singer Amy Winehouse speaks about smoking crack, her incarcerated husband, and a rumored romance with Pete Doherty. The “Rehab” singer sits for a 4:00 am impromptu interview in her home which is full of, “ discarded bags of potato chips, crumpled nuggets of tinfoil, beer bottles, lingerie boxes and scattered old credit cards (that) tell of a long night that hasn’t ended in weeks, maybe months.”

Of her incarcerated husband Blake Fielder-Civil:
“We are so in love, we are a team.”

Of her second trip to rehab:
“…did drugs the whole time.”

On a rumored romance with Babyshambles singer and Kate Moss ex Pete Doherty:
“We’re just good friends. I asked Pete to do a concept EP, and he made this face, he looked at me like I’d pooed on the floor. He wouldn’t do it. We’re just really close.”

Click here to read the full interview.

Gossip Break: J. Lo Loves Her Man


Jennifer Lopez loves her scrawny husband; we love her hot bag. [Jezebel]

Amy Winehouse’s dad dragged his daughter home from the pub and locked her in the house. Finally! [DListed]

Angelina‘s twins are weeks away from being born. Everybody can chill out – especially you, Shiloh! [Seriously? OMG!]

Janet and JD look fine en France for fashion week. Ohh la love it! [YBF]

The cast of Friends is reuniting for a movie based on the TV show. Do not want! [I'mNotObsessed]

Suri Cruise caught playing with her favorite toy – a $100 bill. [JustJared]

Adrianne Curry Defends Meat-Loving Simpson


If you’ve ever watched the beautiful Adrianne Curry on her VH1 show My Fair Brady, you know a few things about her:

  • She’s hot.
  • She shoots guns.
  • She eats meat.

So it was no surprise that the model-turned-blogger took to the web to support fellow meat-eating hottie Jessica Simpson, after Pam Anderson called her a “bitch” and “whore.” Curry hit up her Myspace blog to post a rant entitled “Why are vegetarians so damn angry??” Our favorite quote is below – check out the rest here.

Recently it has been going around that the beautiful Pam Anderson ripped into Jessica Simpson for wearing “Real girls eat Meat” shirt. She called her a BITCH and a WHORE. Now I love Pam, but if she wanted to help bring Jessica to “the other side” perhaps she should have showed some grace and offered some useful knowledge to Jessica instead? There is nothing that upsets me more than when two women I have spent years drooling over are at arms. I think they should have sex and make up….in front of me.


Lights, Camera, New York!


If you haven’t caught the on-iar promos for New York Goes to Hollywood (premiering August 4 on VH1), you’re in luck: you can watch them above. As in the promo shots for the series, these brief spots find New York hamming it up as classic Hollywood personalities. She’s Dorothy, she’s Marilyn and in a spot that wasn’t used for the still shots, she’s Forrest Gump. That commercial’s actually the best, as New York proclaims, “My mama always said that life is like a box of chocolates…come to find out, that’s the stupidest s*** I ever heard in my life.” Anyone who can find a way to dis Forrest Gump and Sister Patterson in the same sentence clearly has a gift for language. New York, we’re ready to fall in love with you all over again.

Britney Back With Creepy Photog?!


Say it ain’t so ya’ll!

TMZ is reporting that Miss Britney Jean Spears has been having secret rendezvous with that creep with a camera, Adnan Ghalib. Apparently, Brit’s ex has been sneaking into her gated community over the past couple of months, and the two have been texting a lot, sometimes about Brit’s “controlling” dad Jamie. The problem? It’s Jamie’s job to look out for his daughter, and he doesn’t think Adnan’s got his little girl’s best intentions in mind. And neither do her doctors! Apparently all the people looking out for Britney are trying to keep this guy away. Let’s hope she catches on soon – she’s been doing so well lately!

And The Girls Next Door Say: Viagra!


Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson picked up two other bunnies (current Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole and 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood) and went to battle on NBC’s “Celebrity Family Feud” against “Sopranos” star Vincent Pastore and his family. The girls started off strong when Bridget gave a top answer “Hot” for describing an attractive male, but unfortunately Kendra dropped the ball with the answer “Bootylicious” which was not on the board. When host Al Roker asked the next question, “What is something on Hugh Hefner’s nightstand?” it seemed that #1 girlfriend Holly would surely know the answer, but her pick “Little Black Book” didn’t even make the board! That round went to the Pastore family, but after they got three wrong answers, the Girls got a chance again and were able to name the number one answer: Viagra! So they do know their main man pretty well, after all.

Even with the number one Viagra answer, the girls still couldn’t steal the game from the Pastore family, but they certainly didn’t go home losers when “home” is the posh Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, CA.

Lindsay’s Maybe-Sister Wants a Record Deal


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! This kid isn’t even definitely Lindsay Lohan‘s biological sister yet, but the girl already supposedly wants to record an album. HA! Sounds like Michael Lohan‘s been whispering sweet nothings of nonsense in this poor tween’s ear. Ashley Kaufman, who Lohan may have fathered 13 years ago (we’re anxiously awaiting the paternity test results), is possibly ripe with talent, as an anonymous “record-industry insider” asserts that, “Ashley has more talent than Lindsay or Ali.”

Wow! We’d love to meet this insider – is his name Michael Lohan perhaps? A different family insider also jumps on the Ashley train, snapping, “Ashley’s singing ability just proves that the family talent comes from Michael (Lohan), not Dina Lohan.”

Um – who ever said anything about Lohan “family talent?” Poor Ashley shouldn’t get her hopes up – the only thing Lohans are good at is being crazy. Let’s hope the talent gene skipped her! [MSNBC]

Madge & Guy on Divorce Rumors: Eat This!


Madonna and Guy Ritchie attempted to devour divorce rumors by being photographed going out to eat last night at upscale restaurant Cesca in New York City. The couple awkwardly held hands and looked slightly downtrodden as they entered the elegant Upper West Side eatery for an adults-only dinner, without their three children Lourdes, 12, Rocco, 7, and David, 2.

Although the break-up rumors have swirled, with reports of everything from Madonna consulting a divorce lawyer to having an affair with A-Rod and Guy turning his back on Kabbalah, her spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg said, “There are no plans for Madonna and Guy to divorce.”

So are Guy and Madonna really working it out or are they just attempting to present a united front for the media???

[Photos: Splash News]