Oprah & Tom Reunite for Couch Craziness


tomycruise.jpgWhy, Oprah, why? Our talk queen heroine has invited the king of crazy back on her show to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his flick Risky Business. Tommy will make not one, but TWO appearances on her show in May to coincide with the sweeps season, when all of America tunes in to see what the networks can cough up before the TV execs speed away to the Hamptons for the summer and leave us watching reruns of Home Improvement on cable.

Tom’s rep gushed that, “He is really looking forward to it.” Of course he is. The guy is excited about EVERYTHING. So get ready for the most intense two hours of television America – and when it’s over, pour a little bit of Cristal out for your girl Katie Holmes, who experiences that insanity on a daily basis. Poor thing.

Gossip Break: Sex and the Fergie


fergalicious.jpgFergie’s new song for the Sex and the City movie is crapalicious. Do you agree? [DListed]

Good Charlotte hates Paris Hilton and wants their boy Benji to dump her bony butt. Our new fave band: Good Charlotte. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

Has first daughter Jenna Bush gotten too skinny? W’s little girl marries in May. [Jezebel]

Denise Richards new reality TV show looks really depressing. [CelebSlam]

We’re not totally sold on Kanye‘s fashion sense, though he clearly is. [Concrete Loop]

Megan Fox: Hotter Than Our VH1 Starlets?



So FHM has named Megan Fox the Sexiest Woman in the World. So what? She may win when up against such pedestrian pretties as Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightly, but can she beat our bevy of VH1 hotties? Check her out against Deelishis, Daisy and Adrianne Curry above. In our not-so-humble opinion, she pales in comparison! So what if she dates the dude who was there when Scott Scott shot himself on 90210 and is, you know, sexy. Does she have tattoo sleeves? NO. Has she launched her own jean line for bootylicious ladies? NO. Did she bag a Brady and live to tell about it on TV? Hell NO! Check out our super-sized gallery below of our favorite VH1 hotties. Do you think Megan Fox deserves her Sexiest crown, or do the women of VH1 knock her off her pedastal?

Mimi Turns Empire State Building Pink



Tomorrow evening, New York City is honoring hometown girl Mariah Carey by lighting up the Empire State Building lavender, pink and white (of course) to celebrate her latest chart-topping album E=MC2. For the entire weekend, the New York landmark will be lit up to celebrate the number one selling female artist of all time. We got to thinking about some other monuments that could be tweaked to honor Mimi. Take the jump to find out what else should get Mariah’d.

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American Idol: Carly Booted From Great White Way



After Tuesday’s train wreck, how would the six Idol hopefuls fare? The musical theater songs of Sir Andrew Lord Webber, as the judges rightly noted, are more complex than most of the pop hits the contestants have so far taken on; the bigger voices carried the night, and the more musically adept performers seemed closest to making it to the next round. But how would America vote?

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Amy Winehouse Really Wants to Go to Jail


amy.jpgWon’t someone please just arrest Amy Winehouse? It’s clearly what she wants in life, more than her husband, a hit album, Grammys, and her health. Last night Wino was out in foggy London-town getting hammered at a pub, and ended her night head-butting a fellow bar patron who was trying to hail her a cab home. She also allegedly punched another customer, did drugs in the street, made out with her male companion and overturned tables in the pub. A spy even claimed that Amy was screaming, “I am a legend, get these people out. I want to take drugs.”

Officers are now officially investigating the incident(s), and Amy could very well be charged and arrested. So please, Scotland Yard, come on over and round up your girl. It’s what she wants most in this world. [The Sun]

J. Lo to Pimp Babies on Reality Show



J.Lo has millions upon billions of dollars from her perfume, clothing line and oh yeah – that acting and singing career she once had. So why the hell does she need – much less want – to do a reality TV show about motherhood? The TLC show is already in production and will document Lope’z daily struggles to juggle motherhood – ie: yelling at the nannies – with the launch of her new perfume. “I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting journey together,” says the momzilla. Yes, sharing the journey with a handful of viewers and the 40 servants who will really do all the “work” on the show will be SO exciting!

  • The amount J.Lo rakes in for her reality TV stint: $1.2 million (just a guess)
  • Screwing up your baby twins forever on national TV: priceless [People]

Heidi, Spencer Diss White House Dinner



In what was clearly a move made under the influence of some sort of substance, the crazies over at MSNBC invited Heidi Montag – a reality star with fake boobs who hawks zebra print shirts, mind you – to the White House Correspondent’s gala. This is apparently some big ol’ DC bash where the President makes bad jokes and all the random stars and media peeps giggle and get drunk together. Sounds like a perfect place for our Hills starlet! But when her manager/boyfriend demanded two first class tickets for the pair, even though he wasn’t invited to the shindig, the news network freaked and Spencer nixed Heidi’s appearance. Oops! A source close to the always unbearable Pratt said the event wasn’t “A-listy enough” for the Z List pair, but never fear – Ben Affleck, Jen Garner, Pam Anderson, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz found it just fine, thank you, and will be in attendance. [NYP]

The Fabulous Life of Tony Stark


Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, is a genius (went to M.I.T. at 15), a multi-billionaire (runs Stark Industries), an adventurer, a martial arts expert and a philanthropist. Not to mention he has a way with the ladies. Watch the clip above to glimpse Tony Stark’s lifestyle, then enter our contest for a chance to actually become him for a weekend. You could be living like a billionaire in Los Angeles!