Rock of Love 2 Forecast: Who Should Be the Next to Go?


Last episode the Rock of Love ladies shot sexy music videos for Bret! Catch up on all the action here and tell us which ladies are safe and who Bret will cut next.

Still rockin’

Kristy Joe decides it is time for her to leave & refuses Bret’s pass last episode. Did you forecast this move?

Fallen but not forgotten

Watch Rock of Love 2 Sunday, 9PM EST. Sneak peek this Sunday’s episode here!

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Friday: Paris Gives Back, Gets Photo Op


parishilton.jpgParis Peeps Poverty in South Africa
The heiress visited an African orphan while on tour with her BF Benji. Think she showed them her giant diamond ring with his initials? [DListed]

Britney to Open Dance Studio

Brit is ready to turn other little girls into stars (and then trainwrecks) at her new dance studio, oddly named The Basement. [PerezHilton]

Lindsay Visits Dying Grandfather
LiLo hit up Long Island with BFF Sam Ronson to visit her ailing grandpa, who is stricken with colon cancer. [E!]

Michelle Tried to Save Heath’s Life
The drama surrounding Heath Ledger’s life and death continues, with this story about Michelle’s attempt to save her man. [TMZ]

The Girls of The Hills Go to “Work”
If that’s what you call standing around in cute outfits looking bored. They work hard for their money! [JustJared]

A Few Minutes Of Sweet, Honeydip Sex


C’mon girl, let’s do the wild thing all night long for a couple of minutes...In case you were wondering if “D*ck In a Box” kicked off something beautiful, here’s proof. A couple dudes – a crooner and his wingman (who dines at Boston Market) – laying out some truth, Quiet Storm style. Negative body issues, chaffing, a one-position mentality – the boudoir can sometimes feel like both a shrink’s couch and locker room. One good point here, though. The dumber the c*cksman, the better the chance to fake that orgasm.

What your favorite seduction song?

Return of the Kardashians



They’re baaaack. The whole Kardashian klan was at Les Deux last night celebrating the Season 2 launch of their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. See more photos below of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kris & Bruce Jenner, Evan Ross, and Brittny Gastineau.

Is This the Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape We’ve Been Dreaming Of?



A single picture has emerged that possibly shows someone who kind of looks like Lindsay Lohan maybe performing fellatio on a guy who could be her ex Calum Best. OMG OMG! But before you get your hopes up that this is the moment you’ve been wishing for since Mean Girls, check out the pic and think again. The image is so blurry it could be just about anyone (Kristen Davis, is that you?) and as much as we want to believe, we have a feeling this is just Photoshopping at it’s best. Want proof? We did a little magic on some pics above. If you can pick out the real Lindsay from the three famous ladies above, maybe you can decipher just what is going on in today’s sex pic scandal.

The Celebreality Interview – Danny Bonaduce, Dasher of Dreams



“Sometimes it’s a public service to put an end to someone’s dreams,” says Danny Bonaduce, giving us a thumbnail sketch of his philosophy for judging I Know My Kid’s a Star, which premieres tonight at 10/9c on VH1. Talking about the show, Danny proves to be unapologetic as ever as he talks about heading the reality competition of stage moms and the kids who are sentenced to them. Below, Danny talks about his own tumultuous experiences with child stardom, the trainwreck culture of Britney and Lindsay and why he doesn’t think getting involved in showbiz is necessarily damaging to young people.

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J. Lo Shows Off Her Really Expensive Twins


jlobabies.jpgJennifer Lopez might as well be holding two gold bricks in this pic. Meet her precious newborns, Max and Emme, who helped the diva rack in a rumored $3 million for the pics inside this week’s People mag. The babies are cute and all, but $3 million? Those kids are worth some dough! They should totally take on Shiloh and Suri for richest human under the age of two (though according to Gawker, Shiloh’s pics actually pulled in more cash). The real test comes when we find out how well this cover sold – did J. Lo jump the shark after Gigli or are we still hooked on her drama (and butt)?