Kanye Nailing Nick’s Ex, Jen & Cam Swap Dudes



Celebrities LOVE sloppy seconds – the minute some star dumps a lover, another famous freak is there to pick up the tossed trash. It’s LA’s own little green movement: Reduce the amount of single celebs out there; Reuse each other’s exes, then Recycle them when the relationship ends! They may not be saving the planet, but they sure are saving celebs from never-ending singledom (which is obvs more important).

Kanye West is the latest celeb to score off of a rejected romance, as the rap diva’s been spotted getting cozy with Nick Cannon‘s ex-fiancee, model Selita Ebanks. The pair were cuddling at the NYC club Tenjune and attempted to discreetly exit together. “They were trying to be inconspicuous,” says a token spy, “but they were smiling and walking real close, and they hopped in a waiting car together laughing and took off.”

Even worse is Cam Diaz, who had dinner Sunday night with Jennifer Aniston‘s ex-boy toy, Paul Sculfor. Jen, as we all know, is currently busy making out with Cam’s ex John Mayer in pools across America. And with that, Hollywood waste is eliminated!

Winehouse & Lewis Rock Mandela Concert



The epitome of courage and optimism, Nelson Mandela spent 18 years behind bars for ideals he believed in. To celebrate such resilience, the world has a huge old birthday party for him each year. This time around, on Friday, June 27, you’re invited to the celebration as well. “The 46664 Concert Honoring Nelson Mandela at 90″ will be streamed live from London’s Hyde Park on VH1.com, starting at 1:30 pm EST. Will Smith is the host. Highlights from the concert will premiere on VH1 on Monday, June 30, at 9 EST/PST.

This year’s artists include a 1-2 punch of British sirens: Amy Winehouse and Leona Lewis are on the bill. Make that a 1-2-3 punch: Annie Lennox is part of the show, as well. Other performers include Queen + Paul Rogers, Simple Minds, The Sugababes, Andrea and Sharon Corr, Johnny Clegg, Papa Wemba, and Dame Shirley Bassey. More artists will be announced as added.

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Lil’ Kim: Finally a Fashion Upgrade



Let’s give Lil’ Kim a round of applause for actually appearing somewhat human at last night’s CFDA Fashion Awards. The girl looks good -her cute dress reveals enough without revealing too much, and she opted against makeup that matches her clothes for once! Could this possibly mean that the Queen B is on her way back to the top?

Nick Hogan Wants Out of Jail



Hulk‘s son is being held in solitary confinement in a Florida jail because at 17 he is too young to be with the rest of the criminal population. Turns out the the time alone is wearing on the kid, and he is allegedly freaking out and desperate to get the hell out of the clink. Nick‘s lawyers have said that he is experiencing “unbearable anxiety” and is spending up to 17 hours alone in his cell with no access to any special programs. His lawyers have requested that he head home under house arrest until he turns 18, or possibly be moved to the minimum security prison. Where do you think Nick needs to be? [CNN]

Tila Gives LiLo Lesbian Love Advice



It’s time for Lindsay Lohan to go public with her relationship with to Samantha Ronson – or so says know-it-all Tila Tequila. “I think that the fact that everyone knows about it makes it fine,” she said at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend. Tila continued her rant of sage wisdom, adding, “Just go all out with it! If you’re going to do something, do it all out.”

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R. Kelly Screwed By “Threesome Testimony”


(The VH1 Blog has solicited Mark Muro of the California law firm Muro & Lampe, Inc. to keep a running tab on which side has the advantage in the R. Kelly child pornography trial. Check back for updates.)

R. Kelly MugshotIn what can only be described as a bombshell, a witness testified today that she had multiple threesomes with R. Kelly and the alleged victim. Lisa Van Allen, 27, testified that she met Kelly in 1997 or 1998 at a video shoot for “Home Alone” (bonus: lyrics after the jump). She was only 17 years old at that time, and engaged in a sexual encounter with Kelly. After moving from Atlanta to Chicago to be closer to Kelly, Allen said that she met the alleged victim at Kelly’s home, where Kelly taped himself engaging in sex with her and the alleged victim. According to the witness, Kelly directed the video, “basically [telling us] what to do.” She even identified the location of this first threesome as the same log cabin room that the prosecution alleges is depicted on the sex tape, and she testified that the other threesomes took place at the singer’s basketball court in his home (again videotaped) and in Kelly’s trailer at the video shoot for “A Woman’s Threat” in Chicago.

Allen conceded that she had been granted immunity from state and federal prosecution in return for her testimony. But this should have little impact on her credibility, because she did not appear to be in any danger of prosecution before voluntarily coming forward. Instead, the jury might be persuaded that she came forward, because, as she put it, “it was the right thing to do.” The prosecution delivered as promised, scoring 2 big points. – Mark Muro, Attorney

Overall Score: Defense: 0; Prosecution: +6.

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I Love Money: Toasteee, Heather and Midget Mac Speak!


In the video above, catch a flashback on the Celebreality pasts of Flavor of Love 2 and Charm School‘s Toasteee, Rock of Love‘s (and Rock of Love 2‘s, as she points out) Heather and I Love New York 2‘s Midget Mac. Then, watch as the clip flashes forward, and the three of them talk about what they’ll do with the $250,000 should they win I Love Money, the VH1 all-stars competition that debuts July 6. We’ll be rolling a new one of these out everyday, so if your favorite I Love Money cast member has yet to show up, have no fear: they will.

Fiddy’s Baby Mama: “He Tried to Kill Me”



Oh snap. 50 Cent‘s baby mama is freaking out about the fire that claimed her home (and almost took her and her son’s life) last Friday, and is convinced her ex is to blame. “He tried to kill me and his own child,” Shaniqua Tompkins told the NY Post, adding, “Who do I think did it? Curtis Jackson. He threatened me on Monday that he was going to have someone visit me. My kids are in the house. Who would try to kill your own kids? He’s supposed to be all about being a gangster … that’s not a gangster, that’s a coward.”The police are still investigating the fire, even if his ex has already made up her mind about what happened. Interestingly enough, the pair allegedly “got into a violent dispute Monday during a deposition in a $50 million lawsuit she is bringing against him.” File that under ‘things that make you go hmmmmm.’ [FoxNews]

See The Who: Rock Honors Tix On Sale!



Get ready – this year’s VH1 Rock Honors show is celebrating the Who in all their explosive glory. Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, and the Flaming Lips will be on hand to rock the house at UCLA next month. We’re airing the show on July 17. But if you want to go to the live event on July 12, here’s the 411 on getting yourself into Pauley Pavillion.

This Friday, June 6, tickets go on sale to members of the Who’s Fan Club. One day later (June 7), members of both the Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam fan clubs have purchasing access as well. On Sunday, June 8, the general public will be able to hit Ticketmaster for purchases (213-480-3232). Prices range from $300, $125, $65. Proceeds from the sales will benefit the following charities, Double O, Teenage Cancer Trust, VH1 Save the Music Foundation, VH1 Classic Autism campaign. Don’t miss the chance to see the legends live.