Lights, Camera, New York!


If you haven’t caught the on-iar promos for New York Goes to Hollywood (premiering August 4 on VH1), you’re in luck: you can watch them above. As in the promo shots for the series, these brief spots find New York hamming it up as classic Hollywood personalities. She’s Dorothy, she’s Marilyn and in a spot that wasn’t used for the still shots, she’s Forrest Gump. That commercial’s actually the best, as New York proclaims, “My mama always said that life is like a box of chocolates…come to find out, that’s the stupidest s*** I ever heard in my life.” Anyone who can find a way to dis Forrest Gump and Sister Patterson in the same sentence clearly has a gift for language. New York, we’re ready to fall in love with you all over again.

Britney Back With Creepy Photog?!


Say it ain’t so ya’ll!

TMZ is reporting that Miss Britney Jean Spears has been having secret rendezvous with that creep with a camera, Adnan Ghalib. Apparently, Brit’s ex has been sneaking into her gated community over the past couple of months, and the two have been texting a lot, sometimes about Brit’s “controlling” dad Jamie. The problem? It’s Jamie’s job to look out for his daughter, and he doesn’t think Adnan’s got his little girl’s best intentions in mind. And neither do her doctors! Apparently all the people looking out for Britney are trying to keep this guy away. Let’s hope she catches on soon – she’s been doing so well lately!

And The Girls Next Door Say: Viagra!


Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson picked up two other bunnies (current Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole and 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood) and went to battle on NBC’s “Celebrity Family Feud” against “Sopranos” star Vincent Pastore and his family. The girls started off strong when Bridget gave a top answer “Hot” for describing an attractive male, but unfortunately Kendra dropped the ball with the answer “Bootylicious” which was not on the board. When host Al Roker asked the next question, “What is something on Hugh Hefner’s nightstand?” it seemed that #1 girlfriend Holly would surely know the answer, but her pick “Little Black Book” didn’t even make the board! That round went to the Pastore family, but after they got three wrong answers, the Girls got a chance again and were able to name the number one answer: Viagra! So they do know their main man pretty well, after all.

Even with the number one Viagra answer, the girls still couldn’t steal the game from the Pastore family, but they certainly didn’t go home losers when “home” is the posh Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, CA.

Lindsay’s Maybe-Sister Wants a Record Deal


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! This kid isn’t even definitely Lindsay Lohan‘s biological sister yet, but the girl already supposedly wants to record an album. HA! Sounds like Michael Lohan‘s been whispering sweet nothings of nonsense in this poor tween’s ear. Ashley Kaufman, who Lohan may have fathered 13 years ago (we’re anxiously awaiting the paternity test results), is possibly ripe with talent, as an anonymous “record-industry insider” asserts that, “Ashley has more talent than Lindsay or Ali.”

Wow! We’d love to meet this insider – is his name Michael Lohan perhaps? A different family insider also jumps on the Ashley train, snapping, “Ashley’s singing ability just proves that the family talent comes from Michael (Lohan), not Dina Lohan.”

Um – who ever said anything about Lohan “family talent?” Poor Ashley shouldn’t get her hopes up – the only thing Lohans are good at is being crazy. Let’s hope the talent gene skipped her! [MSNBC]

Madge & Guy on Divorce Rumors: Eat This!


Madonna and Guy Ritchie attempted to devour divorce rumors by being photographed going out to eat last night at upscale restaurant Cesca in New York City. The couple awkwardly held hands and looked slightly downtrodden as they entered the elegant Upper West Side eatery for an adults-only dinner, without their three children Lourdes, 12, Rocco, 7, and David, 2.

Although the break-up rumors have swirled, with reports of everything from Madonna consulting a divorce lawyer to having an affair with A-Rod and Guy turning his back on Kabbalah, her spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg said, “There are no plans for Madonna and Guy to divorce.”

So are Guy and Madonna really working it out or are they just attempting to present a united front for the media???

[Photos: Splash News]

Heather and Daisy On Hearts


Above, Rock of Love vet and I Love Money competitor Heather talks from a red carpet (courtesy realTVfilms) about the upcoming Rock of Love Girls: Charm School (it was so intense, it made her sick!) and her idea for her own show – she’s gunning for the as-yet-hypothetical series to be called I Heart Heather or Heather’s House of Rock. “I just don’t want to live in a house with Rock of Love girls anymore,” she says. Fair enough!

And speaking of girls that Heather’s undoubtedly sick of looking at, in the lengthy interview below (courtesy of The Rockvine), Daisy continues to tease us with suggestions that she’s still banging Bret (“If we run into each other in the bathroom at a club, we could be together for two minutes!”). Even more juicy is her commentary on Dave Navarro, with whom she’s been spotted a few times in public recently. “We are truly becoming amazing friends,” she says. “I heart him.” But does she heart him heart him?

RockvineTV - Episode 1 - Daisy de la Hoya - Part 2

Barbarella Breaks Up A Couple


Rose McGowan and her fiancee Robert Rodriquez have broken up, and guess what – no one cares! Rodriquez, director of Grindhouse and Spy Kids, left his wife to be with his muse Rose, but it looks like a film has foiled their love. Rodriguez had big plans of remaking the classic cult flick Barbarella starring his lady love in the lead role, but Rose – who previously starred in the show Charmed – wasn’t a big enough star, and studio heads balked.

Jessica Alba is now rumored to be favored for the part. Maybe Rodriguez should just try to date her. Who cares if she’s married – it didn’t stop him from getting with Rose! [NYP]

Kanye West: Wannabee Fashion Designer


Wanna dress like Mr. West? Now you can!

Kanye West is sure to quickly become the most egotistical, self-obsessed fashion designer in the world with the release of his new shoe line for Louis Vuitton. Yep, Kanye’s putting the rap game on hold to take the shoe industry by storm. But he’s not stopping there! He’s already designing his own clothes, and he showed up dressed totally in his own designs while in Paris last week to attend the famous French designer’s runway show. “I grew up with the Louis look, you know,” the rapper gushed. “I just love the style.”

Ladies, don’t feel left out! He’s doing a women’s line of clothes (separate from his stuff for LV) in the fall. Tell us – will you wear Kanye couture? [WWD/E! Online]

More Musical Crap From Heidi Montag


If your delicate ears can take it, Heidi Montag has leaked yet another one of her singles, and she wants you to listen. Is your stomach strong enough to handle this crap? Her latest “song” is titled “One More Drink,” and you can probably guess what it’s about – getting hammered! Wow, Heidi is really creating songs about those oh-so important, pivotal moments in life, huh? Nothing says world-changing lyrics like “sipping on that happy juice.” Seriously.

Enjoy it here.

Tila Tequila Rejected In Finale Shocker


Tila Tequila felt confident going into the finale that she had found someone that she “wanted to spend the rest of her life with.” That “someone” was Kristy. After Tila eliminated Bo, she offered Kristy the key to her heart. But Kristy wasn’t interested in unlocking it. “I’m not ready for this,” said Kristy, who had been privately questioning whether she wanted to be with a man or a woman after a whole season of practically begging to get inside Tila’s pants.

Should Tila get ready for A Shot At Love 3? Or just try a bar?

[Photos: MTV]

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