Jay-Z Disses Maybe-Wife Beyonce


bey_jayIs the honeymoon already over for Jay-Z and Beyonce? Though the first couple of Hip-Hop haven’t even confirmed they’re married, there might be dark clouds on the horizon. At Jay’s show at the Hollywood Bowl the other night, the rapper had Beyonce’s ’03 hit “Crazy in Love” turned off, just as fans were getting into it. “F*ck that. Sorry Bey but f*ck that – let’s play something else,” the rapper reportedly said to the crowd and his new wife, who up until that point had been standing stage side, cheering on her man.

After Jay stepped off-stage, his new bride laid into him, according to a source at the U.K.’s The Mirror. “She was gesturing wildly and not looking happy. Like any good husband would, Jay-Z groveled and tried to get out of it with compliments.” Sounds like Jay’s 99 problems just hit 100.

Spencer & Heidi Want to Ruin TV



Would you watch a show starring just Spencer and Heidi? We’ve been giving this question a lot of thought today, and we’re scared to admit our answer might be “yes.” Awful, we know, we but we’re addicted to watching people pretend to act real! Spencer was spotted pitching the terrible/wonderful idea to an MTV head, saying, “I want the world to see the real Heidi and Spencer.” By real he means fake, right? Allegedly the show Spencer wants to do would follow the couple as they plan their wedding, which is a bit confusing because that’s basically what they covered on the last season of The Hills But really, who cares. We’ll watch anything this couple does, and apparently so will the paparazzi. They’ve been following the happy pair all around NYC this week, tipped of by none other than – you guessed it – Spencer and Heidi themselves. [NYP]

Foxy Brown Fans: Go Greet Your Girl at Jail!


foxy.jpgFoxy Brown is being released from prison at this VERY MOMENT, and she wants her fans there to greet her. That means you! The rapper has served eight months of her year-long sentence at NYC’s Riker’s Island facility, and she needs her fans decked out in shirts and holding signs as she strolls away so she can be reminded of what a HUGE star she still is. Huge, damn it! She and her reps are planning to turn her release into a spectacle, even though her jailers are not happy about the hoopla, which they have deemed too massive for their tiny parking lot. They issued a statement which demands that, “There will be no fan gatherings or press opportunity in or adjacent to the Rikers Island parking lot.”

Nice try, prison peeps! You get to lock Foxy up for 8 months, we get to crowd your parking lot and cramp your style. If you’re in NYC, hop on the MTA Q101 or Q100 bus and show your girl some love!

Ashlee Milks Baby To Hawk New Album


Blergh. Clearly, we’re going to have to sit through months of Ashlee Simpson awkwardly dancing around the baby issue with vague comments about the status of her uterus. On the Today Show this morning, the singer told Matt Lauer that “only time will tell” if she’s pregnant and that she’s “giving birth” to her album, Bittersweet World. Clearly Papa Simpson has coached Ashlee on the whole “baby buzz means album buzz” thing, because no one was paying attention to what Ashlee was putting out before her baby belly came into question. And while we’re being cranky we want to point out that giant, 100 carat engagement rings don’t exist in a bittersweet world. How about changing the album title to something like Really Effing Lucky? Harumph!

Madonna Makes Housework Fabulous


Is there anything Madonna can’t do? In the above clip, the Queen of Pop defines the concept of multi-tasking: vacuuming while on the set of her new video, and of course, looking fabulous.

And if you’ve got any interest in seeing the Material Mom look fabulous in person, enter our contest to win tickets to see her perform live in New York. All it takes is four lines…

The E Street Band Loses A Brother


When you go to see the Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band you always get the feeling that it’s some kind of little family up there on stage. No question, the guy up front is important, but the whomp put down by the collective efforts of everyone flanking him is crucial to delivering that signature sound. Well, the whomp won’t be exactly the same any more. Danny Federici, the group’s organist and keyboard player, has succumbed to the cancer he’s been battling for three years. He was 58. For four decades he’s been at the Boss’ side, adding to the energy, creating an array of great colors and flourishes. His accordion work on “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)” is one of rock’s most memorable sounds. He and Springsteen played together their entire adult lives. “He was a pure natural musician. I loved him very much … we grew up together,” writes Springsteen on the band’s Web site. Check our video list of great E Street songs.

There are a couple of nice Federici clips, including “Sandy,” for you after the jump. VH1 Classic celebrates his life with a block of Springsteen programming starting tonight at 8pm/7c. Full listing after the jump.

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Friday: Solange’s Words of Wisdom


solange.jpgSolange Reaches Out to Jamie-Lynn
Beyonce’s little sister/young mother drops some sage advice to mom-to-be Jamie-Lynn. She says, “decide what’s best for you.” Sounds like a Spears-ish trait already. [Us]

Britney Spears Coughs Up More Cash for Lawyers
B’s gotta pay her lawyers and conservators a whole lotta cash, and owes some guy named Andrew Wallet around $100,000. How appropriate. [Us]

Nicole Kidman Wants Kids Out of Scientology
So do we, Nic. So do we! [NYP]

Katie: Robotic Looks, Great Hair!

For someone with dead eyes, she looks really good. Though definitely a bit too skinny. Judging celebs from afar is fun! [JustJared]

Lindsay’s Dad Can’t Stop the Crazy Talk
LiLo’s a pain in the ass, yet her dad is continuously worse. He won’t shut up about his daughter doing “missionary work” even though her peeps have denied his claim. Parents are so embarrassing! [NYDN]