New Pics: Snoop Hits the Soap



Everyone know that Snoop Dogg is a fan of night-time dramas. But he digs himself some daytime dramas, too. He’s been written into the script of One Life To Live, and his appearances are scheduled for May 8 & 9. Plus, he’s going to do a remix of the show’s theme song to celebrated his on-screen action. His cameo includes doing a gig at the show’s Ultra Violet club, where he runs into an old pal. You know he did a gig for us, too, right? Watch the best parts here.

More pics from the show after the jump:

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Rock of Love 2 Reunion Preview



You already know that on Sunday’s Rock of Love 2 Reunion (airing at 9/8c), Daisy gets into it with Heather in a big way. But you probably don’t know that Angelique has a little tiff of her own. We’re not saying with whom and we’re not saying how deep it gets, but to give you a sense of the hilarity, we can reveal that at one point she screams, “Kiss my perfect, Barbie ass!”

A few more details from the wild taping follow:

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Super Mario Wine Bottle Brothers


Gamers don’t always have that joystick in their hands. Sometimes it’s a corkscrew, and other times it’s a remote control for the most musical car on the planet (or at least in an empty parking garage). Let’s see the Wii do this!

Thursday: Papa Simpson Sells Ash Out


ashleepapa.jpgAsh’s Dad Shoppin’ Baby Pics for $1 Mill!
Reporters asking the singer if she’s preggers is “inappropriate,” but her dad trying to milk her for cash is not? Blegh. No wonder Nick Lachey ran away! [NYP]

Britney Back in the Studio
BritBrit is taking voice lessons and recently played around in the studio for “fun.” Two years too late? [E Online]

Gwyneth Reveals Post-Partum Depression
Gwynnie has fessed up to suffering from PPD after her second tot was born, and blames it on cutting back on her acupuncture treatments. Just when we were about to sympathize, she adds that?! [Us]

Cam Diaz Mourns the Passing of her Father
The actress’s dad unexpectedly died this week after a bout with pneumonia. Our condolences. [People]

Tori Spelling: Gay Icon?
The 90210 star says “I’m a huge fan of gays!” and fancies herself the next Barbara Striesand. Is she serious? [Reuters]

Win Speed Racer’s Car



The execs at Warner Bros. Pictures are kicking their Speed Racer promotions into high gear by giving away a $100,000 car inspired by the movie. Entering to win is simple (and free): Just text FAST to 90736. On Friday, April 18, you’ll receive a text message with a Speed Racer trivia question. Answer it correctly, and you could be one of 10 people flying to Los Angeles for the movie’s April 26 premiere. Once in L.A., the 10 winners will compete for the car. It may be a long shot, but imagine driving home in this:

Bret & Poison Hit the Road: Tour Dates



Twenty-two years after the cat dragged ‘em in, Poison is heading back out. Led by our own Rock of Love wild man, the guys with the big hair and the hooky metal riffs are spending a big chunk of the fairest season cruising from city to city on a romp they’re calling the “Live, Raw & Uncut Summer Tour.” It’s sync’d up to a product, natch. A CD/DVD set with the same title hits the racks in June; this time ’round it’s all about the concert and the hits. Maybe Bret will be filming some of the action for the alleged big rock road show he’s been mentioning in interviews.

Make the jump to see if he’s stomping near you.

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Evan and Dita Are Marilyn’s Vampires!



Gossip blogs have had a field day with Evan Rachel Wood (pictured at right). First it was the scandalous age difference between Evan (who’s now 20) and boyfriend Marilyn Manson (age 39). Then attention turned to the odd fact that she appeared to be morphing into Manson’s ex-wife Dita Von Teese (pictured at left). Yesterday the actress showed up at the “The Life Before Her Eyes” premiere looking pale and more like Dita than ever. As Dlisted points out, the transformation is complete. But I’m starting to believe that Marilyn Manson is a real life vampire. It’s not that Evan has transformed into Dita. It’s that Marilyn has turned them both into vampires! How many more young women will fall? How many will he consume?

Check out more images of Evan Rachel Wood at “The Life Before Her Eyes” premiere:

Click the jump to see Evan Rachel Wood’s full transformation.

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