Fiddy’s Baby Mama: “He Tried to Kill Me”



Oh snap. 50 Cent‘s baby mama is freaking out about the fire that claimed her home (and almost took her and her son’s life) last Friday, and is convinced her ex is to blame. “He tried to kill me and his own child,” Shaniqua Tompkins told the NY Post, adding, “Who do I think did it? Curtis Jackson. He threatened me on Monday that he was going to have someone visit me. My kids are in the house. Who would try to kill your own kids? He’s supposed to be all about being a gangster … that’s not a gangster, that’s a coward.”The police are still investigating the fire, even if his ex has already made up her mind about what happened. Interestingly enough, the pair allegedly “got into a violent dispute Monday during a deposition in a $50 million lawsuit she is bringing against him.” File that under ‘things that make you go hmmmmm.’ [FoxNews]

See The Who: Rock Honors Tix On Sale!



Get ready – this year’s VH1 Rock Honors show is celebrating the Who in all their explosive glory. Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, and the Flaming Lips will be on hand to rock the house at UCLA next month. We’re airing the show on July 17. But if you want to go to the live event on July 12, here’s the 411 on getting yourself into Pauley Pavillion.

This Friday, June 6, tickets go on sale to members of the Who’s Fan Club. One day later (June 7), members of both the Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam fan clubs have purchasing access as well. On Sunday, June 8, the general public will be able to hit Ticketmaster for purchases (213-480-3232). Prices range from $300, $125, $65. Proceeds from the sales will benefit the following charities, Double O, Teenage Cancer Trust, VH1 Save the Music Foundation, VH1 Classic Autism campaign. Don’t miss the chance to see the legends live.

The 10 Most F*ckable Celebs at the MTV Movie Awards



While the rest of the world was paying attention to who was winning what at the MTV Movie Awards, a few of us were drooling over our favorite celebs that looked good enough to bed. Check out our picks for the 10 Most F*ckable Celebs at last night’s show – and tell us, were you as turned on by Audrina’s new bangs as we were?

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Ashanti’s Declaration…and Declaration


After schooling us with her Tips for a Bangin’ Summer Body, Ashanti‘s back to impart more wisdom to the VH1 Blog. Above, the diva talks about her fourth studio album, The Declaration (in stores tomorrow, June 3), and why collaborating does a pop-star good. And since she reveals that the intense video for “The Way That I Love You” is based on the Oxygen’s true-crime series focusing on women murders, Snapped, we took the opportunity to ask Ashanti just how crazy love has driven her. Check out the video below to see just how close Ashanti has come to snapping, herself.

Celebrity Shoe Quiz – MTV Movie Awards


1. shoes1.jpg 2. shoes2.jpg


3. shoes3.jpg 4. shoes4.jpg


5. shoes51.jpg 6. shoes6.jpg

In Hollywood, it’s the Summer of Shoes. First, Gwyneth Paltrow created a media stir while promoting Iron Man by wearing sadist-looking platforms and pumps that accentuated the muscles in her perfectly sculpted calves. Then came Sex and the City, resulting in a nationwide forum on Carrie Bradshaw and her footwear and shoes in general. Last night’s MTV Movie Awards continued the trend. Browsing through hundreds of photos from the awards, it’s clear that the paparazzi has a collective shoe fetish (a disproportionate number of shots were closeups of feet!).

Pictured above is Chris Brown, Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, Ellen Page, Sarah Jessica Parker and T.I. See if you can match each of them to their shoes.

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Myammee is Hot, Hot, Hot



Feeling a little sluggish on this fair Monday morning? Two cups of coffee not waking you up? Well this super sexy pic of Myamee will get you going – trust. Take a look and enjoy the sensation of your eyes popping out of your head. Flav‘s former girl – who nabbed the number 5 slot on our VH1′s 30 Hottest Stars List – never ceases to blow our minds every time she sports a barely there bikini. Enjoy – and check out the full spread in King next month. [Bossip]

Myers Puts Jessica Alba On a Strict Diet


Mike Myers was on his game last night at the MTV Movie Awards, especially when he revealed the menu requests of the stars as the boss of “Tristan’s Trailer.” Don’t be surprised if you’re itching for a Nutter Butter by the end of the clip – and don’t worry about it, either. They of course contain three key food groups: sugar, nutter, and butter.

Here are great shots from last night’s show.

Here are great shots from last night’s red carpet arrivals.

When Will Brooke Mueller Realize Charlie Sheen is Nuts?



After a couple of episodes of Denise Richards dropping C Bombs on her new reality TV career ruiner, we’re proud to be Captain of Team Denise. Sure she seems, uh, fragile, but it doesn’t mean her accusations against Charlie Sheen are false. Also, even my grandma knows that he loves hookers. So when do you think Brooke Mueller, who married Charlie this weekend, is gonna realize her hubby might be super kooky, even if he is wonderfully rich?

  • Two weeks – Just like Eddie Murphy‘s recent never-wife and Ali Landry (who dumped Mario Lopez after their honeymoon), Brooke will figure out just what kind of mess she’s married and run 14 days later.
  • Two months – If two months of marriage is good enough for Pam Anderson and Rock Salomon, surely Brooke can make it that long!
  • Two years – It took BritBrit over two years to figure out K-Fed was up to no good. Think Brooke and Charlie can make it this long?

Diddy’s Doing Cam Diaz Again



The soon-to-be couple of the summer, Didiaz (seen above on May 29), reconnected last weekend at a backyard concert thrown by Prince (only in Hollywood, huh). During the affair they giggled and held hands while the Didster sipped Grey Goose and Cameron spoon-fed him bites of her bread pudding. Barf. The couple then apparently meandered through Prince’s palace until they found a private room and promptly locked themselves inside. Nod nod, wink wink! Diddy got all steamed when he heard people were making a big deal out of their little rendezvous, stating, “It is ridiculous that two celebrities of the opposite sex can’t just hang out with a group of friends without it being reported as more than that. We are just friends.”

But really, aren’t all of Diddy’s lady pals just friends with sexy benefits? [NYDN]

R. Kelly’s Mole Defense Turned Upside Down?


r-kelly-mole-on-head-upside-down.jpg(The VH1 Blog knows very little about the law. So we’ve solicited Mark Muro, a founder of the California law firm Muro & Lampe, Inc. to keep a running tab on which side has the advantage in the R. Kelly child pornography trial. Check back daily for updates.)

Though hardly as intriguing as the heavily anticipated “threesome” testimony, the prosecution made headway towards undermining the mole defense with video forensics expert Grant Fredericks. Fredericks showed the jury several frozen frames where a dark spot was visible on the man’s back — in the same location as R. Kelly’s mole. Defense attorneys sparred with Fredericks over whether the mole was in fact in the same spot. We’re betting the jurors can figure that one out for themselves.

In even drier, yet effective, testimony, FBI forensic expert George Skaluba explained to jurors that the sex tape was not computer generated or altered, but instead depicted “real people in a real environment.” I anticipate that the defense will have its own forensic experts. But it’s possible that R. Kelly’s mole could turn out to be cancerous to his case.

Prosecution gets another point. Overall score: Defense: 0; Prosecution: +4.