Kim & Kourtney: Always Be Posing


Kim and her sister Kourtney are good at one thing (well, a couple of things, if you include sex tapes) and that’s looking fierce for the camera. We visited our favorite site –, natch – and couldn’t stop drooling at this shot of Kimmy and her sis at a pool in Monaco. Is it candid? Is it real? Are they robots? They’re doing something right, cuz Kim looked really hot at an event in Monte Carlo last week (peep pics below!). Vacation does a body good!

Anne Hathaway Finally Dumps Loser Boyfriend


Seriously, this is the best news we’ve heard all day. Anne Hathaway, best known for being boring in a bunch of mediocre movies, has finally dumped her shady Italian boyfriend! You go girl! The actress dated businessman Raffaello Follieri for four years, but his sketchy business dealings finally got the best of him – and their relationship! Though Anne stuck by him after a $215,000 check he wrote to a prominent business man bounced, she finally got the hint after NY State began investigating his “charity” the Follieri Foundation. Anne even served as a director on the charity’s board! Props to the lady for finally figuring out that the dude was no good.

We’re excited to see who she dates next, and if there’s any truth to those lesbian rumors floating around. Time to rebound, Anne! In public! [Daily Mail]

Hef’s Girls Hate Each Other


The love between Hef‘s girlfriends is as fake as their boobs! Apparently Hef’s #1 lady, Holly Madison, has gone a bit diva-crazy, and rules the Playboy mansion with her ridiculous demands. Allegedly no one can stand her, especially Girlfriend # 3 Kendra Wilkinson. Their beef is explosive and causing major drama for the producers trying to wrangle the girls for their popular TV show. And Holly is also apparently trying to drag the magazine into her drama, as she’s desperate to gain editorial control of the men’s rag. So where does that leave the other girlfriend Bridget? She’s stuck peacemaking in the middle. That’s what #2 girlfriends gotta do! [TMZ]

Mary J. Blige Buys Fans Fancy Things


There are a billion reason to love Mary J. Blige, so let’s start the day with just one. The singer was shopping recently at the Diane Von Fustenberg stores in downtown NYC, and overheard a customer freaking out about a dress she had on hold that she thought was $500 but turned out to be $900. Mary J. swooped in and asked to pay for the balance on the dress. “I know what it’s like to want something and not be able to have it,” Mary J. said when the customer tried to deny her offer. “I insist.”

Awww! Aren’t you just swooning at her kindness? She even declined the lady’s offer to repay her the balance on the dress, saying, ” “Just enjoy it. I’m blessed, so let me do this.” Other celebs out there – are you listening? Buy us stuff we can’t afford! [NYP]

Gossip Break: Heigl’s a Hater


Any Winehouse fainted today and is being hospitalized. Gee, we wonder why? [Seriously? OMG!]

Katherine Heigl has pissed off TV writers and fans alike, after she withdrew herself from the Emmy race because she feels she wasn’t “given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination.” Get over yourself, Heig-y! [IDLYITW]

Joel Madden didn’t marry Nicole Richie, and he’s got the blog entry to prove it. [ICYDK]

OMG, Jessica Simpson eats meat ya’ll! We get it – you’re from Texas. [PopCrunch]

David Letterman destroyed Spencer Pratt on his show. Think it’ll land him a date with Lauren? [WWTDD]

Fashion Failure: Rihanna’s Rough Rocker


RiRi performed at the MuchMusic Awards last night, and the normally adorable songbird committed every fashion offense in the book:

  • Cheesy officer cap? Check.
  • Ruffled top that really belongs in the sale bin of your local Fashion Bug? Check.
  • Lindsay Lohan skank leggings? Check.
  • Patent leather hooker boots that probably cost over $1000? Check.

The only thing that could have made this look better? A little arm candy by the name of Chris Brown.

Heather: Another Singer’s Rock of Love


Rock of Love 1 & 2‘s Heather stars in the clip below, the video for “Left Unsaid” by the Buffalo-based rock band For What It’s Worth. It’s a surprisingly subdued turn for her (she kind of just pouts and acts fabulous throughout), but as the object of desire of a rock singer, she’s clearly right at home. You might even call her performance method acting.

Bow Wow’s Got Beef with Video Hotties


New beef alert! A couple of super hot video vixens – Rita G. and Dollicia “Doll” Bryant – hit up a radio show recently where they dished dirt on Kanye and talked trash about Bow Wow, ragging on his short stature and claiming he macked them while he was still with Ciara (WATCH the video of their trash talking sesh here). Ohhh snaps!

But Bow Wow’s not one to get walked all over, so he’s taken to the web with his own video (watch it above), refuting the gals’ claims. He’s even got recent footage (allegedly) of Dollicia hanging out with him and his boys. In his vid Bow Wow taunts the girls, saying, “You ain’t gonna win this game, you can’t play chess with Bobby Fischer, baby!” When discussing Rita G., who starred in Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” video, Bow Wow claims that “Nobody knows her!”

Well now we do! So who do you think won Round 1 of this battle?

Cops Investigating Threats Against Hogans


This ongoing legal battle between the Hogans and the family of John Graziano continues to get uglier, even as John remains in a coma and Nick Hogan sits locked up in jail for the accident that critically injured his best friend. Hulk‘s people have released voicemails allegedly sent by John’s brother Frank, in which he talks about committing some serious violence against the Hogan clan. The police are currently investigating the phone calls, in which a gruff voice can be heard threatening to “piss on you and your family’s grave,” and refers to Linda and Brooke as “your wh*re daughter and your wh*re wife.”


Click here to listen – and be warned, the language is NSFW and very ugly.