Monday: Audrina Strips, Paris Slips


audrina-175x.jpg Audrina Strips Again … With the PCD
Apparently, The Hills‘ starlet didn’t get enough attention from her nudie pics. – DListed

Heath Ledger Fathered Love Child
The actor was 17 when he had an alleged affair with an older woman. – Daily Telegraph

Brangelina: No Nuptials in New Orleans
Star magazine wrongly reported that the stars were married. – E! Online

Paris Bites the Dust in Prague
Rushed by fans, Paris Hilton falls flat on her face. -DListed

Mariah Hangs Up on the BBC
BBC Radio DJ says Mimi’s sold 80 million albums worldwide. Try 200 million! Click! -YouTube


Chat Live With the Stars of Leatherheads


Tonight at 6:30 p.m. (PST), you can get the chance to chat with the stars of football fandango Leatherheads. The film’s producers are presenting live red carpet coverage and interactive discussion with the actors involved by way of the widget above. (Until then, the widget will broadcast the trailer on infinite loop.) The film is a period piece about football’s roots, starring Mr. Suave, George Clooney, The Office‘s John Krasinski, and Renee Zellweger. Get your questions prepped.

American Idol: David Cook Covers . . . Chris Cornell?


cornell.jpgLast Tuesday night, American Idol contestant David Cook gave a rousing — if also melancholic — rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” While that’s not exactly news in itself, the judges’ comments were. The trio praised Cook for his originality in rearranging the composition. The trouble is that Cook was covering Chris Cornell‘s version of the song as it appeared on the latter’s second solo album, Carry On — as was clearly stated by Ryan Seacrest before Cook began performing. The Seattle rock luminary and former Soundgarden frontman reinterpreted the Thriller classic as a much darker song; Cook followed Cornell’s version note for note. (Cornell’s version has seen a massive sales jump on iTunes in the days since.) We caught up with Cornell to ask him about what he thought of Cook’s version.

VH1: Your fans seemed to be outraged with David Cook. Can you talk about their response?
Chris Cornell:
They were angry because they felt like the judges were giving David Cook credit for coming up with the idea — reinventing the song in a rock format — and didn’t seem to know that it was taken from somewhere else.

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Rock of Love Girls: Hot or Not Results! (Part 2)


It’s often said that people become more — or less — attractive after you get to know them. We found this theory to be true by asking which Rock of Love 2 girls were hot and which were not before the season began and then again earlier this the week. So while Kristy Jo is still the beauty of the bunch, she’s dropped on the hotness scale by 14 percent. Similarly, the seemingly genuine sweeties Ambre and Jessica are a whopping 45 percent and 43 percent hotter than before the show aired. Below is a side-by-side comparison of the results from both polls. Disagree with your fellow fans? Leave a comment.

1. Kristy Jo

HOT = 259
NOT = 49
Score: 84%
HOT = 369
NOT = 2
Score: 98%

2. Ambre

HOT = 240
NOT = 177
Score: 58%
HOT = 84
NOT = 459
Score: 13%

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Free Radio: Lance Apologizes For His Insensitivity


VH1’s spoof show features Lance Krall as a dimwitted radio host who has some infuriating opinions and isn’t shy about expressing them. He also has a weekly blog here where he discusses his innermost thoughts. In this, the final episode, Lance offers an apology to an old friend for lying to him and getting him into so much trouble he wound up in a home in a home for juveniles. Oops.

Free Radio Show Page

Mayer: Philosophical Sports-Casting Cluck


You may know him as a bluesmeister, sexpot, or clown. But as his blog currently suggests, John Mayer is a thoughtful dude, too. In one of his first posts since dumping his entire library a couple months ago, he waxes eloquently about his generation’s self-obsession and self-doubt. Evidently he wrote it while “traveling alone in Japan,” a place that’s nudged him into a psychological spot one of my wise workmates deemed his “Lost in Translation moment.”

But don’t fret, all these deep thoughts haven’t stymied his sillybone, as you can see from the fuzzy commentary he uses to describe America’s pastime in the clip above. That is him, isn’t it?

And what would you do if he turned into Bret Michaels?

Flavor of Love 3 Forecast: Who Should Be the Next to Go?


Four new hotties are moving into the Flavor of Love house next episode to compete for Flav’s affection. See their photos here, then let us know how they stack up next to the other girls (Hotlanta, Prancer, Seezinz, Sinceer, Thing 1 & 2). Plus, tell us who you think will be eliminated next.

The new girls added last episode

Still alive

Shy got the boot last episode. Did you forecast her fall?

Fallen, but not forgotten

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