Jack & Hill vs Barack & Will


Quite obviously it’s time to stump for your fave Democratic presidential hopeful. We know that Will.i.Am is down with Obama. The Black Eyed Pea has just dropped his second cool-ass clip full of famous friends. But Jack Nicholson has countered with a cool-ass clip of his own, full of famous footage. Click away. And tell us who you’re supporting.

Monday: Diddy Does La La Land


diddy_030308.jpgBrit’s Doctors Make a House Visit
Everyone has finally learned it takes a village for this girl to simply leave her house. Staying home is good for her health! [Ok!]

Diddy Ditches the Big Apple for Hollywood
But where will he send his Making the Band plebes when he’s desperate for cheesecake at 4AM? [TMZ]

J. Lo Names Her Kids Max and Emme
We’d thought she’d go for something weirder. Nicely done! [The Superficial]

Spoiled Suri Gets Mark Ronson to DJ her B-Day Party
This is the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever heard, but if it means we get to see Tom and Katie dance awkwardly, it’s totes worth it. [TMZ]

Amy Winehouse Stuck with Skin Disease
The singer, who has recently come down with impetigo, can’t seem to catch a break.

Perez Hilton Gets his Own Sex Scandal


perez.jpgGossip blog godfather Perez Hilton has found himself in some sort of sex scandal, after fellow blogger Jonathan Jaxson has come forward and accused Perez of goading him into making sex tapes and reneging promises of dirt for his blog. The two exchanged videos and numerous x-rated chats, and it appears (from reading their many instant messages) that Jaxson was desperate to get Perez to participate in some sort of staged phone-call for his blog, perhaps in an attempt to generate more traffic to his site. When Perez didn’t follow through on his promise, Jaxson made the IMs public (link NSFW), and the result is way more publicity than he would have gotten from his original plan.

The whole scandal doesn’t seem to be much more than a racy chat exploited by some dude to get famous, but we did learn some choice info – Perez is packing 8.5 inches of man down there! And hey, if you’re gonna become a celebrity for dishing dirt (and drawing on pics of celebs), there’s gonna come a time when you gotta take it, too.

Hulk Caught Cheating with Brooke’s BFF?



Uh oh. The National Enquirer is pointin’ the cheating finger at family guy Hulk Hogan, alleging that the wresting hero (and VH1 star) had an affair with daughter Brooke’s close friend, 33-year old Christiane Plante. When the tabloid caught up with Hulk’s supposed lover, she cried through her confession. “It was never my intention to hurt Terry’s and Linda’s wonderful, funny, sweet, loving, beautiful and talented daughter Brooke,” she said. “My relationship with Terry began at a time when Terry and Linda privately knew their marriage was ending. She had left him already, although no official papers had been filed.”

Hulk’s only comment was, “I’ve got nothing to say. I just want to protect my family,” but his daughter recently posted this cryptic message on her MySpace blog: “I’m going through one of the hardest issues i’ve ever had to deal with in my life…please keep me and my family in your prayers…i need all the support i can get.” Things certainly haven’t been easy for the Hogan clan, as word came today that the other driver in Nick Hogan‘s car accident case was sentenced in the case.

DC5 Singer Dies Before Rock Hall Induction


The Dave Clark Five were a key component of the British Invasion that swept America in the early ’60s. Following in the Beatles’ footsteps, they launched a string of hits up the charts that included certified stompers such as “Glad All Over,” “Bits and Pieces,” and “Anyway You Want It.” This year, on March 10 to be exact, the band will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so it’s sad to report that singer Mike Smith won’t be there. He died in Britain yesterday at the age of 64. Billboard reminds that the band was a powerhouse in its heyday, selling 50 million albums. Check Smith and the guys singing their smash ballad “Because” above. After the jump we’ve thrown the theme from their movie, “Catch Us If You Can.”

VH1 Classic will air the entire Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction show on March 10. Here’s a list of the other inductees.
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Lost Recap: This Ain’t No Love Boat



“Maybe if you talk real slow, we’ll be able to follow you.” – Juliet

Physicist Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) could have explained it as slowly as he wanted, and I’m still not sure I would have followed all the action last night. Let’s just say that the episode, entitled “The Constant,” is not only one of the series’ top five, but maybe even – dare I say it? – numero uno. Desmond needed “a constant” to help him figure out stuff. Me too. I’m not gonna lie. I’ve got a list of questions. Make sure you comment today. I think we need some help with this one!

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