Heidi’s “Higher Path”


The Hills star and Lauren Conrad nemesis Heidi Montag stopped by The View yesterday to show off her clothing line, Heidiwood. Naturally, Whoopi and her View cohorts wanted to talk about Heidi’s falling out with ex-BFF Lauren.

Heidi said, “The truth is, I have no animosity. I think Lauren is a great person and I am not that kind of person — I don’t hate somebody. I don’t have feelings like that. I’m on a higher path.”

Heidi’s “higher path” includes her tumultuous relationship with fiancé Spencer Pratt and other righteous activities including posing with American flags in a miniskirt and hanging out with Barney. Check out our gallery of just what Heidi’s “higher path” looks like:

Hollywood’s Offspring: Cuter, Wealthier Than You


Apple. Lourdes. Suri. Shiloh. What do all these children have in common (other than bizarre names)? They’ll probably never have to work a day in their lives, and they’ve hit the genetic jackpot. Meet Hollywood’s Offspring, the kiddies of the stars who are nearly as famous as their folks.

Guy Ritchie Throws in the Red String


In the latest development of the rumored Madonna – Guy Ritchie split, UK newspaper The Sun is reporting that Guy has stopped practicing Kabbalah. While Madonna has become increasingly involved in the mystical Jewish religion, Guy has turned his back on it.

A source close to the couple told The Sun, “He has gone hot and cold on the religion in the past, but now he’s given up on it altogether. It has always been her thing and is more a part of her life than ever.”
“He was genuinely into it and it helped the bond between them. But then he backtracked a little with his gestures of public backing, like wearing the bracelet, because he didn’t like being such a high-profile follower.”
“He also became suspicious of all the Kabbalah crowd living off her money.”
Sadly, things are not looking good for the Material Mom and her producer husband. Reportedly, Madge has sought legal counsel in Paul McCartney’s divorce attorney, Fiona Shakleton. Madge was also spotted in NYC yesterday, without her wedding ring.

Kim Kardashian Wants to Marry Reggie Bush


Kim Kardashian and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney stopped by The View in Las Vegas this morning to chit chat with Barbara Walters and the ladies. Kim showed off her most famous ASSet for the audience and also demonstrated her Bootylicious pose, which Kim said she does for a few minutes at parties that she’s paid to attend to make it look like she’s been partying all night for the cameras. Truth be told, she doesn’t drink and just shows up to chill out and collect her appearance fee.

When host Sheri Shepherd prodded the Bond Girl wannabe about her NFL star boyfriend Reggie Bush, Kim blushed and revealed, “I finally found someone so nice and so normal.” So sex tape videographer Ray J wasn’t so nice and normal? Why though? Regarding wedding bells, Kim told The View that nothing is planned right now, but when you spend that much time with someone, you hope that a wedding is in the future.

Shots of Kim’s Bootylicious party pose after the jump.

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Kanye Coveting McConaughey’s Babymama?


Camila Alves is the 25-year-old model who “made a baby” with shirtless wonder Matthew McConaughey. She also, apparently, happens to be the latest object of Kanye West‘s affection. Earlier today, the temperamental rapper posted a shot of McConaughey’s babymama on his blog. In the past several weeks, Kanye has uploaded shots of ladies he fancies…and Camila’s the latest. Think Ye knows Camila’s flat stomach looks a little different these days?

Mary Ellen on Mary Carey


“I don’t think I’m as crazy or as wild as Mary Carey is,” says the woman that many in the world know as…Mary Carey. The clip above, in which the cleaned-up Celebrity Rehabber talks about her porn name (it was inspired by Mariah Carey, didn’t you know?) and the confusion that came as a result of it, is an extended extra from Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Addiction Special, which premieres Tuesday, July 1 at 10/9c on VH1. Joining Drew on the special are the likes of Nile Rogers and Mary’s former co-Rehabber, Seth Binzer. On her persona, Mary goes on to reveal, “It’s very confusing, the whole…” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Will Winehouse Make Mandela’s Birthday?


What does any venerable world leader want for their 90th birthday? Why, to be serenaded by Amy Winehouse, of course! But will Nelson Mandela get his wish? Yesterday Winehouse missed a photo-call for artists performing at 46664, his 90th birthday celebration in London. The troubled singer opted to visit her incarcerated husband, but did, however, show up for rehearsals, and was “fantastic” according to sources.

In the midst of all this, Rolling Stone released an article detailing the singer’s days of late. Winehouse spoke openly about her husband Blake (“We are so in love, we are a team”), drugs (“I’m young, and I’m in love, and I get my nuts off sometimes”) and her next album (“It’s not so much about recording, it’s about whatever”).

Amy should be hitting the stage right about now for the 46664 concert. Check back for updates!

And here’s our list of Great Moments from Charity Concerts.

Exclusive: Bachelor Couple on the Rocks?


Although London Calling Bachelor Matt Grant is insisting that all is well with fiancé Shayne Lamas, his alleged behavior at a recent Beverly Hills party has sparked rumors otherwise. On June 12, Matt told People that he had moved out of Lamas’ Century City condo to “keep the spark – the romance – that exists in the first year of a relationship [alive].”

However, just two days later, sources at a poolside bash at the Beverly Hills home of a sports executive revealed that Matt was chatting up actress LaNease Adams, who, ironically, was a contestant on the first-ever Bachelor. (Remember the one with Alex Michel?) Fiancé Shayne, by the way, was nowhere in sight.

“Matt was really into her and spent a lot of time at the party speaking to her,” a partygoer told the VH1 Blog.

Maybe the pair of reality show stars were just talking shop and swapping Bachelor stories…

Xtina RoX the Vote


Mama Christina Aguilera appeared on Larry King Live last night to promote her PSA for Rock the Vote.

The “Dirrty” singer revealed to the veteran talk show host that last year was the first year she exercised her right to vote and that she felt “ashamed” for waiting so long. To make up for it, Christina picked up her 5-month-old baby Max Liron, wrapped him in an American flag, and posed for a PSA to promote the organization, which helps register young voters.

Christina, who follows a long line of artists to be the face of Rock the Vote, including Madonna as the first almost 18 years ago, was referred to by Larry as a “soft” singer. Xtina cooly set him straight, letting him knowing that she is actually known for her powerful vocals. Max’s mama will again show off her powerhouse voice when the Rock the Vote PSA is revealed, which features the singer belting out her special version of “America the Beautiful.”

Watch Christina on Larry King after the jump.

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Gossip Break: Audrina is Always Hot


J. Lo shows off her other set of twins. Har har. [DListed]

Pete and Ashlee got a new puppy, which will promptly be neglected once their baby is born. [Seriously? OMG!]

Jay-Z might be expanding his empire by buying a chunk of the third-place Yankees, topping off his list of problems at 100. [ICYDK]

Angelina Jolie is never having those babies, damn it! [WWTDD]

Shocker! Celebrities walk their dogs. We’ve never seen anything like it! [I'mNotObsessed]

As usual, Audrina from The Hills is hot and wearing minimal clothing. [Egotastic]