Cheyenne Takes Us to “Lollipop World”


Above is a slideshow for “Lollipop World,” a song produced, written and performed by the I Know My Kid’s a Star first runner-up Cheyenne. You could probably pick up on the cheery tone from the title — in fact, her mom Helene notes that this song is about as far from Rocky’s post IKMKAS single as you could possibly get. Rock on, Cheyenne…but gently.

Gossip Break: Nicole’s a Hot Mama


nicole-richie-2.jpgNicole Richie is gracing the pages of Harper’s with her baby girl, barefoot boyfriend, and dad (clad in an ironic t-shirt). Pretty. [Harper's Bazaar]

Paris Hilton wants to be a mommy and is off to great start by comparing kids to her pets. [Seriously? OMG!]

Has Ciara moved on from Fiddy with a new man? [YBF]

Kimora and Russell are still having divorce drama, after she tried to block him from obtaining joint custody of their two tots. [Crunk+Disorderly]

After being released from jail, Amy Winehouse hit the town looking like a cracked out extra from Grease. [I'm Not Obsessed]

Fergie almost falls down and twists her ankle while leaving the Waverly Inn. It’s tumblicious. [CelebSlam]

Britney and K-Fed practice safe sex and do it over the phone. Still gross! [IDLYITW]

Katherine Heigl thinks she’s too good for Grey’s Anatomy and wants out of her contract, so she can continue making movies for my grandmother. [DListed]

Nick Cannon‘s wedding ring has arrived in NYC! Oh, and so has Nick. [Just Jared]

Rihanna and Chris get turned on by bucket of fried chicken, make out in a KFC. [ConcreteLoop]

Boob Watch: Stare & See if Ash is Preggers



You know how you know when someone is pregnant? When they tell you (or ya know, when they pop a baby out after nine months). But of course the NY Daily News can’t stop speculating about what’s going on in Ashlee Simpson‘s still-flat belly, so they’ve moved north to her breasts. “Possibly pregnant Ashlee Simpson did little to squash baby rumors when she recently flaunted a chest that could rival her big sis Jessica’s,” the rag gushed today.

Her rep chalked it up to a “great bra,” but we chalk it up to serious desperation on behalf of the newspaper. Next time do a little research – her boobs looked bigger in 2007! [Sidenote: Ash is rumored to be getting married to Pete Wentz next week – we can’t wait to analyze her wedding dress breasts.]

Bush Not Worthy of Brolin



Instead of letting us block out the political nightmare of the last eight years, Oliver Stone has decided to preserve the memories forever on celluloid. W (pronounced Dub-ya) is set to hit theaters in 2009 and Josh Brolin plays Mr. President. While his performance was awesome in No Country for Old Men, we’re thinking the W casting director was a bit overzealous.

We feel that this fellow would be capable of a much more accurate portrayal.

Sex and the Scariest Lingerie Ever



A British lingerie company used four Sex and the City “lookalikes” to launch their new lingerie line, and the result is effing scary (both the models and the skanky underwear). We’re pretty sure Carrie Bradshaw would rather wear Easy Spirit shoes than go out with a frosted Shirley Temple hairdo like the one modeled above. As for the lingerie: normally we LOVE zebra print unitards with the sides cut out, but the blue bows kinda ruin it. Right? [Getty]

Lindsay’s Top 5 Career-Saving Products


Earlier today we told you about La Lohan‘s latest career move, but it turns out the rehabbed starlet is doing more to expand the Lohan brand: the constantly legging’d actress is designing her own line of leggings. “I’m doing my own leggings line! But it’s a secret. It will be a while before it comes out, but I’m going to do it. I love leggings,” Lohan reportedly said at a party at her home.

While we agree leggings are a good bet for Linz, why stop there? Here are a few more products Lindsay could shill that are close to her heart.


LiLo Tan-n-Go
— For the girl on the go, you have to show up everywhere looking orange, but who has the time between rehab and arrests? With this handy spray bottle, you’ve got time to tan before the cop reaches your car after pulling you over!

Camouflage Vodka
— Did your recent rehab sob story land you on the cover of every magazine from here to Italian Vogue, proclaiming sobriety? That career resurrection not going so well and you need a drink? Hit the clubs with this trusty water bottle, and no one will be the wiser. Looks like Poland, tastes like regret.

Scowl Training
— A foundering career, parents who should be committed, a drug problem and a little sister who looks like she’s heading down the same path you’re on: that’s a lot for a girl to handle. But how do you let the paparazzi know how you’re feeling? Simple: Scowl.

Coke Pants
– When you’re caught driving around high out of your mind, you need an additional set of pants to support your “Those aren’t my pants” excuse to the cops.

Lesbian Companionship — When you’re burning emotional bridges left and right, it’s best to have that one friend who’ll always stick by you. Rumors of a sexual relationship have buzzed around Lindsay and Samantha since they first started hanging out, but as yet, no confirmation of a relationship. Nothing says “edgy” like lesbian-DJ-hipster-BFF.

Kim Kardashian: Yes, I Zapped My Cellulite!



Kimmie K. is speaking out about being spotted getting a cellulite treatment in Los Angeles, and she’s owning it! The whole thing was just part of her beauty regimen (which included laser hair removal and some serious workin’ out) to prepare for a sexy photoshoot. The pleasing pics were a one-year anniversary present for her boyfriend Reggie Bush – and damn, did Kim deliver! In terms of the rumor that she was takin’ care of her butt business because of that cottage cheese diss Paris Hilton delivered, Kim had this to say:

Well of course that is not the case! This treatment was done months before her joking around and I wouldn’t have filmed the process if this was something I was insecure or embarrassed about! I work out extremely hard and am happy with my shape… cellulite, not so much!

Wow – she’s honest, confident and kinda funny. Who knew? Kim – 1, Paris – 0. Enjoy more of Kim’s campy pics HERE on her website. [OfficalKimKardashian]