Rock of Love: Getting Drunk and Topless


Heather‘s back! Today’s Rock of Love moment doesn’t even involve our titular rock star. Bret Michaels is nowhere to be seen. Instead, it’s his familiar, Heather, who provides the motive for craziness. In this installment, we learn that rocker-ish behavior involves shots, toplessness, and plenty of tanned bellybuttons on display. (Sidebar: While we’ve noticed plenty of belly jewelry on the Rock of Love girls, we haven’t seen any bellybutton starburst tattoos. What happened to those?) Is this behavior befitting a rock star? Or is it more befitting an after-hours seafood buffet at the Times Square Hooters in the middle of a heatwave? We’re at a loss.

Jamie-Lynn’s Shotgun Wedding



Hey ya’ll! Jamie-Lynn Spears, the 16-year old mama-to-be (and Brit’s sis) is getting married! Her main man, Casey Aldridge, 18, has allegedly proposed to his knocked up sweetheart, though there’s no word on a ring or a date. Who cares! She’s walking down the aisle way before Britney did, which must be tearing her big sis up. There’s nothing like being upstaged – at everything! – by one’s little sis, but J-L’s got it down. And you know what that means – her custody case is gonna be that much crazier, and probably happen before she turns 20. [Us]

The Celebreality Interview – Catching Up With Heather



Since Heather busted in the Rock of Love 2 house and immediately took over this week’s episode, there was no way we couldn’t talk to her. Below, Heather dishes the dirt on the girls, an unaired make-out sesh Bret and how thinks of this Rock of Love season compares to last. She also told us plenty about what’s coming up for her, and though we can’t get too specific too soon, it’s safe to say that there’s plenty more Heather to come. The world is her sorority — we just gawk at it.

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Kimora & Russell Divorce for the 100th Time



How many times can one couple announce their divorce? We’ve lost count, but we’re guessing Kimora Lee Simmons and her super-mogul ex-hubby Russell have done it, oh, a gazillion times, including today. We get it! You guys split up! Didn’t this happen in like 2006? Aren’t you both busy getting pregnant and doing yoga with your new (and might we add, much hotter) significant others? Earlier this month, Kimora said, “I’m in the paper every single week – that I had a fight with my ex-husband, or that I was mad at one of his girlfriends, or that I’m pregnant, or that I demand Fiji water … Lies upon lies upon lies.”

Oh Kimora. Admit it – you like being in the paper every week. Are we the only ones who suspect that the divorce reports pop back up every time our girl needs some publicity? Or were ya’ll too busy buying her new perfume – which launched last week – to notice?

Celebs Set Bizarre World Records



Tommy Lee got up to a different kind of mischief in the skies recently. Undoubtedly already a member of the Mile High Club, Mr. Lee commissioned the first ever tattoo administered at a high altitude. The Motley Crue drummer had a peacock tattooed on his thigh for the entirety of a five hour flight. Ouch.

With this, and the recent news that Fall Out Boy were attempting to play a concert on every continent to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, it got us thinking about some of the other records that celebs have already set, whether Guinness acknowledges them or not.

mariah1.jpg Mariah Carey — Shortest Skirts Worn on Stage

paula_abdul.jpg Paula Abdul — Most Unintelligible Sentences Strung Together During a Live Television Broadcast

britney1.jpg Britney Spears — Most Hours Spent Driving Around In A Car (officials have to check, but Spears is suspected to have logged the circumference of the earth three times in mileage)

heidi_spencer.jpg Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt — Most Shameless and Exploitive Usage of Children, Animals and Holidays for Self-Promotion

kanye.jpg Kanye West — Most Humble Artist

American Idol: It’s Over, Chikezie



With over 30 million votes cast, last night we saw one of our top 10 American Idol finalists go home. But in true Idol fashion, before the loser was revealed, every contestant was subject to some mild humiliation. In between promotions for their corporate sponsors, we saw a surprising bottom three get “sent to the stools” (ew?), as well as some neat ads from their corporate sponsors and tax-deductible contributions. Light-hearted phone-in questions and a guest visit from former Idol contestant Kimberly Locke did little to quell the bubbling paranoia and anxiety amongst our final 10 as they counted down to the moment of elimination. Let’s take a look:

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Thursday: Heidi’s Lookin’ for Clones


heidimontag.jpgHeidi Montag Searching for Model Lookalikes
Are you blond and made of plastic? If so, you could be a model for Heidi’s new fashion line! [Us]

Carrie Underwood Boots her Gossip Girl Guy
Honestly, who really wants to date a guy named Chace Crawford anyway? [Us]

Britney Gets her Choppers Whitened
Now all she needs to do is stop smoking, cut her hair and get rid of those stained dresses and she’ll be in almost great shape! [PopSugar]

Angie’s Unborn Babies Worth $10 Mill
They’re not even born yet, but already these babies are raking it in thanks to the big bucks offered for photos. [NYPost]

Robin Williams and Wife Split
After 19 years, she finally got sick of all his jokes and weird faces. We understand. [Us]

DUI in CAL: Richie Sambora Busted



It was a rough ride for Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora last night. The Jersey boy was driving a lost highway in L.A. when the cops pulled him over for swerving erratically in his black Hummer. When they found that the rocker couldn’t pass field sobriety tests, they carted him away. Three women, one of whom was Sambora’s 10-year-old daughter, Ava, were in the car at the time. The 48-year-old has had both alcoholic and romantic woes of late. He was in and out of rehab in 2007, and has gone through breakups with wife Heather Locklear and girlfriend Denise Richards.

Rock of Love Girls: Hot or Not? (Part 2)


It’s often said that people become more — or less — attractive after you get to know them. We’re testing this theory out by using the remaining Rock of Love girls (and a couple of recently booted ones, to boot). Before the season began, we asked you to let us know which of the contestants were hot and which were not. Now that you’ve had a chance to watch these girls up close and personal on TV, we’re asking the same question all over again. Click on any thumbnail photo below and write “hot” or “not” in each girls’ comments section. We will tally your opinions and present the new information, side by side with the old.


Kristy Jo

Want more? Rate the Flav girls, too.

Flav 3 Girls: Hot or Not?

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