Heidi: Now You Too Can Dress Skanky!



Sick and tired of sitting at home wishing that you had the style sense to put together outfits like Heidi Montag of The Hills? Well now you can! Yes, YOU! Heidi has singlehandedly saved fashion by launching her own line – appropriately titled Heidiwood, natch – of sexalicious garments at super affordable prices! Craving some booty shorts and a zebra print tank top that shows off everything you don’t want people to see? Well this outfit can now be yours!* So what if Heidi never actually wears this stuff on the show – her name’s on it and she’s making money off of it, so it’s gotta be cool!

*Half curly-half straight weave and douchey boyfriend not included with this offer.

Check out Heidi modeling her new collection. Hot or not?

The Celebreality Interview – Daisy



“I’d rather have a broken arm than a broken heart,” says the girl for whom becoming Bret’s rock of love was not meant to be. In our epic chat, Daisy dishes the dirt unlike any girl who came before her. Sex on set, plastic surgery, reconciling social anxiety with stripping, living with Charles and what she really thinks of Ambre are among the subjects discussed. Daisy often talked about opening herself up for Bret, but from our talk, it’s clear that open is the only way she can be. She’s so open, she’s like flower, and that’s exactly the point.

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Monday: Lindsay Lohan Does it Better


linds.jpgBrit’s Ex-Boyfriend Adnan Attacked!
Someone allegedly stabbed Britney’s paparazzi Romeo, Adnan Ghalib, in the arm this weekend. Who would want to hurt this sweet, innocent man? [DListed]

LiLo Bashes Jessica Simpson for Sexy Mag Cover
Linds was caught mocking JesSimps’ Esquire cover (where she poses as a sexy 60′s pin-up), growling, “I so already did that.” Er, Linds – you’ve so already done a lot of things. [NYDN]

Cate Blanchett has Baby, Gets No Cash for Pics
The uber-talented actress has popped out another kid, and guess what – there are no million dollar baby pics of her new son! Now that’s how respectable stars do it. [Us]

Nina Garcia Auffed at Elle
Nina is out at her job as top dog at Elle magazine. Does this mean she’s off the Runway too? [E Online]

Beyonce and Jay-Z Hide Their Rings
Come on guys! We just want a peek of the bling. Pretty please? [TMZ]

Photos: Daisy, Daisy, Daisy!


Our massive photo retrospective tracks Daisy’s every move on Rock of Love 2, from the first episode to the last. She may have rocked Bret’s libido, but not his world. Do these pictures show how she fell short?


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The Celebreality Interview – Ambre



And Ambre takes it! Below, she tells us what’s going on with her relationship with Bret: “I’m dating Bret. I’m not disillusioned. I don’t think we’re going to run off and get married.” Also discussed: her background in acting, going panty-free and her near-elimination on the first episode. Get ready to feel what it’s like to be Bret’s rock of love:

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Rock of Love 2 Blog Party (Finale)


Live Ambre Is Bret’s Rock of Love Posted at 10:28PM EST


So, what do you think of Bret’s decision? Tell us here and then read all about what’s going on with Ambre and Bret now in Ambre’s Celebreality interview.

Live Place Your Final Bets! Posted at 10:23PM EST


After all that happened in this episode, who has the shot now? And who looks hotter at this, the final elimination?

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Rock Star Moment: Dirty Dancing Destiney


It’s a simple fact: some people hear a few strains of rock ‘n’ roll and suddenly start freaking. Destiney‘s one of these hedonistic wonders, and as the clip above demonstrates, she doesn’t mind getting her ya-ya’s out in front of anyone – what generation gap? Bret‘s no fool, of course. He’s candid about loving it when a fine lady writhes on the floor and exposes her inner beast while listening to his stuff. How do you think groupies became so important?

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Idolville: Last Night’s Five Worst Moments



After spending time helping others, Idol returned to the job of dumping someone from its ranks. Last night’s results episode dilly-dallied with recounting Wednesday’s philanthropy, which clearly unnerved the top eight contestants. Each must have been nervous about getting the axe. During the wait? Hot air from all three presidential hopefuls, and some truly awful performances. By now you know that Michael Johns’ is history. After the jump you’ll find out what last night’s five worst moments were.

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