Timberlake Shows Off His Sh*tty Personality


I have no idea who Chuck the Movie Guy is (should I?) and judging from this one video he seems like a bit of a tool, but he’s nowhere near as big of a jerk as Justin Timberlake! Watch and cringe as Chuck asks stupid question after stupid question, while JT gets more and more pissed off at the interview. You’d think with all the millions Justin’s making he could pimp his new flick without getting pissy. Guess not.

In conclusion, my heart goes out to Jessica Biel, who has to date this douche. He seems like a real barrel of laughs.

Five Great Things About the Miss Rap Party



When you’ve got big ending, you’ve gotta have a big party. There was lots of fun at the Miss Rap Supreme bash last night at Brooklyn’s Southpaw club. The ego trip team knows about crafting a proper throw-down, and with several of the femcees in the house, and inimitable Sacha Jenkins playing host, the action was non-stop. A somewhat crazed audience watched the final episode together, got caught up in the show’s spirit, and partied down as each of the ladies (including winner Rece) gave us a taste of their skills. Five great moments, you ask? Let’s count ‘em down:

5. The Roar Of the Crowd
Battle rapping ain’t nothing without an audience, and with the finale blasting on the club’s big-ass screen (otherwise known as the wall, y’all, how Brooklyn is that?), the crowd had no problem bellowing praise for the incisive disses spit by Byata, Miss Cherry, and Rece. Miss Cherry said B was like “Fergie.” Bam – the audience was roaring. The Brooklyn babe fired back that Cherry had no juice, “you’re all dried up, ma.” Bam – the audience was whooping. Then Rece grabbed the mic and clocked both with a string of curses, saying she had check list and she was not only gonna “cross out” the competition, but “bury you where you live.” Bam – the audience went wild. The night’s energy started to take off from there.

4. Nicky 2 State’s Nasty, Nasty Mouth
They don’t call it the dirty south for nothing. That Alabama part of Nick‘s approach busted loose when she wielded the mic, got that gleam in her eye, and started rolling through some very (ouch!) explicit rhymes. Actually, the bluntness was refreshing after so many TV bleeps throughout the show’s season. Sex is one of hip-hop’s bedrock elements, and Nicky’s escapades weren’t over when the mic got passed. Dressed in what host Jenkins called “that gold negligee,” she looked rather hot bumping rump and popping coochie with enough fervor to seem like she was in a 2 Live Crew video.

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Queen Latifah’s Hearing Wedding Bells



Fun with rumors time! Queen Latifah is allegedly planning on marrying her supposed longtime girlfriend Jeannette Jenkins this summer, after gay marriage is legalized in California. The only problem is that Queen’s never come out – about her sexuality or her relationship with Jenkins – so all we can do is speculate (and we do it well). The National Enquirer says that the couple is “‘planning an intimate ceremony with close family and friends.’ Latifah has said she would like to adopt a child, particular an American baby, and this may be the first step toward showing her commitment to Jeannette and to providing a stable home life.”

Last year Queen bought Jeannette a new Range Rover, which she had delivered as a surprise during a lunch out. Will she surprise her “trainer” this year with a diamond ring? Stay tuned! [Bossip]

Phew! Diddy is Still Diddy – The World is Right Again


Diddy is all pissed off about the “news” yesterday that he had changed his name back to Puff Daddy. Guess what, he didn’t – and we’re all fools for caring. Thanks, P Didds! Watch this video for a couple of heartfelt messages from the one and only Sean John:

1. VOTE on November 4th (we’re down!).

2. He’s rich, b*tch. His words, not ours.

The Celebreality Interview – Byata



Should Rece Steele not be able to fulfill all of her duties as Miss Rap Supreme…well, don’t count on the first runner up to take her place. Byata seems more than fine with not taking the crown: “The contest is Miss Rap Supreme, and I’m more Miss Music Supreme,” she explains below. She also talks about being “pop,” her sixth sense and why that kiss with Chiba meant nothing to her.

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The Celebreality Interview – Rece Steele, Miss Rap Supreme



Rece Steele is Miss Rap Supreme. Below, the feisty femcee from the Bronx talks about breaking into an industry that’s not just disproportionately male-dominated, but also in economic shambles. She also talks about her plans for the $100,000 in prize money she grabbed for winning the show, as well as what we can expect from her music (and when we can expect to hear it). When she called herself the “new generation of hip-hop,” she meant it. Trust!

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Gossip Break: Kanye’s the Best 31-Year-Old EVER


kanye-west-bday.jpgWino‘s main man Blake plead guilty to assaulting a dude in a pub. He’s also guilty of being a massive tool. [DListed]

Tori Spelling is about to pop her second kid out right now! Whee. [Seriously? OMG!]

Happy 31st Birthday Kanye! We’re sure it was the best bash June 8 had ever seen. [Concrete Loop]

Taylor Swift is obsessively neat. And hot! Nice combo. [ICYDK]

Sam Ronson and Alicia Keys will be performing at Nicole Richie‘s wedding to Joel Madden. As if we weren’t already jealous enough of her sweet life. Grrr. [PopCrunch]

Diddy Desperate for Attention, Changes Name Back to Puff Daddy



OMG everyone. Diddy Sean John Puffy Puff Daddy is BACK! Who cares, right? Well, Diddy does. He’s reclaimed his former monniker via a rap on the “Check Your Coat” remix by his ex-stylist O’Neal McKnight. “They call me Puff Daddy… he’s back,” says Diddy, announcing the official name change. He then took to his Myspace to plug to song and reiterated the return of the Puff, writing, “This is your boy Puff Daddy!!! Yes Puffy Daddy, the King of the Remix…”

Meh. We like the King of Desperation better.

Snoop Wants Beyoncizzle to “Make Some Babies”



“I told them to go home and make babies.”

Yep, that’s the always wise Snoop Dogg, on his instructions for Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s post-wedding life. The guy’s been married for-like-EVER (ten years, three kids!), so he should know. He also offered this tidbit of advice on how to make your nuptials last: “Communication, and being able to fight and get back up. To have misunderstanding and [then] get some understanding.”

For shizzle, dawg. [People]