Ladies, Don’t Date Mario Lopez!


Mario Lopez cheats on women, and it’s up to us ladies to watch out for each other when we get involved with dudes who enjoy double dipping behind their girlfriends’ backs. So let this be a universal warning! Don’t date this douche. Mario’s ex-wife Ali Landry dumped him after two weeks of marriage because he “cheated on her for several years,” and recently his romance with dance partner Karina Smirnoff ended after it was revealed that he had been nailing a Hooters girl secretly for a year. A year! Karina got a little misty eyed when discussing the break up on Chelsea Handler‘s show (see above), and we don’t blame her. Nothing hurts more than being scammed by some asshole with nice dimples. So pay attention, next girlfriend of Mario Lopez! We know it must be fun dating A.C. Slater, but ‘faithful’ is not in his vocabulary.

10 Freaky But Sexy Moments in VH1 History


Does this video really need an introduction? The 10 finest, freakiest but seriously hot moments in VH1 history have all been jam-packed together for your viewing pleasure. Don’t read this, watch the video! Watch!

Family Drops Video of Hogan Crash Victim


CNN has exclusive video of John Graziano, Nick Hogan‘s best friend who was injured last summer in his infamous car crash, being treated at the hospital for his injuries, and the images are pretty heartbreaking. There’s been a lot of drama surrounding the case thus far – Nick’s troubles in jail, Hulk and Nick’s recorded phone conversations, alleged threats made against the Hogans by John’s family – and it can distract from what’s really at the core of all the fighting: the life of one young man, which has been forever changed.

Watch the video here.

Money Clip: Get Off the Boat!


Above, check out a clip from the first episode of I Love Money, the VH1 all-stars competition that debuts July 6. In it, the contestants meet what Chance describes as their “first challenge”: getting off the boat that has delivered them to their coastal pad. It proves particularly difficult for Midget Mac, but then of course it does: when it you want drama from Mac, just add water.

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Kim & Kourtney: Always Be Posing


Kim and her sister Kourtney are good at one thing (well, a couple of things, if you include sex tapes) and that’s looking fierce for the camera. We visited our favorite site –, natch – and couldn’t stop drooling at this shot of Kimmy and her sis at a pool in Monaco. Is it candid? Is it real? Are they robots? They’re doing something right, cuz Kim looked really hot at an event in Monte Carlo last week (peep pics below!). Vacation does a body good!

Anne Hathaway Finally Dumps Loser Boyfriend


Seriously, this is the best news we’ve heard all day. Anne Hathaway, best known for being boring in a bunch of mediocre movies, has finally dumped her shady Italian boyfriend! You go girl! The actress dated businessman Raffaello Follieri for four years, but his sketchy business dealings finally got the best of him – and their relationship! Though Anne stuck by him after a $215,000 check he wrote to a prominent business man bounced, she finally got the hint after NY State began investigating his “charity” the Follieri Foundation. Anne even served as a director on the charity’s board! Props to the lady for finally figuring out that the dude was no good.

We’re excited to see who she dates next, and if there’s any truth to those lesbian rumors floating around. Time to rebound, Anne! In public! [Daily Mail]

Hef’s Girls Hate Each Other


The love between Hef‘s girlfriends is as fake as their boobs! Apparently Hef’s #1 lady, Holly Madison, has gone a bit diva-crazy, and rules the Playboy mansion with her ridiculous demands. Allegedly no one can stand her, especially Girlfriend # 3 Kendra Wilkinson. Their beef is explosive and causing major drama for the producers trying to wrangle the girls for their popular TV show. And Holly is also apparently trying to drag the magazine into her drama, as she’s desperate to gain editorial control of the men’s rag. So where does that leave the other girlfriend Bridget? She’s stuck peacemaking in the middle. That’s what #2 girlfriends gotta do! [TMZ]

Mary J. Blige Buys Fans Fancy Things


There are a billion reason to love Mary J. Blige, so let’s start the day with just one. The singer was shopping recently at the Diane Von Fustenberg stores in downtown NYC, and overheard a customer freaking out about a dress she had on hold that she thought was $500 but turned out to be $900. Mary J. swooped in and asked to pay for the balance on the dress. “I know what it’s like to want something and not be able to have it,” Mary J. said when the customer tried to deny her offer. “I insist.”

Awww! Aren’t you just swooning at her kindness? She even declined the lady’s offer to repay her the balance on the dress, saying, ” “Just enjoy it. I’m blessed, so let me do this.” Other celebs out there – are you listening? Buy us stuff we can’t afford! [NYP]

Gossip Break: Heigl’s a Hater


Any Winehouse fainted today and is being hospitalized. Gee, we wonder why? [Seriously? OMG!]

Katherine Heigl has pissed off TV writers and fans alike, after she withdrew herself from the Emmy race because she feels she wasn’t “given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination.” Get over yourself, Heig-y! [IDLYITW]

Joel Madden didn’t marry Nicole Richie, and he’s got the blog entry to prove it. [ICYDK]

OMG, Jessica Simpson eats meat ya’ll! We get it – you’re from Texas. [PopCrunch]

David Letterman destroyed Spencer Pratt on his show. Think it’ll land him a date with Lauren? [WWTDD]