Dina Lohan Screws Up Her Second Kid



Dina Lohan should seriously write a book on how to best screw up children. Lindsay Lohan‘s enabler mommy-dearest was out and about with her youngest daughter Ali yesterday, and the two got busy incoherently plugging their upcoming reality TV show. While Ali mumbled something about all the advice Lindsay’s given her, Dina went on a tear about the family’s latest venture on the small screen: “… we have no choice. Tabloids and reality shows are not going away. If they know who Ali is as a person, it’s better.” Wow what great mom advice! If you can’t beat the hordes of paparazzi who exploit your kids, join them! Her other obviously genius move – giving Ali a haircut identical to hers. Nothing says “my kid’s growing up too fast” than a 45-year old’s do.

Watch the video here for all it’s cringe-worthy goodness.

Lost Recap: See You Guys at Dinner



They can’t warp our brains with every episode, and after last week I’m happy they don’t. Last night’s show, entitled “The Other Woman,” brought back the jungle whispers, told us who sent Not-Penny’s-Boat, and explained a love triangle that didn’t include Kate as well as a love quadrangle that does include Kate. It also filled us in on Ben owning everyone he comes in contact with – especially Locke.

Got an appetite for rabbit answers? We can satisfy that hunger. What did you notice about last night’s episode? Add your catches in the comments section.

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Rihanna: Leave Umbrella-ella-ellas At Home


rihannaApparently, Rihanna‘s not concerned about cloudy skies at her shows. The superstar face of Totes has banned the presence of umbrellas at her shows, meaning Ri-Ri’s the only one allowed to dance with the waterproof canopies.

But it’s not jealousy that’s motivating the singer to deprive fans of their umbrella-propped routines; apparently she’s doing it as a safety measure. According to security guards at a March 3rd UK show, “We were told that Rihanna’s song features dancing with umbrellas on stage. We didn’t want the crowd following her actions and someone getting their eye poked out.”

American Idol: Bye-bye . . . Asia’h?



The moments of truth come fast and furious on American Idol, where each week we crush a young man or woman’s dream. But few of these moments have the gravity of the Final 12 pick, where the fat is trimmed and the real contestants are allowed to take center stage. For the eight men and eight women who have made it this far, ’80s week was a challenge. Nobody’s fate was assured (except, perhaps, David Archuleta’s). Who’s in, who’s out? There were surprises and lesser surprises, but ultimately, Luke Menard, Danny Noriega, Kady Molloy, and Asia’h Epperson were dispatched. Let’s consider the losers:
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Kelly Rowland: Boob Job Magic



Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland has finally admitted to getting a boob job last fall. Her reason, of all things, was to be able to fit into designer clothes better. Um, okay. If only we had some designer clothes to try to squeeze into. Anyway – Kelly didn’t go for the Pamela Anderson look, opting instead to go up just one cup size to a B. Whatever makes you happy Kel! We’ve got the before and after look above, and you can check out some bikini pics here. Bootylicious!

Friday: RiRi and Chris Get Cozy


rihanna-030708.jpgChris and Rihanna’s Parisian Snuggle Sesh
OMG! Music’s two golden children are caught cuddling up a storm! Now there’s no denying that these two are maybe/possibly/probs a couple. [Just Jared]

Michelle Dishes on Heath Break-Up
Prior to her the death of her ex, Williams divulged that she “didn’t know where to go” following the couple’s break up. [People]

Ashlee Simpson: “I Wasn’t Wasted On the Radio!”
The singer adamantly claims that she wasn’t drunk during a recent radio interview. Unfortunately, she confirms that she wasn’t hammered when she got her new fugly tattoo, either. [People]

John Mayer Disses Ex-Love
Oh! Mayer’s back on his blog and talking about an ex. Think it’s Jess? [Mayer's Blog]

Lionel Loves Nicole’s Mommy Skills
Awww, grandpa Richie coos over his daughter’s newfound mothering skills. We like Nicole all grown up too! [Us]

American Idol: Kristy Lee’s Year as a Dog



There’s no better decade than the ’80s to underscore this week’s theme: humiliating-memories. The American Idol performances avoided that era’s gaudy glamor and glitz, favoring tamer, safer song choices. Filmed confessions of our contestant’s “most embarrassing moments ever!” were equally tame (with the exception of canine-crazy Kelly). Unfortunately for a few of our favorites (Ramile and Amanda), tabloids and snoopy Web surfers did the probing for them. For sure, digging up the past can profoundly affect the present. While some of our contestants remained as boring as ever, others — in true Breakfast Club style — exhibited noticeable changes in attitude and style after a week of confessions, exultation and humiliation. It’s like everything’s totally changed now. Let’s take a look:

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WTF Happened to Cute Katie Holmes



We’ve been having a hard time looking at Katie Holmes lately. Something just looks off and we’re not quite sure we know what it is. Er, let’s rethink that – maybe it’s her noticeable weight lost and that severe hairdo; or perhaps it’s her desperate attempt at ripping off Posh Spice’s style. Oh, and the always uncomfortable and overbearing presence of her boss husband surely can’t help. Anyhoo, we miss the old Katie, the one who got engaged way to young and made craptastic movies about finding love as the President’s daughter. Amidst the mistakes of her youth she at least looked fresh-faced, carefree, and most importantly, alive. See for yourself!

Old Katie:

New Katie: