Flav 3: Hot or Not? New Girls vs The Incumbents


Four new girls are moving into the Flavor of Love 3 house to compete for Flav’s love. Before the show got underway we asked you which of the 20 original girls were hot and which were not, then read through thousands of your comments and ranked the cast in order of hotness. Now we want you to tell us which of the new girls are hot, which are not, and how they stack up against the five house incumbents (Hotlanta, Prancer, Seezinz, Sinceer, Thing 1 & 2). Cast your votes now and check back on Friday, Mar. 28 for the results.

The New Girls

New Girl #1
New Girl #2
New Girl #3
New Girl #4


The Incumbents

Thing 1 & 2

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Wendy Williams’ Sex Harassment Scandal


wendywilliams.jpgPopular radio DJ and VH1 star Wendy Williams is suddenly swirling in controversy after her talent booker recently came forward and filed a complaint against her husband, Kevin Hunter, accusing him of sexual harassment. Nicole Spence is alleging that Hunter propositioned her for sex on numerous occasions and also “created a hostile work environment by repeatedly beating up Williams.” Wendy is defending her man – who is ten years her junior and serves as her manager – and when interviewed by the NY Post snapped, “Her allegations are totally false. This b*tch is out of her mind.”

Surely this will all play out in court, but Spence’s attorney is already talking big. She tells SOHH that, “We have clear evidence and other witnesses at the company who will back it up, that Mr. Hunter engaged in blatant and open sexual harassment. He did this in the office, in front of other people. The company was aware of this, the head of Human Resources was aware [and] all of this supports her claims strongly.”

Usher’s Wife: Video Sabotage!



Uh oh – all was peaceful after their baby was born, but Mrs. Usher is back and churning up the drama all over again. Tameka Foster, who married Usher this fall, was allegedly very unhappy that her man handpicked singer/songwriter hottie Keri Hilson to play his love interest in the video for his new song “Love in the Club.” A spy on set revealed that “Tameka is very insecure. Even in rehearsals she was weird and clearly not happy that Keri is so gorgeous. Tameka threw a lot of attitude.”

She even went so far as to uglify Keri (and possibly risk the hotness of her hubby’s video) by dressing her down and not allowing her to bring her hairdresser on set. “The day of the shoot, Tameka dressed Keri very badly – she looked like an extra,” revealed the source. Tameka also apparently banned Usher’s longtime choreographer from the video set, and she’s had strained relations with his mom in the past as well. How long is it gonna take for Usher to notice that she might be, uh, isolating him out of her own insecurities? [NYP]

Tyra Leaving Top Model? Fat Chance!


Calm down, Top Model fiends. We know it was alleged today that Tyra Banks is desperate to dump the popular American’s Next Top Model in order to focus on her mediocre talk show. Apparently there’s also a rift between her and Mr. Jay Manuel that’s also adding to her supposed exit. But let’s be real – that ain’t NEVER gonna happen!

1. If Tyra doesn’t like someone, she just gives them the boot! If Mr. Jay was really that much of an issue, wouldn’t he be expelled just like Janice Dickenson, Twiggy and Nole Marin? Tyra loves kicking people off her show – it’s the whole basis of Top Model!

2. Let’s be frank – girlfriend LIVES for this show. She loves counseling young souls who look up to her with giant doe eyes almost as much as she loves berating them from her perch in the judging room (see video above for proof). How could she give that up?

3. America’s Next Top Model is by far THE most important show to air on television since its inception over sixty years ago. I Love Lucy, Sixty Minutes, Saturday Night Live – these shows pale in comparison to the cultural significance Top Model represents. It is beyond groundbreaking and earth shattering programming – it is a weekly revolution. [Ed. note: I'm only saying this in case Tyra IS serious about taking away Top Model. We need our weekly fierce fest!]

American Idol: Archuleta On His Way Home?



Last night on American Idol we heard songs written in our top ten contestant’s respective birth years. Despite Paula’s festive sequined and satin gloved ensemble, the tone of the evening was more “couldn’t care less” than “party dress.” A cranky Randy was harder on the contestants than ever, matching Simon’s pessimism in response to a string of blasé performances. Thankfully, David Cook was able to save the snoozefest, giving a maybe-pregnant Carly Smithson and a maybe-not-as-talented-as-we-once-thought David Archuleta a run for their money.

Read more…

Mariah & The Hills Belong Together


Of course Mariah did “Touch My Body” when she performed on Monday night’s premiere party for The Hills – you’ve heard of marketing synergy, right? But the mini-skirted singer also reached back a couple years to the stone classic that single-handedly revitalized her career, a lil sumpun sumpun called “We Belong Together.” Working a mildly raspy voice during the verses, Carey gave her mega-hit a new sensuality – file it under simmering passion. And check that Long Island accent peeking through when she introduces the song.

Old People Do The Hills


You’ve seen the same drama from The Hills girls over and over again, but it’s a whole new beast when performed by senior citizens! We love this clip of two aging ladies hashing it out as Lauren and Heidi, in an encore performance of the girls’ final fight last season. You know the one – Heidi shows up at Lauren’s house with flowers, basically admits that Spencer started those sex tape rumors, and then tells Lauren to “have a nice life.” Our favorite! Give it a watch and you’ll be hooked on the geriatric version of the show and it’s stars. Orthopedic shoes are WAY better for you than stilettos, after all. [Celebitchy]

Wednesday: Wino Waves Goodbye to London


winehouse.jpgAmy Winehouse Off to African Rehab
Detox in the UK didn’t work, so why not try a totally new continent?! [TheSun]

Jamie Lynn Spears: 16, Pregnant & Engaged
Brit’s sis has been showing off her engagement ring given to her by her 18-year old BF Casey. At least she didn’t have to buy it for herself, like some people we/she knows. [People]

Is Ryan Phillipe Jealous of Jake G?
The actor speaks out about his wife’s currently relationship with super-hottie Jake Gyllenhaal. We think he’s probably more jealous of Jake’s career than he is of him dating Reese. [Us]

Paparazzi Breaks up with Brit
Photogs are sick of Brit and have moved on to Miley. We have a hunch that the feeling’s mutual. [NYDN]

Shiloh and Suri – 2 Years Later

Wow Shiloh and Suri have had more exciting lives in 2 years than we’ve had in 30. Is it too soon to call them jerks? [Ok!]