Paris Hilton Needs a New BFF, Vote for Me!



Paris Hilton is on the prowl for a new best friend, and our peeps over at MTV are helping her mission out with a new reality show that weens out the pals who can hang from the hanger-ons. And this here blogger wants in! I am a lover of all things Paris and am willing to fight a stable of other fabulous wannabes to be at her side (platonically, natch). Paris and I both have size 11 feet and love animals to a fault. What more is there to know? We’re meant to be BFFS!

You can vote for me at the ParisBFF casting site and visit my website,, for continuous coverage of my quest. And if for some ghastly reason I do not make it on the show as a contestant, I will be bitterly recapping the episodes here on The VH1 Blog each week. But she better watch her back! If she leaves me out of her new clique, there will be hell to pay! I may be an excellent friend, but I’m an even better frenemy.

Vote for me!

Love & kisses & lost chihuahuas,


Write A Poem, Win Tix To Madonna Show


Editor’s Note: Entries are no longer being accepted. The submissions phase ended April 24 at noon (EST). Check back soon to read the winning poems.


Anyone can go to see a superstar in a huge venue — that’s easy. But it’s a rarity to catch the queen of pop in a much cozier joint. If you’re a Madonna fan and a decent poet, you’ve got a shot at making this dream come true. Our “4 Lines To See Madonna” contest is all about celebrating the arrival of the singer’s new Hard Candy on April 29. We’ll select two winners, and they’ll each get a pair of tickets for an exclusive performance at New York’s intimate Roseland Ballroom on April 30.

Here’s the deal: you submit a four-line poem about Madonna in the comments section below. It can rhyme, not rhyme, be about her fashion sense, be about a song, or be about a particular era of her storied career. Hey, it can be about any aspect of Madonna’s life that moves you. We’ll check entries through noon of April 24, and decide on two winners. Transportation to NYC is not provided. But once you’re here, there will be two tickets waiting for you.

Feel free to submit more than one entry. We’ll contact the winning poets on April 25 via the email that you include on the “Mail” field of the comments section. (This email will not be made public.) Download the official rules here. You’ll be judged on outrageousness, musical knowledge, and crazy-ass rhymes. Need an example to get you started? You got it.

You’ve sung about sex and spiritual stuff
You’ve proven for years that you take no guff
Now that you’re in the Rock Hall of Fame
Everyone knows, that girl you’ve got game.

Check another example after the jump.

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Flavor of Love 3 Blog Party (Episode 10)


Live The Thing Isn’t



And so, Thing 1 bids a tearful goodbye to Flav. Do you think she’s sadder to say goodbye to him or her sister? Also, Prototype leaves. We hardly knew her, but she was hot, right?

Live Oral History


A fight has broken out regarding Thing 1′s last time with her ex. Can her not-at-all-distant past be held against her? Should Flav even care about what she did before she entered the mansion?

Live Tree Climbs


For doing so well in the Neverwed Game, Tree gets a solo date with Flav. But were she and her ex too close? And how about that outfit she’s wearing? Huh?

Live Doin’ That Thing


Thing 1′s ex alleges that they hooked up a month ago — and she’s been on the show for a month! Should this matter?

Live Seezinz’s Out Posted at 9PM EST


Seezinz gets to sit out of today’s challenge…because she wants to. WTF?

Celebrity Fit Club Breakdown – Episode 5 – Erin Lets It All Out


Add this to the list of things we NEVER wanted to see Erin Moran do:


Why couldn’t she have just hula hooped and left it at that? Below the jump, we count down our Top 5 Favorite Moments from this week’s Celebrity Fit Club, including Erin’s O Face and Dustin’s diva meltdown. It’s so good it should be a federal crime!

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Boutiques Boot Posh


Victoria Beckham, the former Spice Girls singer who crossed over into the fashion industry, has been dumped by U.S. stores after weak sales of her line of jeans. Los Angeles-area boutique owner Fraser Ross cites one possiblereason for the break up: “A celebrity line is no different from an album or a tour. It has to be promoted to sell.” This may be true. But Fraseris missinga crucial point: Posh would have to actuallybefashionable to successfully promote a fashion line. Take a look at some ofher most hideous looks below. Would you buy clothes from this woman?

The Space Traveler Look:

The MilkCow Look:

The My BreastsAre Weapons Look:

The Ming Dynasty Fan Club Look:

The I Only Eat 900 Calories a Day Look:

Moreafter the jump:
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Is That a Baby Bump We See, Ashlee?


ashlee.jpgSeems like getting knocked up is THE most popular trend in Hollywood these days, right behind Balenciaga bags and wide-leg jeans. The latest starlet to jump on the baby bandwagon? None other than the newly-engaged Ashlee Simpson! Us Weekly is confirming that the singer is pregnant, through an exclusive source (Jessica Simpson, we are on to you!). We’re not sure how this will affect Ashlee’s upcoming album – dropping the same day as Mariah’s on April 22 – but hey, if Gwen can tour while pregnant, anyone can! Congrats are in order to the happy couple, obvs. Their future offspring is so lucky – it already has a crazy aunt!

The Celebreality Interview – egotrip



Foxy Brown’s in jail, Remy Ma’s headed there and Lil’ Kim recently got out. Lauryn’s crazy, Eve’s in limbo and Missy can only cross her fingers and hope that her upcoming album hits as big as her music once did. The state of female rap is in such shambles that in ’07, Salt-N-Pepa were the most visible female rappers without having released an album in a decade. They turned to reality TV, and now, so are others — egotrip, the guys behind The White Rapper Show, now bring you the search for the next great female rapper, egotrip’s Miss Rap Supreme (which debuts tonight at 10/9c).

Below, two of egotrip’s founding members, the veritable doctors of street science Sascha Jenkins and Jefferson “Chairman” Mao, talk about the show and the decrepit state of female rap. What this show represents to its budding femcees is hope, and that makes it vital to an industry that’s almost entirely lacking in opportunity. This is not a game, ma.

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