Tyra Banks: Stalked and Scared



Dear Brady Green, age 27 of Dublin, Georgia,

Leave Tyra Banks alone. Seriously. Don’t come to New York City again trying to make contact with her, and definitely do not lurk at her studio with a duffel bag full of magazine clippings about the supermodel and notes about your previous stalking attempts. Just because you’re reportedly big and muscly, doesn’t mean you scare us – or Tyra! The police may have let you go this time, but if you come back to mess with our Top Model, you better believe we’ll be calling the cops – or taking you down with a citizen’s arrest! Stalking ain’t cool, Mr. Green, and just because Tyra’s studio supposedly has no security doesn’t mean we won’t be guarding our beloved chatterbox with all our might. Not that TB needs our help – when life deals her something scary, she just turns it into a photoshoot on America’s Next Top Model. Now THAT is fierce (unlike you).


The Tyra Banks Stalker Patrol

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