When Will Brooke Mueller Realize Charlie Sheen is Nuts?



After a couple of episodes of Denise Richards dropping C Bombs on her new reality TV career ruiner, we’re proud to be Captain of Team Denise. Sure she seems, uh, fragile, but it doesn’t mean her accusations against Charlie Sheen are false. Also, even my grandma knows that he loves hookers. So when do you think Brooke Mueller, who married Charlie this weekend, is gonna realize her hubby might be super kooky, even if he is wonderfully rich?

  • Two weeks – Just like Eddie Murphy‘s recent never-wife and Ali Landry (who dumped Mario Lopez after their honeymoon), Brooke will figure out just what kind of mess she’s married and run 14 days later.
  • Two months – If two months of marriage is good enough for Pam Anderson and Rock Salomon, surely Brooke can make it that long!
  • Two years – It took BritBrit over two years to figure out K-Fed was up to no good. Think Brooke and Charlie can make it this long?

Diddy’s Doing Cam Diaz Again



The soon-to-be couple of the summer, Didiaz (seen above on May 29), reconnected last weekend at a backyard concert thrown by Prince (only in Hollywood, huh). During the affair they giggled and held hands while the Didster sipped Grey Goose and Cameron spoon-fed him bites of her bread pudding. Barf. The couple then apparently meandered through Prince’s palace until they found a private room and promptly locked themselves inside. Nod nod, wink wink! Diddy got all steamed when he heard people were making a big deal out of their little rendezvous, stating, “It is ridiculous that two celebrities of the opposite sex can’t just hang out with a group of friends without it being reported as more than that. We are just friends.”

But really, aren’t all of Diddy’s lady pals just friends with sexy benefits? [NYDN]

R. Kelly’s Mole Defense Turned Upside Down?


r-kelly-mole-on-head-upside-down.jpg(The VH1 Blog knows very little about the law. So we’ve solicited Mark Muro, a founder of the California law firm Muro & Lampe, Inc. to keep a running tab on which side has the advantage in the R. Kelly child pornography trial. Check back daily for updates.)

Though hardly as intriguing as the heavily anticipated “threesome” testimony, the prosecution made headway towards undermining the mole defense with video forensics expert Grant Fredericks. Fredericks showed the jury several frozen frames where a dark spot was visible on the man’s back — in the same location as R. Kelly’s mole. Defense attorneys sparred with Fredericks over whether the mole was in fact in the same spot. We’re betting the jurors can figure that one out for themselves.

In even drier, yet effective, testimony, FBI forensic expert George Skaluba explained to jurors that the sex tape was not computer generated or altered, but instead depicted “real people in a real environment.” I anticipate that the defense will have its own forensic experts. But it’s possible that R. Kelly’s mole could turn out to be cancerous to his case.

Prosecution gets another point. Overall score: Defense: 0; Prosecution: +4.

Ten Biggest Freak-Outs In VH1 History!


Above is a collection of the scariest (and funniest) meltdowns in the history of our reality TV programming, all grouped together into one unpausable trainwreck of a video. Watch all ten clips to decide which celebreality star’s freak-out is the best — or worst, depending on how you look at it. Is it Vanilla Ice’s rampage of destruction in the Surreal Life Fame Game house? Is it Tocarra morphing into a possessed monster reminiscent of The Exorcist right before your eyes? I won’t even mention the Flavor of Love or Rock of Love footage, because the blowups on those shows are too bizarre to describe. You’ll have to see for yourself.

I Love Money: Whiteboy, Rodeo and Nibblz Speak!


In the video above, catch a flashback on the Celebreality pasts of I Love New York‘s Whiteboy, Flavor of Love 2‘s Nibblz and Rock of Love‘s Rodeo (who freaks out in a fit of laughter within seconds, of course). Then, watch as the clip flashes forward, and the three of them talk about what they’ll do with the $250,000 should they win I Love Money, the VH1 all-stars competition that debuts July 6. We’ll be rolling a new one of these out everyday, so if your favorite I Love Money cast member has yet to show up, have no fear: they will.

Lost’s Season Finale: Top 15 WTF Moments!



There was no way the writers of Lost could top last season’s finale. That ending had fans, critics, and bloggers floored for months. What they didn’t provide in a singular moment last night, they made up for with a string of pearls: from ass-kicking to ass-kissing, from pause-and-rewind moments to heartwarming scenes. Summer may be around the corner, but I can’t wait for winter. It’s gonna be a long eight months till next season, kids.

Read on for the top 15 WTF moments from last night’s season four finale. And leave some comments with the ones you think we missed.

15. Sayid gets out-badassed!
Sayid doesn’t fail at much. But he seems to have met his ass-kicking match in Keamy. Just as Keamy was about to get the best of Sayid, Richard Alpert saved the day with a shot to the back.

14. Where’s Daniel Faraday?
Last we saw of Daniel, he was ferrying a Zodiac raft full of islanders to the freighter. We didn’t see him make it there. But we also didn’t see them make it back to the island. So are he and the raft people stuck out in the ocean?

13. Juliet and Sawyer get drunk on the beach!
Sawyer believes that Kate’s dead. We can assume they join Richard Alpert, Locke and the Others, but what are the awful island events that flash-forward Locke reveals to Jack, and did terrible things happen to Juliet and Sawyer?

12. Charlotte was born on the island!
OK, we aren’t fully invested in Charlotte as a character yet, but Miles confronts her and says he’s surprised she’d leave after all the “time you spent trying to get back here.” Later, she tells Daniel she’s going to stay on the island and that she’s still looking for where she was born. Is she one of the few babies to have been born on the island? Or is she significant for other reasons? There’s some speculation that she might be related to Annie, young Ben’s girlfriend.

Read more…

Angelina Gives Birth, Adding to Crayon Box



It may be time to add two shades of Creamy French Blanc to the Brangelina Family Crayon Box. OK! Magazine is reporting rumors that Angelina Jolie has given birth to twins in France, which is her mother’s native country. The couple has four children in addition to the twins, including Maddox Chivan (adopted in Cambodia), Zahara Marley (adopted in Ethiopia), Shiloh Nouvel (biological daughter), and Pax Thien (adopted in Vietnam). According to Angelina, the couple may also open up their home to foster children in the future. So hopefully that crayon box will become a diverse, beautiful, full pack of 64 children!

Dlisted reports that the names of the twins are Isla Marcheline Jolie-Pitt and Amelie Jane Jolie-Pitt, but provides no source.

Clay Aiken’s Four-Point Plan to Being a Dad


clay_aikenYesterday news broke that American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken served as a sperm donor for friend and music producer Jaymes Foster. Foster, who is due in August, is the sister of David Foster, music producer and longtime friend of Aiken. We’re sure Aiken’s going to be a great dad to the little one, and able to impart tons of helpful advice that he’s picked up along the way. We’ve compiled a bit of the fatherly wisdom Aiken will surely pass on to the littlest Claymate.

Pancake, It’s Not What’s For Breakfast: Male or female, gay or straight — why limit yourself in the amount of makeup you wear out of the house? You always want to look coordinated, so why not have your face match your hair.

Feathered, Highlighted and Banged: The only thing that gets as much attention as a good haircut…is a bad one.

Creeping People Out: Sure, Clay’s probably a totally nice guy, but his songs are downright terrifying. A few lines from Clay’s hit “Invisible” will undoubtedly get the littlest Aiken whatever they want on the playground.

How To Appeal to Massive Amounts of Rabidly Dedicated 14-Year-Old Girls: Actually, we have no idea how he does this.