Hollywood’s Worst Fashion Felonies



In honor of the Sex and the City movie opening this weekend and the awful frocks its stars have worn in episodes of the hit HBO show, we’ve gathered the best of the worst fashion flops to ruin Hollywood this year. Not everyone can star in the greatest chick flick of our time, but you sure can dress like you’re straight out of the movie!

From the left: Sarah Jessica Parker and pals (Coco, Heidi Montag, Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes, Tyra Banks, Rumer Willis, Jenna Jameson, Anna Wintour) model their poor picks in crap couture.

I Love Money: Heat, Megan and Real Speak!


In the video above, catch a flashback on the Celebreality pasts of I Love New York‘s Heat and Real, as well as Rock of Love 2‘s Megan. Then, watch as the clip flashes forward, and the three of them talk about what they’ll do with the $250,000 should they win I Love Money, the VH1 all-stars competition that debuts July 6. We’ll be rolling a new one of these out everyday, so if your favorite I Love Money cast member has yet to show up, have no fear: they will.

The Celebreality Interview – Nicky2States



Nicky2States signed her email to me “Miss VH1,” and that says everything about the state of her confidence level. Below, she flosses a sky-high self-image while talking about rhyming with four kids, her take on the Chiba vs. Byata battle and how she guarded against the sexual frustration that so many of the other girls in the house seem to be suffering from. Get a taste of Ms. 2States…if you’re nasty.

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The Celebreality Interview – Bree



“If women ruled the world, there’d be a lot of lesbians,” went the most famous of Bree’s lines uttered on Miss Rap Supreme. But that doesn’t mean that she is one! After the jump, Bree plays coy about her sexuality, talks about why stumbling on her last verse was actually a positive thing, philosophizes about hip-hop’s commercialism being its downfall and explains why her experience on the show was “bittersweet.”

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Mariah Carey Throws Like a Girl


…Or rather, a girl who’s never thrown a ball before. I mean, really – aren’t us ladies supposed to be empowering each other with our sports skills and love of math? Besides, it’s not that hard to toss a ball, especially for someone who works out 14 hours a day with some fancy trainer from St. Barts. But Mimi must maintain her delicate image! God forbid she admits to having another muscle on her besides that voice. Watch and laugh (or cry).

ROL’s Ambre Fights Off Crazy Killers



Some girls sell their own lip chap after winning VH1 reality shows, other go on to hawk sexy jeans for large bottomed ladies. A few fade into the sunset, and if you’re lucky maybe you find love. We assumed Ambre, winner of the second season of Rock of Love, had fallen into the last category and was off somewhere making hot monkey love (his words, not ours!) with Bret. Turns out, she’s been busy attacking crazed killers with a chainsaw. Obviously! Ambre is the star of a new choose your own adventure type horror film on the web called Project: Slasher, which is actually kinda scary if you can look past the fake blood and overacting.

Give it a watch and see if you gasp like we did at a few parts (men in masks always scare the sh*t out of us) . You can even guide Ambre as she tries to escape her killers. Unfortunately all we did was land her in hot water in a sketchy forest. Oops!

Tila Tequila Wants to “Screw” Jonathan Rhys Meyers


There wasn’t too much controversy surrounding this year’s Maxim Hot 100 list. Sure, news broke that Derek Jeter and John Mayer have banged, like, half of the girls. And of course there are gripes with the list itself: Gisele isn’t on it; Halle Berry’s not in the top 20; and Mary Kate’s on it without Ashley. But did you catch Tila Tequila and some of the other hotties talking about which celebs they’d like to get in the sack?

After the jump, Tila also informs us what she’d do if she were a guy for a day. Read more…

George Clooney Dumped This?



Hollywood’s favorite hot old bachelor has split from his bangin’ 29-year old girlfriend, Sarah Larson. The former Vegas cocktail waitress started dating George Clooney in 2007, and was the first girlfriend ever to attend the Oscars on his arm. She also totally loves to strip off her clothes and party, as seen in the photograph above. In short – she is the best girlfriend EVER, and the former Facts of Life star is an idiot for letting her go. And just why did Georgie give her the boot? Says his reps: “We do not comment on George’s personal life.”

But do they comment on George’s stupidity? Cuz now might be a good time to start!

Ashlee Confirms She is Pregnant & Has Bad Hair



Okay, okay. She’s only confirmed that she’s knocked up, but we think Ashlee Simpson should also acknowledge that her red mop is f*cked up! Look at that thing! Back to baby: They’re expecting. No sh*t! Mr. and Mrs. Wentz took to Petey’s website to write the following:

“While many have speculated about this, we wanted to wait until after the first trimester to officially confirm that we are expecting our first child. This is truly the most joyous time in our lives and we are excited to share the happy news and start our family.”

Blah blah blah. Let’s hope this means that these two get sucked into parenthood and never emerge again with a new album or video about eyeliner instruction. Pretty please? [DListed]