Kelly Rowland: Boob Job Magic



Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland has finally admitted to getting a boob job last fall. Her reason, of all things, was to be able to fit into designer clothes better. Um, okay. If only we had some designer clothes to try to squeeze into. Anyway – Kelly didn’t go for the Pamela Anderson look, opting instead to go up just one cup size to a B. Whatever makes you happy Kel! We’ve got the before and after look above, and you can check out some bikini pics here. Bootylicious!

Friday: RiRi and Chris Get Cozy


rihanna-030708.jpgChris and Rihanna’s Parisian Snuggle Sesh
OMG! Music’s two golden children are caught cuddling up a storm! Now there’s no denying that these two are maybe/possibly/probs a couple. [Just Jared]

Michelle Dishes on Heath Break-Up
Prior to her the death of her ex, Williams divulged that she “didn’t know where to go” following the couple’s break up. [People]

Ashlee Simpson: “I Wasn’t Wasted On the Radio!”
The singer adamantly claims that she wasn’t drunk during a recent radio interview. Unfortunately, she confirms that she wasn’t hammered when she got her new fugly tattoo, either. [People]

John Mayer Disses Ex-Love
Oh! Mayer’s back on his blog and talking about an ex. Think it’s Jess? [Mayer's Blog]

Lionel Loves Nicole’s Mommy Skills
Awww, grandpa Richie coos over his daughter’s newfound mothering skills. We like Nicole all grown up too! [Us]

American Idol: Kristy Lee’s Year as a Dog



There’s no better decade than the ’80s to underscore this week’s theme: humiliating-memories. The American Idol performances avoided that era’s gaudy glamor and glitz, favoring tamer, safer song choices. Filmed confessions of our contestant’s “most embarrassing moments ever!” were equally tame (with the exception of canine-crazy Kelly). Unfortunately for a few of our favorites (Ramile and Amanda), tabloids and snoopy Web surfers did the probing for them. For sure, digging up the past can profoundly affect the present. While some of our contestants remained as boring as ever, others — in true Breakfast Club style — exhibited noticeable changes in attitude and style after a week of confessions, exultation and humiliation. It’s like everything’s totally changed now. Let’s take a look:

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WTF Happened to Cute Katie Holmes



We’ve been having a hard time looking at Katie Holmes lately. Something just looks off and we’re not quite sure we know what it is. Er, let’s rethink that – maybe it’s her noticeable weight lost and that severe hairdo; or perhaps it’s her desperate attempt at ripping off Posh Spice’s style. Oh, and the always uncomfortable and overbearing presence of her boss husband surely can’t help. Anyhoo, we miss the old Katie, the one who got engaged way to young and made craptastic movies about finding love as the President’s daughter. Amidst the mistakes of her youth she at least looked fresh-faced, carefree, and most importantly, alive. See for yourself!

Old Katie:

New Katie:

Paris Grabs Another Guru



Now that we’ve found out that Ms. Hilton‘s path to spiritual enlightenment was guided by a Pirates of the Caribbean actor with a MySpace page that contains the philosophical quote “Burbank Can Kiss My Ass,” the Parisian one needs another swami. It doesn’t take long to fulfill the items on your wish list in L.A., so after the jump you’ll find the party girl’s new go-to guy when it comes to matters of the soul. Hint: He’s previously done battle with Dr. Evil.

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New Snoop Sneak: Sexual Healing



You know about Snoop‘s upcoming episode of VH1 Storytellers, right? It’s taping next week in Brooklyn and airs on March 31. It follows up cool performances we did with Jay-Z and Mary J, and it parallels the arrival of Ego Trippin’, the Doggfather’s latest, which hits the racks next Tuesday. If you want to get a jump on the deal, check the stream of “Make It Good,” a Trippin’ track that finds our hero offering some sex advice to any playa looking to woo a special girlie.

“If you hit it, then you gotta hit harder than any other brother – the Karma Sutra be the author. Be the man who made her never want to see another man. One shot to pop/better hit the spot.” Yep, Snoop’s gone loverman. “It was important to give the audience another side of me,” he has said. “It can’t be all gangsta all the time.” No it can’t. Remember how he got all ’70s porno on us in the sugar-shit sharp clip for “Sensual Seduction”? Sure you do.

Nicole’s Not Liking Her Big Breasts



Hey Nicole. Sup? We heard today that you allegedly don’t like your brand-new, awesomely shaped mommy boobs and that it has ruined your outfit choices. You know, you can’t go bra-less, you can’t wear your beloved flowy, hippie shirts, blah blah blah. Must be a real hardship for you. Yet there’s one thing your breast eruption hasn’t ruined – your new hot (and healthy) body. Trust us – you look amazing/stunning/gorgeous/totally bangin’. We know it might be tempting to go back to those carefree days when your toothpick look was worshiped (by Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton, obvs) but you’re a mama now, and the only person you’ve got to look good for is that little girl who needs you as a role model. Oh, and us – the internet. We like to stare at you for hours on end. So keep them breasts, and while you’re at it, hold on to some of that pregnancy weight too. It’s radiant.