Pete & Ashlee Get Engaged, Register for Eyeliner


petenash.jpgThink they’re celebrating at the Simpson home in Texas? 23-year old Ashlee Simpson is engaged to her sensitive rocker dreamboat, Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. Yes, that noise you hear is the shattering of 12-year old hearts around the world. Ashlee announced their good news on Pete’s website late last night with this message:

“We know there has been a lot of speculation recently about Pete and I and we wanted our fans to be the first to know, because you guys are the best. Yes, we are thrilled to share that we are happily engaged. Thank you for all of your support and well wishes – it means the world to us. We consider this to be a very private matter, but we wanted you to hear it straight from us.”

The singers are, however, remaining tight-lipped about the rumor that Ashlee is pregnant with a fall out baby, which possibly spurred the speedy engagement. Whatevs – can’t a famous couple just simply be in luv? All engagement presents of eyeliner and black nail polish can be sent directly to the happy pair. Mazel tov!

Thursday: Miley Messes with her Face


mileycyrus.jpgKatie Couric Kicked Out by CBS?
The news anchor may be parting ways with her network for greener pastures at CNN. Will people like her better as part of the 24-hour news cycle? [People]

Pete Doherty: Friendless in the Clink
Apparently none of the rocker’s buddies – including ex-flame Kate Moss – give a crap that he’s locked up. Maybe he should seek out Blake Incarcerated to be his jailbird BFF? [DListed]

Solange Says Nothing ‘Bout B’s Wedding
In a recent interview this week, the younger Knowles sis revealed no details about Beyonce’s wedding to Jay-Z. Think we’ll ever know the truth or will this be the Jimmy Hoffa of nuptials? [Us Weekly]

Paris’ Bro: No Jail, No License
18-year old Barron Hilton has pleaded no contest to charges of a DUI and using a fake ID, and has been sentenced to two (that’s it?!) alcohol education classes and had his license suspended for a year. Here’s an idea – hitch a ride with your big sis! No, not Paris – NICKY. [WWTDD]

Miley Gets her Teeth Done
Awww, it’s her first cosmetic procedure! Our little pop star is all grown up – and with whiter, straighter teeth too! [Star]

The Celebreality Interview – MC Serch



The most amazing thing about covering egotrip’s The White Rapper Show when it aired last year was that each and every contestant that I talked to had nothing but praise for the show’s host (and 3rd Bass frontman) MC Serch. No matter how hard on a given contestant he was, there was nothing but love. Can Serch’s tough-love finesse translate from white rappers to female ones? We’ll find out Monday when The White Rapper Show spin-off of sorts egotrip’s Miss Rap Supreme debuts at 10/9c on VH1 (though you can get a head start and watch the first episode online now).

Below, Serch talks about the differences between working with the White Rapper kids and the latest crop. He also discusses the dearth of opportunities for female MCs in 2008 and the need for a show to emphasize the role of women in hip-hop. Much like the last time around, THIS IS NOT A GAME, PEOPLE.

Read more…

Them Thar Hills: Down South Soap?


Our friends at CMT have added a little bit of southern hospitality to MTV’s popular reality show, and the result is Them Thar Hills, a spoof of Lauren and Heidi’s diva drama that proves that bible study is just as romantic as a night out at Hyde. Give it a watch and let us know what you think – is The Hills better when it goes down below the Mason-Dixon Line?

Rock of Love 2 Finale Forecast: Who Will Win?


Ambre and Daisy remain, but only one of them can be Bret’s Rock of Love. Watch a sneak peek of this Sunday’s finale (9PM EST) and tell us who you think will win.

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Mr. & Mrs. Z Wedding Details!



First Mary J. let the cat out of the bag, now Jay and Bey‘s florist is talking: UsWeekly‘s latest cover story features a lengthy story on the first couple of hip-hop’s wedding. According to florist Amy Vongpitaka (who probably won’t be hired for any future celeb weddings after opening her big mouth), Mr. and Mrs. Z had an almost six-foot wedding cake, 750 pounds of flowers, and an intimate guest list at their 9,000 square foot apartment. While the couple have refused to confirm or deny their marriage, Beyonce did keep her ring finger covered on Tuesday when the singer stepped out in Manhattan.

Jamie-Lynn’s Got a Gun


jamielynn.jpgLook out, nosy photogs! Jamie-Lynn Spears‘ man Casey Aldridge is young, wild and ready to do anything to protect is baby-mama! The pair were cruising along in some sort of four wheelin’ vehicle (their friends were up ahead in an ATV) with a pit bull chillin’ in the back. As you can see in this video, Casey pulled over to yell at some paps who were supposedly lurking on private property trying to snap pics of his pregnant bride-to-be. Before he drove off he gave a little gun flash (the footage is foggy, but TMZ is claiming its a weapon) to the trespassers to prove that he means business. The dude is only 18 but he’s got attitude – and a gun! He’s giving Kevin Federline a little competition in the trashy Spears-boyfriend department, don’t ya think? [Star Magazine/TMZ]