Spencer’s Keeping His Sexy Skinny Legs


spencerpratt.jpgWhew! We can all rest easy now, friends. Spencer Pratt, the music-producing, reality show-starring virtuoso has come out against claims that he was getting calf implants to remedy his scrawny legs. “It is so incredibly not true,” Pratt said, putting all our worried hearts at ease. We’ve never seen his legs before (we’re too busy starring into his sea-blue eyes when we watch The Hills), but surely they don’t need any help in the hot n’ bulky calf department. Look who we’re talking about here – he’s People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2009 (if we had any say)! Now that this is all water under the bridge, dear Spencer can get back to the important things in his life: traumatizing women on The Hills (including his girlfriend). Here’s hoping that he wears shorts more often on the show’s upcoming season. Show us some leg, Spence!

Kelly Rowland: Getting Nekkid for Fame?


kellymain.jpgIt must be hard being in a band with Beyonce. She gets all the attention, the good clothes, the best spot in photos, and then when she jets off for her fabulous solo career the other girls are left trying to make it on their own. Such is the sitch for former child of destiny Kelly Rowland, whose album Ms. Kelly flopped when released last summer. It’s schedule for a re-release at the end of March (peep her new single here), and the singer is rumored to be attempting to drum up some press with a Playboy shoot. The best part? She’s trying to make it all happen behind the back of her manager, Beyonce’s papa!

It’s all just internet buzz for now, but we’ll keep you posted if the rumors become reality. Until then, here are some pics of Ms. Kelly – fully clothed of course – for your enjoyment.

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The Celebreality Interview – Peyton



“I’m as real as it comes, baby. I am not afraid to be exactly who I am and to have to weather the storm as a result of that,” Peyton tells us. And how! Below, the Rock of Love 2 rocker talks about her platonic connection with Bret, the negative feedback she’s received on her appearance and how she feels about being satirized on Saturday Night Live.

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American Idol: Amanda Goes Goth



The self-exploration theme continued on last night’s episode of American Idol as our top 10 ladies sang hits from the ’70s and shared mundane trivia about their personal lives we probably could have guessed: “You may be surprised to know that I love cheerleading”; “When I’m not singing pop music, I’m singing other things.” Be True To Thyself, or whatever. When it came time to perform, most of our ladies were anything but, opting for odd song choices and hesitating to let their personalities shine through. The real truth-telling came from our judges, whose critiques are becoming more constructive and personal as the competition gets fiercer. Let’s take a look at what our ladies’ performances revealed about their true colors:

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Pete Knocks Up Ashlee to Save the Earth


We like to think we have a sense of humor and “get” stuff, but this video, posted by Pete Wentz on his blog, makes no sense. In it, Pete concludes that he needs to take up the cause of illegal music downloading, and so he and his girlfriend Ashlee Simpson make a baby in protest. Get it? It’s some sort of sarcastic commentary on celebrity causes, apparently. Ashlee even makes a cameo, complete with a baby belly and a bag of Cheetos that is almost certainly a diss aimed at Britney Spears. Obviously the video’s a masterpiece, because everyone knows the Fall Out Boy bassist and his girlfriend are geniuses. Just listen to their music! We’re probably just too dumb to understand their hilarious, high-brow art form and message.

Of course some other people took the whole thing literally and assumed Ashlee was indeed knocked up. She’s not, obvs, but she might be engaged! The singer was spotted with some bling on that special finger, and she’s confirmed that it is a promise ring from her main man (Pete, not her dad). And you know what that means – a promise of more terrible videos to come!

Thursday: Chris & RiRi’s Permament Love


ririchrisbrown.jpgChris & Rihanna Sport Matching Ink
Did the couple get the same star tattoos on purpose, or is it just a coincidence? Either way, it’s adorable! [SandraRose]

Jessica Alba Teased as a Kid for her Big Chest
Yes, even the pretty people suffered when they were little. We still don’t feel that bad for her. [P6]

LAPD Confirms Brit BFF Investigation
How long is it going to take the police to realize they should totally arrest Sam Lutfi just for being super creepy? [TMZ]

Kate & Owen are Doing It Again
But won’t Justin Timberlake get jealous?! [Us]

Jessica Simpson Sings for Troops
The singer/actress/cheeseball is heading to Kuwait to perform for our men and women in uniform. [Us]

The Celebreality Interview – Ice



Honesty is the best policy…unless you’re on reality TV. Flavor of Love 3′s Ice learned that lesson the hard way when being up front about her opportunism (and lack of attraction to Flav) bought her a one-way ticket home. After the jump, Ice talks about that fatal honesty, her work as a DJ and race issues that arose around her in the house.

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Gossip Break: Meet Nicole’s Little Diva


nicolepeople.jpgLittle Harlow Richie Madden is so cute, you almost forget her mom was driving on the wrong side of the freeway this time last year. [DListed]

Everyone pray that Britney’s womb is free of Adnan’s seed! [JustJared]

Look at this – it’s Rihanna and Chris Brown getting frisky on vacation in the Jamaica. [P6]

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are back together. So can we blame her baby bump on him?[P6]

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are publishing a book about their celeb influences which we will never read. [People]

Don’t bother watching the next season of The Hills – all the good stuff is right here in this trailer. [People]

Win Tix To Rock Hall of Fame Bash!



We’re hoping that you already know about Justin Timberlake being the lucky guy to induct Madonna into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday, March 10 in NYC. Futurelovesexsounds will be coming from his mouth as he takes to the podium to with a speech regarding Madge’s impact on the 20th century. The Hall announced its list of inductors yesterday, and there are some cool match-ups. It’s Tom Hanks, the writer/director of the jangle-pop flick That Thing You Do, will welcome the Dave Clark Five. Lou Reed is set to wax poetic about the work of Leonard Cohen. Billy Joel will sing the praises of John Mellencamp. Ben Harper will give us a short history of blues harmonicat Little Walter. John Fogerty will praise the instrumental surf twang of the Ventures. Jerry Butler will salute the impact of Philly R&B kingpins Gamble & Huff.

VH1 Classic will be airing the show live on March 10. VH1 will show it on March 22. But there’s still a chance for you to be there in the flesh. You’ve got ONE more day to enter our sweepstakes and take in the whole deal first-hand. Fill out the forms, dude!

Here’s a string of photos of artists who are already in the Hall.