Free MP3 From Duffy!



You might recognize our You Oughta Know artist Duffy from this week’s charts: the Welsh cutie with the soulful pipes released her debut Rockferry in the States and ended up in the number four spot! See — we’d never lead you astray. If you still haven’t heard her, we’re offering you a free MP3 of her song “Mercy,” which she recorded live at Royal Albert Hall in London. Check it out.

Audrina Likes Justin Bobby & So Do We



Look look! Audrina is still toting Justin Bobby around town, which means somewhere in The Hills, Lauren Conrad is crying. Excellent! He may be a dud, but Justin Bobby’s a stud (an unfortunate rhyme) and this time around we’re smitten. Let’s hope he’s got some staying power – someone needs to put Lo in her place next season!

Tila Tequila 2: Chad Destroys Bo’s Face, Tila Has a Lesbian Spat (Ep. 5 Recap)


Here are the most ridiculous moments of Episode 5.



After Chad attacked Bo’s face, splitting his gum (and teeth) in half, he bumped chests and high-fived his “brodog” Jay, who instigated the fight in the first place. “That’s how we rep in Detroit, baby!” Chad shouted. Did he mean that people in the Motor City will sucker headbutt and punch you when you don’t expect it? The way Chad was celebrating his manhood, you would think that he had just knocked Bo out. But Bo was still standing and lucid after the cheap shots. Hopefully, the security that escorted Chad out of the house delivered him straight to a state mental hospital, because he clearly needs pills and electric shock therapy.

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Tila Tequila Turns Up The Heat



F*ck barbecues! Feast your eyes on the number #1 reason we’re excited for summer: this Tila Tequila cover of King magazine, coming out June 3. The rag says, “ Along with her steamiest shoot yet, the pint-size freak comes clean about her criminal record, stripper days and schoolgirl fantasies.”

Hot fun in the summertime! [via Bossip]

Rock Honors: Foos, Pearl Jam, and Lips


Expect the performances at this year’s Rock Honors to be on the physical side. When you’re saluting a band like the Who, you’ve gotta bring plenty of whomp to the table. So it makes sense that Pearl Jam, the Foo Fighters, and the Flaming Lips are three of the acts slated to put a spin on the veteran Brit band’s songbook. Each of them have honed their gargantuan sound, stressing passion at every turn. Eddie Vedder and his brood have actually made quite a dent with their mighty cover of “Love, Reign O’er Me,” from the Who’s Quadrophenia disc. Of course the Who will be playing a sizable chunk of their own music at the show, too. This is the first Rock Honors show to celebrate one band.

Rock Honors takes place in Los Angeles on July 12. It premieres on VH1 and VH1 Classic on Thursday, July 17 at 9/8c.

Mayer A Cheap Jerk, Great In Bed


mayerLooks like flying to Miami and sending Jennifer Aniston flowers has John Mayer a little hard up for cash. Yesterday, while shopping at a camera store in Los Angeles (no doubt to create some hilarious commentary on the paparazzi by taking pictures of them taking pictures) Johnny charged a fan $10 to pose for a picture. Fan, whoever you are, there are much better things to spend $10 on.

Elsewhere in the world, John’s lady friend Jennifer Aniston is allegedly telling anyone who’ll listen that John is infinitely better in the sack than Brad Pitt ever was. “Jennifer is calling John the best ever lover,” said the undoubtedly reliable source to the National Enquirer.

Pete & Ashlee’s Wedding Looks Lame



Holy sh*t! The first picture from Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s wedding has been revealed and IT. IS. BORING. Sure they may have had 10,000 black roses and crystal chandeliers, but did they have to keep their weird, matching comb-over hipster hairdos? Honestly, Wentz’s dog looked the hottest. As for the pic of Jessica grinding her butt all over her ex Tony Romo? We’ve seen it all before. That girl does desperation better than she does music. Work it! [People]

Idolville: The Sun Won’t Go Down On Him


When you begin watching American Idol it’s somehow hard to believe that the thousands of hopeful souls who audition, the 24 contestants who start it off, and the 12 who really make it will ever be whittled down to two singers. But here we are: the dark horse David Cook (several weeks ago I called him too paunchy to stand a chance; I stand corrected) and the white knight David Archuleta (whom I, and every other insightful viewer, called out as the winner at the start). They’ve got three rounds to brawl, and the producers can’t help but play up the boxing metaphor, enlisting the “Are you ready to rumble?” guy for pugilistic sake. Let’s not mince words: three songs, three performances, one inevitable outcome. Here’s what happened last night:

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No Booze Means Beyonce’s Having a Baby!



Gasp! Beyonce “only drank water” at Kanye West‘s concert after-party here in NYC last week. B normally likes to nurse a glass or two of champagne while out on the town, but this time she swore off the booze. Well obviously, this is a sure sign that she MUST be knocked up. Other things that Beyonce did that night that surely prove she’s preggers?

  • touched her stomach
  • wore a slightly baggy shirt
  • held hands with her husband Jay-Z
  • went to the bathroom
  • ate dinner
  • laughed
  • applied lip gloss

OMG. It’s true. She MUST be pregnant – all signs point to yes! [NY Post]

Kim Kardashian is the Sober Sister



Kim Kardashian wants you to know that she never drinks! It’s not a political choice or anything, she just hates the taste of booze. Yes, that means she chooses her ridiculous outfits while completely sober! Amazing, huh. Kim is revealing these exclusive life deets on her site, so we’ve dug through the bikini pics and Dash rambling to pick out the most interesting Kim facts, just for you!

  • Sister Khloe is 5 feet 10 inches tall! Think Kim is jealous?
  • Her favorite step brother is Hills man-ho Brody Jenner. Think she and Lauren Conrad get along?
  • Kim got Jessica Alba (just how did they become friends?) a “blinged out pacifier” for her baby shower, as well as some other trashy goodies. Classy!
  • Kim also reveals that she and her hot boyfriend Reggie Bush love to post pics of themselves, gushing that “We enjoy sharing our private moments.” Here’s our favorite one of the Thanksgiving meal she cooked for her man, which apparently includes two remote controls. Sounds like a romantic dindin!