Nappy Time for Christina Aguilera



Who’s to blame for Ms. Aguilera taking a snoozer at Christian Dior’s show last night? Is it little Max (now 5 months old) or those 10lb eyelashes? From the looks of hubby Jordan Bratman, we’re blaming the baby. See more sleepy pics below:

Mariah and Nick to Marry Again?!?!


mimiNick Cannon and Mariah Carey just got hitched, but they’re already planning their next wedding — to one another, natch. Mimi’s been making the rounds chatting about her recent nuptials (she just told Oprah about her “Mrs. Cannon” tat), and today, she’s telling Ellen about the couple’s future plans for…more weddings.

“His plan is to have one [wedding] every year,” Mariah says of her new hubby, which is a great plan if you’re married to the top-selling female recording artist who’s got so much money, she flew her dog first class.

In addition to all those weddings, the couple are also planning on having children. Yesterday, Nick’s half-brother Reuben (who will surely be barred from talking to the press from here on out) said that the couple “definitely wants kids,” but that “both of their careers are crazy right now.” Mariah’s busy being Mariah, and Nick’s busy following her around.

The F-Bomb Heard Around the World


Last night, during a commercial break for the show Medium, WNBC news anchor Sue Simmons (based here in NYC) dropped one glorious f-bomb during the news update when she asked, “What the f*ck are you doing?” Viewers were left wondering the same thing about Sue. Her apology followed during the 11 o’clock news. Amazing. And remember, there’s one NSFW word in there!

Ashlee & Pete Prep for Boring Emo Wedding



  • Eye liner? Check.
  • Hair straightener? Check.
  • White Doc Martens? Check.
  • Black skinny tux with skinny tie? Check.
  • Loony divorced big sister/maid of honor/drunkest person at the reception? CHECK!

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are getting married this weekend, and no one cares! The pair are going to great lengths to keep the affair “top secret,” but they could get married in my apartment and I wouldn’t freak out and go. Their lovey-dovey emo shtick is getting very, very old, so we wish them the best in their marriage, which will hopefully be way more successful than Ashlee’s music career. [Us]

Beyonce Chowing Down for Phantom Baby



Can’t Beyonce and Jay-Z just enjoy being married for a while? Not everyone has to go and pull an Ashlee Simpson and get preggers and married all at once. B’s belly is the topic of much speculation (even though as you can see in the pic above from last week, there’s nothing there), as some pals are secretly coming forward to reveal that she’s currently knocked up. One loose-lipped friend says, “She has gained a lot of pregnancy weight. When she gains weight, she normally does the Def Jam detox, but not now.”

Wait a second. Forget the pregnancy – what the f*ck is the “Def Jam detox?!” Google is revealing nothing – does it involve listening to old Beastie Boys and LL Cool J tracks while eating salad? Rick Rubin, fill us in! Beyonce’s rep was having none of the baby buzz, and said, “I don’t know if she’s pregnant. Let me perform an ultrasound and get back to you.”

We’re waiting!

Flavor of Love 3 Brief-Cap – Our Top 10 Moments of the Clips Show


If you missed this week’s special episode of Flavor of Love 3, have no fear: you know VH1 is going to play it and play it and play it this week till you can recite it in your sleep. But just in case you miss it entirely, below are our Top 10 favorite things we learned in the episode (which was brimming with previously unseen footage), starting with…

10. This:


OK, we admit, we already knew that crack is wack (a certain someone’s rap sheet alone could have told us all we needed to know). This, then, is a case of something being funny because it’s a) true and b) written on a butt.

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Gossip Break: Sarah J.’s Hat – Hot or Not?



Spencer and Heidi fake a Mother’s Day photoshoot, and drag Heidi’s mama into the mix. [DListed]

Just looking at Sarah Jessica Parker‘s hat gives us a headache. [JustJared]

Donna Martin AND Kelly Taylor are heading back onto 90210! [Seriously? OMG!]

Jennifer Aniston likes her John Mayer shirtless and wet. Meow! Cougar alert! [IDLYITW]

Katie Holmes: pregnant again or just creepy? [ICYDK]

Ben Affleck admits his regret over doing that dumb “Jenny from the Block” video back in the day. We forgive, but we’ll never forget, Ben! [I'mNotObsessed]

A high school student was arrested solely for her prom dress. Fashion freedom should be in the first amendment! [Crunk + Disorderly]

Kardashians: Bad Taste Runs in the Fam



Kim Kardashian is having a horrible effect on her family, especially her littlest sisters. The neon pink is unbearable, but the tiny bra-sweater on little Kylie Jenner at the Wango Tango concert this weekend? Our hearts are breaking for the 11-year old. We never thought we’d say this, but Khloe, the sassy sister situated far right, is the classiest sibling in this pic. Which ya know, isn’t saying much.

More Kardashian craziness below!

The Five Sexiest Hook-Ups in VH1 History


In honor of the new VH1 documentary Sex: The Revolution, which begins airing tonight at 10 PM, we’re counting down The Five Sexiest Hook-Ups in VH1 History from some of your fave VH1 shows. From foursomes to girl-on-girl photoshoots, we’ve got it all right here. Though compared to this clip from Sex: The Revolution featuring a porn star’s 86-man sex-fest, our shows pale in comparison on the raunchy scale. Shocking!

5. Mud Makes Flav Horny


Don’t tell Black, Sinceer and Thing 2, but Flav once got busy back in the day with his other final ladies on the first season of Flavor of Love. This sexy moment came to fruition after Pumkin, Hoopz and your man spent a date body painting with mud at a day spa. But the follow-up shower was where all the action went down, after the gals washed off the mud and went in for the kill! You can almost hear the words coming out of Flav’s mouth: “Yeahhhhhhh boooooooy!”

Below the jump: girl-on-girl action, a sexy stripper, a romp to remember, and our Number 1 pick!

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