Rock of Love: Rock Star Moments!


What makes you a rock star? Is it your hair? Is it your penchant for long, self-indulgent guitar wankery? Or is it your insouciant taste in album titles? (We’re thinking, of course, of Open Up and Say . . . Ahh! here, but you pick your own.) We’re willing to go out on a limb here and say that while yes, being a rock star entails all of those things, you really know you’ve achieved immortal status when the girl you’re hanging around with decides her panties are unnecessary and gives you — and everyone else at the strip club you’re sitting in — an unimpeded view of her babymaker. Especially when that strip club is the Forty Deuce, and doesn’t allow full nudity. And super especially when the girl in question is Angelique, Rock of Love 2‘s now sadly departed stripper . . . er, contestant. Bret Michaels, you are a rock star. Watch and weep, friends. Watch and weep.

Mary J: Smashing & Storytelling



Mary J. Blige kicked butt at this year’s Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Bash, last night in Arizona. If you caught our live stream of the show, you know she sat in with co-headliners Maroon 5 and had her pal Ne-Yo take the stage for a little pillow talk. It airs Saturday at 9/8c – don’t miss. Passionate performances are what Ms. Blige is about, of course. We recently caught her at the taping of her Storytellers show, and she was in the highest of spirits for that, too. “Just Fine” doesn’t even begin to describe her showmanship, which left both her and the audience breathless. It premieres on February 25.

Check out some shots from Mary’s Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Bash performance below.

[All images: Getty]

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